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Alan CohenAlan Cohen is the author of A Course in Miracles Made Easy; Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love. Join Alan and friends in Hawaii, Feb 26- March 2, 2018 for a rare retreat, Unplugged. Put your devices aside for a few days, liberate yourself from technology, and reconnect with yourself and your life. For more information about this program, Alan's books and videos, free daily inspirational quotes, online courses, and weekly radio show, visit

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The Word and the Womb: Getting the Support You Need Creating Realities
Finding Beauty and Good Wherever We Go Spirituality & Mindfulness
Getting Sober and Remembering What Is Real Behavior Modification
Resign as Your Own Teacher Inspiration
When Weird Becomes Wonderful Forgiveness & Acceptance
Claim Your Inheritance and Let Life Love You Life Changes
The Dial to Nowhere: How To Add Value To Your Life Life Changes
What Happens When Spiritual Seekers Become Finders? Inspiration
Last Year’s Birds and This Year’s Nest Life Changes
The Cosmic Coincidence: Who Sent the Ants? Intuitive Awareness
Raise the Bar on Love Relationships
How to Get All of Your Needs Met this Year Creating Realities
The Year of Redirection: Going Where Life Leads Happiness & Success
Headed in the Right Direction? Creating Realities
They're Playing Your Song... Are You Singing Along? Yourself
How to Get Paid Big Time for Your Creations Leisure & Creativity
It’s Not About The Website Career & Success
Where Terrorism Ends: Starting From the Inside Out Attitude Adjustments
How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull Forgiveness & Acceptance
Being At Your Best When Things Are At Their Worst Creating Realities
Truth or Sabotage? The Hidden Value in Direct Communication Communication
The Truth about Fairy Tales Happiness & Success
Life 101: How to Produce a Classic Scene Creating Realities
Seven Doorways to Escape the Prison of Guilt Forgiveness & Acceptance
Letting Go of Fear Based Beliefs and Finding True Love Relationships
Beggars and Choosers? The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It Creating Realities
The New Year Lays Gifts Upon The Altar Of Your Heart Creating Realities
Why the Holidays Don’t Matter... Life Changes
Free Yourself From Your Mental and Emotional Nets Inspiration
Allowing Your Soul to Stand at the Helm and Guide Your Destiny Life Purpose
How Many Miracles Do You Get? Creating Realities
What Motivates Your Choice of the World You Prefer? Life Changes
Get Off Your Cross, Somebody Needs the Wood Attitude Adjustments
Judging By Appearances: The Alcoholic Saint Forgiveness & Acceptance
Shining the Light on The Jewel in the Lotus Yourself
Remember What’s Important Because Every Moment is Precious Relationships
Humbled and Exalted: Trusting the Tide of Events Performance
Whatever Spirit Wants, Spirit Gets Performance
Grand Identity Theft: Who Are You Really? Creating Realities
How to Get Out of a Coma & Be the Director of Your Life Behavior Modification
Keeping Your New Year’s Evolutions Life Changes
Could You Be Wrong in Your Interpretation of the Facts? Happiness & Success
Get Real: Live Authentically In A World Steeped In Illusion Yourself
Choice Conversations: Choosing Higher Ground Communication
Intelligent Programming: Choosing What You Pay Attention To Creating Realities
Is There Such A Thing As Good Selfishness? Yourself
Real Security Is An Inside Job: When Fear Knocks at Your Door Fear and Worry
The Butterfly Effect: Thank You for Eating the Cake Life Changes
Tellers of a New Tale: Instead of 'What Can I Get', Ask 'How Can I Help?' Gratitude & Service
Masters in our Midst: Recognizing the Seeds of Greatness Performance
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Career & Success
Twigs and Shout: Let Success Be Your Theme Career & Success
How to Get Santa to Deliver the Most Valuable Present of All Career & Success
Somebody to Love: Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime Forgiveness & Acceptance
The Subway Experiment: The Law of Repulsion Relationships
The Picture and the Frame: Which One Are You Focusing On? Leisure & Creativity
The Isness Business: Less Fixing, More Savoring Self-Help
When Love Feels Weird: Dysfunctional Becomes Normal? Couples
A Critical Gift: The Arrows of Criticism Career & Success
Trust Your Talent: You Have It For a Purpose Life Purpose
Unlegislated Love: Renewing Your Commitment to Your Relationship Couples
Stories Worth Telling Behavior Modification
Trying to Fix Someone: Helping or Meddling? Relationships
Mechanics and Miracles: Which Are You Seeing? Yourself
Too Good to be True? or Good Enough to be True! Religions and Beliefs
How Lucky Can You Get? Finding Your Four-Leaf Clovers Career & Success
You Are Worthy and You Deserve the Best! Really!!! Career & Success
What You Make of It Life Changes
I Wish I Could Give You the Moon Happiness & Success
Why Wait for Heaven? Personal Development
Two Sides of a Prison Wall Anger Management
Calling Forth Brilliance & Genius: Be An Uplifter, Not A Downer Performance
You've Got to Believe Me Fear and Worry
Acts of God: Are They Bad or Good? Inspiration
Ho’oponopo: Healing by Restoring Balance Healing Disciplines
Are You Wasting Energy on Goals That Suck? Career & Success
The Ebb and Flow of Life: The Tide Always Comes Back In Career & Success
Eternal Life through Facebook Friendship
The End of Sacrifice: Suspending Our Belief in Personal Sacrifice Self-Help
Looking For Love & Approval Performance
The Little Things Lead to the Big Things Leisure & Creativity
Passion and Prayer: Wherever There Is Aliveness, There Is God Religions and Beliefs
First Class Expectations for a First Class Experience Creating Realities
Is It the End of the Trail or Just the the Beginning? Life Changes
Let Someone Into Your Heart Relationships
Signs When You Need Them Inspiration
Don't Follow Me: Take the Road with Your Name On It Yourself
A True Perfectionist Perfectionism
Giving All Of Yourself Performance
Enough Already: Do You Ever Have "Enough"? Prosperity & Finance
A Complete Genius: Give Yourself a Reputation to Live Up To! Career & Success
Being True to Your Passion or Feeling Burnt Out? Career & Success
Keeping Too Busy to Keep Your Soul Intact? Performance
The Sequel's Not Equal Performance
Why Your Life Sucks Yourself
Take Your Power Back Relationships
While Atlas Is Often Romanticized, His Job Sucks Personal Development
Leave Your Cover Couples
A Most Powerful Prayer Inspiration
Can't Compete with Love Couples