Communicating with Yourself through a Synchronistic Event (SE)

Communicating with Yourself through a Synchronistic Event (SE)by Dr. Kirby Surprise. Synchronistic events not only reflect your thoughts, they allow you to communicate directly with the unconscious. Some people communicate with their unconscious by watching their dreams. You have the ability to communicate with your unconscious by creating synchronistic events.

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It's Time to Meet Your Inner Artist & Release Your Inner Critic

It's Time to Meet Your Inner Artist & Release Your Inner Critic

by Michael Samuels, MD and Mary Rockwood Lane, PhD. We all face the Inner Critic, that voice that tells us we’re too clumsy to dance, too tone deaf to sing, too immature to write, and so forth. It’s the same voice that tells us we’re not good or talented enough to follow our dreams...

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Being Creatively Maladjusted: Spiritually Informed Social Activism

Being Creatively Maladjusted: Spiritually Informed Social Activism

by Seth Farber, Ph.D. Chaya Grossberg is one of the creatively maladjusted. Her process of spiritual development can serve as a model for other psychiatric survivors who have not broken out of the psychiatric net and not discovered their identities...

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Creating Your Experience: Opening Your Eyes, Your Mind, Your Inner Ear

Creating Your Experience: Opening Your Eyes, Your Mind, Your Inner Earby Ernest Holmes. Did you ever say to yourself, "I wish that I might never again be afraid of anything"? Or have you met someone who had such a deep calm and peace that you have thought, "How I wish that I might be like that person"? Did you ever, in some still moment, feel as though you could...

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The Picture and the Frame: Which One Are You Focusing On?

The Picture and the Frame: Which One Are You Focusing On?

by Alan Cohen. For many years I have attended and taught manifestation workshops — how to get stuff. As I observe my own life and the lives of people who have manifested lots of stuff, I notice that we eventually became more interested in the de-manifestation workshop...

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The Miracle That Is Our Life... If We Let It!

The Miracle That Is Our Life...If We Let It!by Peter Fairfield. As we get used to just being ourselves and being present, the path of our life widens and progresses. It's not that we don't handle the responsibilities of our lives; it's just that we allow things to happen rather than forcing them...

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A Different Perspective: ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia are Good Things!

A Different Perspective: ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia are Good Things!by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. Nothing amazes more than the flip side of ADHD. Its positives are striking: creativity, energy, intuition, nonlinear minds that abstract, risk taking, entrepreneurial spirit, adventurousness, courageousness, curiosity, daring, cunning, and ability to thrive on the new and different...

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Are You On The Hero's Path?

Are You On The Hero's Path? by Sophie Roseby Sophie Rose. Have you noticed that many children’s tales end with a victory of the heart? The hero, after following a tortuous path of struggles, dreams and hopes, always manages to fulfill their heart’s desire, while sometimes discovering it at the same time. These stories stay in the collective consciousness for generations because...

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How to Reduce Stress & Enhance Creativity

How to Reduce Stress & Enhance Creativity by Gail McMeekinby Gail McMeekin. While meditations, exercise, and vacations all have the potential to reduce negative stress, you can lie on the floor all you want and relax, but if your relationships are lousy or you hate your work or your creativity is being stifled, you will remain stressed out. Your life choices, positive and negative, determine your wellbeing...

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Finding Inspiration & Guidance in Your Inner Sanctuary

Entering the Inner Sanctuary to Find Inspiration & Guidanceby Barbara Marx Hubbard. I found myself driven and compulsive about my work, trapped in a struggle to get the job done. Although I was urging and encouraging others to experience a positive future in their lives, now I was not at peace and could find no place of rest within. I realized I had to stop my life to make way for something new...

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Following Your Dreams: The Choice to Save or Destroy

Following Your Dreams: The Choice to Save or Destroyby Paulo Coelho. In New York I am going to have late-afternoon tea with a rather unusual artist. She works in a bank on Wall Street, but one day she had a dream: she had to go to...

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Empowerment Exercise: Do Not Whine, Do Not Complain!

Do Not Whine, Do Not Complain!by Lynn Woodland. If you imagine each thought going through your mind as a seed destined to grow the events of your future, how do you feel about the quality of the seeds you’re planting? Are they growing success, joy, and love, or bitterness, pain, and disappointment?

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All Devices Off: Setting Boundaries and Preventing Overload

All Devices Off: Setting Boundaries and Preventing Overloadby Julia Cameron. Even when we are not competing with other people, we can often feel like the world around us is competing for our time, money, and attention. One of the most resisted — and most productive — tools in The Artist's Way was one called "Reading Deprivation." Today, when I...

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David Letterman - Jon Huntsman Rocks

Huntsman's Impromptu PerformanceThe Republican presidential candidate shows off his rock & roll roots with an impromptu performance.

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Creativity Needs Connection with Others

Creativity Needs Connection with Others, article by Anne Parisby Anne Paris, Ph.D.

Through thousands of hours of psychotherapy with artists, I have found that most are quite familiar with the experience of being artistically blocked, or of procrastinating and avoiding their creative work.

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The Gift of Creativity: Being Open to the Flow

The Gift of Creativityby Susan Ann Darley. We are all creative. Our lives are a work of art and we are creating with each new breath we take. And as you probably know, we form our personal reality through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

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You Are Creative: Thinking Makes It So

Ernest Holmes, author of the article: You Are Creative -- Thinking Makes It So

by Ernest Holmes.

At times it seemed as though the impossible suddenly became possible. How can these things be explained? A stroke of genius, intuition, inspiration? Yes, probably all of these, but much, much more. All the ability involved in the logical process of reasoning could...

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How Long It Took: One Step at a Time

How Long It Took: One Step at a Time

by Alan Cohen. In the charming French resort town of Nice, an American woman named Joan was shopping in the open-air market one morning when she saw a man who resembled the renowned artist Pablo Picasso. With trepidation Joan approached the man and asked him, "Excuse me, but aren’t you Pablo Picasso?"

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A Creative Life

Kenneth Smithby Kenneth Smith.  Creativity, or bringing something into being, results from the interaction between form and potential. How these energies play together determines what is created -- the imaginings of your life and world. When you squarely face potential, you place your life on the line -- each and every...

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Fear of Writing

Milli Thornton

by Milli Thornton. Is writing supposed to be fun? Surely it's better to suffer. It will make our writing real, give it depth and integrity. Every writer has a personal tale about the hardships of writing. And we all know that writing is a lonely business. [Editor's Note: While this article is about the fear of writing, its insights and suggestions apply to other fears as well.]

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Challenge of Creativity

Micheline Brierre

by Micheline Brierre.

When people see my art, they often exclaim, "You are so creative! I cannot even draw a straight line!" My answer is the same, "I cannot draw a straight line either; when I need one, I get a ruler!" Creativity has nothing to do with art, although it can invade the art field. Creativity is about the dynamic forces and impulses within us. It is the constant catalyst that generates so many aspects of living, the beautiful, ever changing flow of life.

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Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

creativity withinby Osho. Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular. Anything can be creative. Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach -- how you look at things. You can paint in an uncreative way... You can clean the floor in a creative way...

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Creativity is Life Itself

by David Ulrich.

David UlrichThe manner in which we approach our work is highly revealing and immediately evident to the sensitive viewer; our energies directly transfer into the work itself. Most of us yearn for a high order of integrity and caring from others in our lives. Do we not wish to embody this care, this quality, in ourselves and in our own way of working?

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Creativity vs. Sensuality

H. Charles Romesburgby H. Charles Romesburg. Some things have not changed since Homer's time. Now as then, the young despise boredom. Now as then, kicks are the cheapest solution. As to the beneficial uses of sensuality, dashes of it, to be sure, spice creativity. But runaway sensuality has...


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All About Soap

All About Soapby Susan Spencer & Jeanne Rose. Go into any bath and body store and you are sure to find soaps in a huge variety of scents, fragrances, colors, types, sizes, shapes and price ranges. How are these soaps different from the nationally advertised brand name soaps? How are they different from each other? What really makes a soap a "good" soap?

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Creativity for All


by Louise Hay.

If you say, 'I am not creative,' then that's an affirmation that will be true for you for as long as you continue to use it. You can never express yourself creatively by talking or thinking about what a klutz you are. We create our lives every day...

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Creative Energy

by Joanne C. Rodasta. Physicist Max Planck demonstrated that the behavior of energy is influenced by the intent of the observer -- the implication is that you can intentionally impact how your creative energy acts. The way in which energy behaves depends on what the observer expects to see. If you intend to see certain events, your creative energy will transform itself into those events.

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Creative Energy (Part 2)

by Joanne C. Rodasta. Physicist Max Planck demonstrated that the behavior of energy is influenced by the intent of the observer -- the implication is that you can intentionally impact how your creative energy acts. The way in which energy behaves depends on what the observer expects to see. If you intend to see certain events, your creative energy will transform itself into those events.

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