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Inspiration category graphicThe word inspiration means to take in oxygen, consequently to take in life. So when we are inspired by something or someone, we are receiving life.

What an interesting concept! Inspirational speakers and authors consequently are giving us life. And of course in return, since we may be their inspiration to write and/or give lectures, we also give them life.

Sharing Inspiration with Others

When I hear or read something that inspires me, I want to share it with others... either directly, or through the change in my behavior and attitudes. The ispiration that I receive from others then flows from me, just as the breaths I have taken. Just as air is recycled (breath in, breath out), so is inspiration.

Articles That Bring Inspiration and Light

The articles in this section bring inspiration in one form or another. They cover various topics: ending conflict, fear and judgment, the changes within and without, and so much more.

When we are struggling with challenges in life, inspiration from various sources is what can help us come out of the darkness of depression and struggle and take a deep breath, and "see the light". We can find inspiration in every aspect of our lives. We simply need to stay open to the messages in every situation and every encounter.

Be True To Yourself and You Will Never Fall

Be True To Yourself and You Will Never Fall

by Chris Grosso. This isn’t a new spirituality, but rather all spirituality. It is not exclusive to any person, sect, religion, race, sexual identity, or creed. It simply is. It is right here, right now, and it’s all good, even when it’s not. The importance of being able to “detach from our ideas of how we think it should be and continue to return to the center”...

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How to Experience Spiritual Renewal in Your Day to Day Life

How to Experience Spiritual Renewal in Our Day to Day Lifeby Renée Peterson Trudeau. True seekers, my parents were constantly questioning how and where they could feel closer to God. As dysfunctional as my family was, my parents understood that spiritual nourishment was as essential to their individual and family’s well-being and health as good nutrition and exercise. In fact, sometimes their focus...

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Selfing & Unselfing: The Dance between Awareness and Unawareness

Selfing & Unselfing: The Dance between Awareness and Unawarenessby Anam Thubten. Selfing, is a very accurate description of how we are creating and maintaining the shell-like falsehood of who we are. If we look into a mirror, what do we say? “Oh, I don’t like my hair.” This is selfing. Then we talk to someone: “Oh, I don’t like this person.” We are engaging in this mental compulsion, this constant selfing.

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Learning to Read the Signs

Learning to Read the Signs, article by Pamela Jo McQuade

by Pamela Jo McQuade. There are signs everywhere to point you in the right direction, guiding you as to whether you are to go or stay put. There are also many that give you the encouragement you may need to keep moving forward. Think of a time that you had a bad gut feeling and...

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Defining the Personal Sacred Text

Create Your Personal Sacred Text by Bobbi Parish.

If there were no limitations, such as time or money, where would you choose to travel? While our chosen destinations and itineraries may be as variable as our personalities, I think there would be some fairly common themes in what we want to achieve on our dream vacation. I believe we would all seek to be revitalized and renewed...

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Signs When You Need Them

Alan CohenWhile driving home one day, I noticed that someone had posted some cardboard signs along the roadside, leading guests to a party on my street. At every important choice point, there was a sign. It occurred to me that this is how Spirit gives us guidance -- we get signs when we need them...

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Cultivating Wise Elders

Cultivating Wise Elders by John Welshonsby John Welshons. Once when I was at a lecture, a woman approached me during the break and said, "One of our problems is we don't cultivate wise elders in this culture.  People are surrounded all their lives by the belief that old age is a time of misery, defeat, irrelevance and meaninglessness..."

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Holidays and Forgiveness

Holidays and Forgivenessby Neale Donald Walsch. Holidays and holy days are always difficult times if things aren't going well.  Yet, these can be times of healing. For the heart can be opened more easily at any time that a people's traditions...

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Can Natural Disasters Be Avoided

Can Natural Disasters Be Avoidedby John Payne. The time has come for you to realize that you are always in safety. The reason why you fear such things is that you do not yet believe that you are the creator of your own experience. As we have said many, many times before, that which you turn your attention to is that which you draw unto yourself...

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God's Will Is Love

Karen Anne Bentley

by Karen Anne Bentley.

We may think that doing God's Will is contrary to our individual will. We might think He wants us to do something that we don't really want to do or wouldn't like doing. Maybe He wills us to change everything in our life as we know it and become selfless like a Mother Teresa. Or even worse, we could be afraid of God's Will.

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Desire to Change

Carolyn E. Cobelo

by Carolyn E. Cobelo, MSW.

Change is ongoing. So, you are finding yourselves energized, mobilized to move beyond the present motion in your lives, beyond the present attachments, beyond the present alienations. The alienation, aloneness, frustrations, resentments, angers, doubts, and fears -- all of this you can leave behind in one swoop...

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Creating a Universe

by David Simon, M.D. "The world is moving too fast," lamented the successful middle-aged stock broker. He was having trouble sleeping and getting a migraine headache almost daily. From the Ayurvedic point-of-view this poor man's life was being ruled by movement without rhythm. He needed to remember what he was really made of and return to his true nature.

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The Great Fixer

Martin Lowenthal, Ph.D.

In the Kabbalah of the Jewish tradition, the soul is not something that needs curing from some affliction so much as needing to be repaired, tikkun. It is said that if one person truly knew how to fix the soul by celebrating the Divine Presence in life, then that person would repair the whole world. This version is an adaptation of a story told by Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach and included in the book Shlomo's Stories.

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Am I Being Inspired?

Dan Joseph

by Dan Joseph.

Many times we'll feel that we have 'received' something -- a prompting, a nudge, an idea. However, we're not sure if it's inspired by God's wisdom, or if it's coming from our own personal thoughts. How do we tell the difference? From the discussions I've had with people, there seem to be a vast number of discernment techniques. Some people, for example, feel a "happy glow" around one choice, and...

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An Allegory: The Lessons of Life and Love

A story about the "Shining One" who explains the reason behind human cruelties and struggle: I leaned from the low-hung crescent moon and grasping the west pointing horn of it, looked down. Against the other horn reclined, motionless, a Shining One and looked at me, but I was unafraid. Below me the hills and valleys were thick with humans, and the moon swung low that I might see what they did.

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Evolve Yourself

Rich Rahn A lot of what we've been taught by well-meaning parents, teachers, and clergy, is not conducive to self-realization. We've been taught how to fit in, get by and do what we're told. That's fine for children. But there comes a time in everyone's life when you have to start thinking for yourself.

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Four Steps to Spiritual Growth

For spiritual growth to take place in your life, you must change. You must let go of some areas in your life and personality -- especially the areas that are not working well or are out of balance -- and allow them to heal. This process of change and transformation is not always easy and often takes courage -- but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

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God Is In The City

Many people have this fear of the city. It's understandable. Each night, on the evening news, the major emphasis seems to be on the latest stabbings, shootings, rapes, and suicides. The good news is often not heard. But fear of personal danger isn't the only problem people have with the city, and out-of-towners are not the only ones guilty of misconceptions.

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Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

Sylvia Browneby Sylvia Browne. The hardest thing that we ever have to learn, even though Jesus said it 2,000 years ago, is to love your neighbor as yourself. Most of us don't have a problem loving other people; the problem we have is loving ourselves. We equate that with selfishness.

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Thoughts From The I AM

The instant we release self-judgment we are incapable of judging anyone else. We can only judge ourselves if we have not accepted ourselves unconditionally. The cause of judgment is lack of self-love and to surrender judgment, you must release fear. Every experience is an equally valid expression of life and as such we cannot judge it. True, justice is the allowance of all that is.

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You Are The Living Christ

Scriptures common to Christian, Muslim, and Jew specify that both the male and female are created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27). We have not really absorbed that truth until we become able to name the Holy One in ways that can also appropriately name ourselves: God-She, Mother, Great Woman, as well as God-He, Father, and Lord.

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Ending Conflict

Akong Tulku RinpocheEveryone works with people they like -- and with people they dislike. We dislike some of them intensely. Seldom is there the luxury of working only with people who are friends or who are in total agreement with us. Since conflict cannot be totally eliminated, it is important to learn how to deal with conflicting wants and needs.

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