How To Open to Your Body's Natural Healing Capabilities

How To Open to Your Body's Natural Healing Capabilities

The Christian cross... is a very ancient sym­bol of heaven and Earth coming together, and it happens right here with you. It doesn't happen because you study books or go to classes. It happens because you're bold and fearless enough to say, "I'm ready to experience." Experience. Not ready to think or know, but ready to experience.

How To Open to Your Body's Natural Healing CapabilitiesIt's an experience that can get you so grounded and so alive on Earth that you transcend the need for a biological death. In other words, you allow yourself to just live here and enjoy here until you make a conscious decision to leave, not dictated by whether your body and mind hold out, but by what you want.

Why does the body seem to betray you? It's a belief. You're fight­ing it mentally, but you haven't let yourself experience and feel  what it's like to absolutely be in your body. Just as the Earth is the body of this planet, your biology is the body of your soul. If you're aging, if you look in the mirror and say, "Good God, what's happening?" Love it. Experience it. Bless it. It doesn't mean it's going to make it age any faster; it just means you're going to reverse some old beliefs, some old processes.

Talk to Your Body: Give It Permission to Heal Itself

The body is very misunderstood. Humans have forgotten how to heal their own bodies. In Standard Technology [a course offered by Tobias and Adamus] we talk about giving your body permission to heal itself, and stop overdosing it with medications and supple­ments. Much like humans need to take responsibility for this planet, it's time for you to take responsibility for your body.

Start talking to your body. Really. Not cursing — I didn't say curs­ing your body, I said talking to it — "Dear body, you are an aspect of me. Dear body, you are my mechanism for part of the enjoyment of being here on Earth. Dear body, you know how to heal yourself because I designed that into you."

Start talking to your body, not dictating to it, not demanding of it, not crying over it, but just reconnect with your body. Humans are so lost from their bodies, and it's part of the whole hypnosis. "My body goes one direction even though I go in another." "My body is going to die." "My body needs outside help." This is the conversa­tion you're having about your body now.

Start talking to it in a different way and your body will come back to life. Your body will heal itself. You're not going to have to worry about weight issues. You're not going to have to worry about health issues. Start talking to your body.

Opening Up to Natural Healing Capabilities by Balancing the Feminine & Masculine Within

How To Open to Your Body's Natural Healing CapabilitiesYour body has divine components that haven't been balanced in a long time. Your body has a very important feminine aspect and a very important masculine aspect. You think of yourself as being either male or female. You think sometimes about your masculine or your feminine, your alter aspect, but you forget to bring it into your body. You are masculine, you are feminine, even though you might have a body that, when you look in the mirror, says, "I am a man." You're actually both, masculine and feminine.

When you bring these elements back together, your body will be in a new balance and a new harmony with itself. You're not going to have to infuse it with all of these medications, therapies, drugs, mantras, and other things that you give your body. You'll bring it back into its whole and divine nature.

When you do that, you open the natural healing capabilities. You no longer have a feminine aspect and a masculine aspect together within your being. The concept of duality and separation goes away. You're no longer a man or a woman. You no longer need those identifications, and now your body springs back to life and can do everything it needs to do.

I know many of you are fascinated by the goddess energy. "Let's bring back the goddess." But maybe it's time to let go of the goddess and the god. Let go of the whole need for separation. Let's get into the unified Body of Consciousness.

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