Stretching For Fitness

Have you ever marveled at the amazing flexibility of your cat? Ever felt a warm sense of contentment just watching your dog take a long yawn and then a happy stretch that reaches all the way down to her toes? How about the sumptuous feeling of luxuriously stretching out your limbs first thing in the morning? Think about it. When was the last time you fully enjoyed this basic instinct?

Building Awareness

Today, we are living at a time where we need to begin to rely on the more subtle forms of instinct than did our pre-historic ancestors. In this fast-paced world we seem to create for ourselves, instinct is one aspect of our lives that may become neglected. Yet, instinct is vitally important to our life just as it is to members of the animal kingdom.

As our mind and body are so intimately connected, we are beginning to learn that we must honor the needs of the body and observations of the mind for optimum efficiency. Instinct and conscious awareness are our personal guides.

Instinct speaks to us from the deepest recesses of our body; conscious awareness speaks to us through our emotions and mind. My own conscious awareness of what feels so good, opened the way to accepting my body's delight in the joy of stretching. These observations eventually inspired me into the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Take time to enjoy again the simple luxury of a sumptuous stretch in the morning, afternoon or evening. Let this feeling guide you to take a Hatha, Kundalini Yoga or some type of similar exercise class.

The next time you observe your dog or cat stretch, let the virtue of their instinct inspire you into conscious awareness of what your body needs and loves....a good all out stretch!

 Recommended book:

Complete Stretching Book: A New Exercise Program for Health and Vitality
 by Maxine Tobias
& John P. Sullivan.

Info/Order this book. 

 Carla Inniss is a Hatha yoga nd meditation instructor in Florida.

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