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Why has the Buddha and the Buddhist teachings  become popular in the West? Is it because Buddhism can be practiced with other religions? We explore how Buddhism can be used for self-improvement and enhancing your inner self. A good place to start is with Buddhism Is Not a Religion.

Discovering the True Sources of Happiness and Unhappiness

Science of Happiness: Discovering the True Sources of Happiness and Unhappinessby B. Alan Wallace. The fact that we do not have a well-developed science of happiness today is really quite bizarre. We have an embryonic start in positive psychology, but why weren’t scientists studying happiness from the beginning, when Copernicus was studying the stars? This lack was demonstrated vividly in 1989, when the Dalai Lama...

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Taming the Mind and Removing Ignorance

Taming the Mind and Removing Ignoranceby Khenchen Palden Sherab & Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche. Buddhist masters have said that the mind is like a king and the body and speech are like servants. If the mind accepts something, then the body and speech follow. If the mind is not satisfied, no matter how...

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Letting Go: Awakening to Our True Nature

Letting Go: Awakening to Our True Natureby Anam Thubten. Most of the time whatever we are experiencing is merely a mental habit. Fear is a mental habit, so is hatred, and so is this ongoing sense of dissatisfaction. We are dissatisfied with the way we look, dissatisfied with others, and so forth...

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About Relationship: Being the Buddha, Being Love

About Relationship: Being the Buddha, Being Loveby Prabhasa Dharma. How to be happy? When speaking of relationships, the safest thing to relate to is always Buddha. We can address every being we meet — not only human beings but also animals — as essentially Buddha. In Western terms, we speak of being in the presence of God or meeting God all the time.

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The Life Of The Buddha

about buddha and how buddhism can enhance inner selfThe Life Of The Buddha is a BBC documentary on  Buddhism with emphasis on the life of the Buddha. What  is Buddhism and what has made it so popular are some of the questions answered. Unlike the other major religions , Buddhism does not have a supreme being but guide in the Buddha.

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What Is The Buddha? Who Is The Buddha?

Using Buddha to improve your lifeThe Buddha is a documentary by David Grubin and narrated by Richard Gere that tells the story of the Buddha's life, and attempts to answer the questions Who is the Buddha. What is the Buddha. It also features the work of some of the world's greatest artists and sculptors

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How To Find Yourself: Practicing Zazen

Buddhism can improve your lifeby Katsuki Sekida.

In Buddhist literature, the ox is likened to one's own True Nature. To Find yourself. the search for the ox is to investigate this True Nature.

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Buddhism Is Not a Religion

Why Buddhism is not a religion

Buddhism has become very popular in the West, however, the "western" practice of buddhism is no doubt very different from Eastern traditional Buddhism. Yet, as with Christianity which has also evolved through the

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What is Karma And What are the Effects of Karma?

Buddha, Karma, and the selfby Daisaku Ikeda.

Each of us creates our own karma. Our past thoughts, speech and behavior have shaped our present reality, and our actions (and thoughts and speech) in the present will in turn affect our future. The Buddhist doctrine of karma is not fatalistic. Karma is...

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What Does Buddhism Teach?

Buddhism and self-improvementby Franz Metcalf.

What does Buddhism teach? Don't worry, I won't give you a history of Buddhism. There are many dull accounts of this history and a few not-so-dull ones. For now, let's get right to the living center of Buddhism: what the Buddha saw, felt, and taught to his disciples.

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Daily Zen And The Ordinary Mind

Zen Buddhism, The Ordinary Mind and use for improvement of the selfby Katsuki Sekida.

Zen is concerned with the problem of the nature of mind, so it necessarily includes an element of philosophical speculation. However, in Zen we are never separated from our personal practice, which we carry out with our body and mind. Zen aims at overthrowing our distorted view of the world...

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Relaxation and Meditation for Beginners

Meditation and Relaxation for beginnersby Thubten Chodron.

Nowadays meditation is sometimes confused with other activities. Meditation is not simply relaxing the body and mind. Nor is it imagining being a successful person with wonderful possessions, good relationships, appreciation from others, and fame. This is merely daydreaming about objects of attachment.

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Overcoming Adversities Is The Spiritual Path

Overcoming Adversities And The Buddhist Spiritual Pathby Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche. It's very easy for you to be wholesome and virtuous and spiritual when things are going right. But as soon as a little bit of adversity arises, then the real test begins, especially when you look at how you deal with your family life..

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Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditate

Basics Of Meditation And How To Meditateby Sayadaw U. Pandita.

We do not practice meditation to gain admiration from anyone. In this essay we learn some basics of meditation and how to meditate.

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How To Be Yourself: Finding Your Original Face

Buddhism and Orginal faceby Osho.

Just be what you are and don't care a bit about the world. Then you will feel a tremendous relaxation and a deep peace within your heart. This is what Zen Buddhists call your "original face" - In this essay Osho, through parables and narratives, helps you understand how to find yourself.

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Buddha in Your Mirror: What is Buddhism?

Concepts of Buddhism for the enhancement of the selfby Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin & Ted Morino.

Buddhism explains the profound truths of life. But it also provides an immensely practical method for overcoming obstacles and transforming oneself. It can be applied to every area of your existence: family, work, relationships, health. And it can be applied by anyone. Each and every human being contains the inherent capacity to be a Buddha

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Controlling And Empowering The Mind

controling and empowering the mind with Buddhismby B. Alan Wallace. It is possible for the mind to become disempowered. It feels then as if reality is just a given, and all we can do is try to deal with it. The disempowered mind feels it has no choice about what it attends to. Training the attention is definitely one way to begin empowering the mind.

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What Is Spiritual? Seeking Spirituality With Buddhism

Seeking Spirituality With Buddhismby Jack Kornfield.

When we are faced with a variety of spiritual teachings and practices, we must keep a genuine sense of inquiry. What is the effect of these teachings and practices on myself and others? In his last words, the Buddha said we must be a lamp unto ourselves.

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Finding Peace and Happiness: Aspects of the Buddhist Path

Three Aspects Of The Buddhist Path and guieting the mindby Ron Leifer, M.D.

Buddhist teachings are often summarized in terms of the "three principle aspects of the path": renunciation, compassion, and the wisdom realizing emptiness. The first step on the path of renunciation is to begin searching for happiness within. Renouncing the world does not mean rejecting the world...

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Compassion is a Verb

Learning Buddhist Compassionby Sharon Salzberg.

Compassion is not a thought or a sentimental feeling, but is rather a movement of the heart. Compassion is born out of lovingkindness. But we may get distracted, we forget, we get caught up in something else, or we confuse another feeling for the state of compassion.

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What Is A Title: Are you the Buddha?

are you the buddhaby Alan Cohen.  One of his students asked Buddha, "Are you the messiah?" "No", answered Buddha. "Then are you a teacher?" "No, I am not a teacher." "Then what are you?" "I am awake", Buddha replied. The goal of Buddhism, like any self-respecting spiritual path, is not to have titles or to make distinctions between degrees of holiness; it is to wake up.

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Living Life To The Fullest: Why Buddha Is Always Smiling

Living Life To The Fullest: Why Buddha Is Always Smilingby Martin E. Segal.

Buddha is sitting in a relaxed, yet contemplative position and there is a big smile on his face. Is he laughing at me...? Martin E. Segal helps the reader understand how to live life to the fullest and why the Buddha is smiling.

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Searching For How To Be Happy -- Through Buddhism & Psychotherapy

Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and Improvement of Self

by Ron Leifer, M.D. With the decline of religion and the rise of science, jurisdiction over the problems of happiness and suffering were transferred from the former to the latter.  This essay helps explain the symmetry and similarities between Buddhism and psychotherapy in the search for happiness and on how to be happy.

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Transforming Lives: Dealing With Emotions And Feelings

actions transform livesby Khenpo Kharthur Rinpoche. We Tibetans began to talk to people about how to create peace within their heart and peace within the world. We taught how to move beyond suffering...

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Having Insight into The Four Limitless Qualities

Having Insight into The Four Limitless Qualitiesby Pema Chödrön. It's up to us. We can spend our lives cultivating our resentments and cravings or we can explore the path of the warrior -- nurturing open-mindedness and courage. Most of us keep strengthening our negative habits and therefore sow the seeds of our own suffering.

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Attaining Happiness Through Buddhist Teachings

Desiring Happiness Through Buddhist Teachings

by Daisaku Ikeda. We all desire happiness, and yet happiness seems to be just beyond our reach. However many 'how to be happy' books might appear, human beings are still largely beset by the same problems as their ancestors. The poor seek wealth, the sick yearn to be healthy, those suffering from domestic strife...

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