How Sharing Your Success Is Perceived As Bragging More Often Than You Think

How Sharing Your Success Is Perceived As Bragging  More Often Than You ThinkImagine you just received a great bit of news at work – a promotion, pay rise, new car, an acceptance letter from the top journal in your field. If you are like me, you would probably like to open your door or pick up your phone and share your happiness with co-workers and friends. But research that colleagues and I have recently carried out suggested you should think twice.

How We Project Our Goals Onto Other People

How We Project Our Goals Onto Other PeopleThe more committed we are to achieving a goal—catching a train, buying a movie ticket, getting groceries—the more likely we are to assume others have exactly the same objective. The new study by New York University psychology researcher Janet Ahn points to the types of assumptions we make about others’ behavior, which may have an impact on social interaction.

The Path to Smart Change Requires Patience and Persistence

The Path to Smart Change Requires Patience and PersistenceI have been playing for around twelve years now, and I still take lessons. The best lessons I have are the ones in which I leave feeling like I don’t really know anything about playing at all. Dur­ing those lessons, my teacher has identified yet another weakness in my playing. I have to learn new skills to overcome those weak­nesses to get better.

Being In A Mood!


Being In A Bad Mood!

It crept up unexpectedly, little by little, until it was a full blown "mood". My ego tells me "It all started after the conversation with that person who was angry... it's all their fault." "Wait a minute," my Higher Self interjects. "You chose to adopt that anger and carry it with you. No one forced you or 'made you' angry."

Taking Sides?

Nature does not pick sides: it simply gives every plant a fair chance to life. The sun shines on everyone regardless of their size, race, language, or opinions. Can we not do the same? Forget our old quarrels, our old grievances, our old prejudices, and start looking at everyone on earth as another person just like us...

I Don't Play Hurt

People often ask me who my gurus are. Years ago I would rattle off the names of various well-known sages. More recently I have been impressed by ordinary people who don?t talk much about spiritual matters; they just live it. I find it quite refreshing to see unconditional love in action with no hype or flourishes.

The Faith Factor

Have you ever noticed that when you are impatient, frazzled, and upset, things go worse, and when you are relaxed, patient, and trusting, things go better. Thinking and acting with faith changes the results you get. When you find yourself in a situation in which you seem to have no control, point your thoughts toward peace, and the universe responds.

Guilt versus Compassion

Guilt versus Compassion by Sylvia Browneby Sylvia Browne. There was one passage [in the Dead Sea Scrolls] that struck me as reflecting our philosophy so much: "An edict went out amongst the Essenes [later the Gnostics] that stated, 'Stop holding on. Quit having the stubbornness of guilt.'" It really struck me how tenacious guilt is. Guilt is a killer -- no doubt about it.

Look Within & See

Have you ever found yourself wanting to 'fix' people? You know... when you can clearly see everything that's wrong with them and want to reorganize them and their life? It seems so easy for us to look at someone else and see everything that they need to do to improve themselves. It seems so easy to 'fix' someone else...

Are You Rebelling?

As children we rebelled against our parents, against authority. Yet now that we are adults and are in charge of our own lives, whom are we rebelling against? The answer is the same: authority. Yet we are often the rebeller and the rebellee at the same time. Strange concept? Possibly, but one that we give...

Avoiding Manipulation: Why and How

Avoiding Manipulation: Why and How by Jerry Minchinton

by Jerry Minchinton. We can define manipulation as "getting people to do what you want without giving them something they value in return". How does manipulation work? When someone says to you, "If you don't help me clean my house I'm going to be mad at you," that person is attempting to manipulate you. He is not offering you anything...

Attitudes Transformed: Reversing Our Attitudes Towards Ourselves and Others

Attitudes TransformedWithout reversing our present attitudes towards ourselves and others, we cannot attain enlightenment. We might think, "Well, so what?" But at the same time we don't want to remain in our present condition, experiencing unhappiness and suffering. By considering all these points carefully, we will realize that making this switch in our attitudes is possible.