The Bipolar Disorder Transformation: The Ups and Downs

The Bipolar Disorder Transformation: The Ups and Downs

by Lynn Hodges. I think people who suffer the lows more than the highs will find it difficult to see bipolar as a friend. I know that when I am severely depressed, I hate the illness and see it as my enemy. Depression is such a wicked illness, leaving the person and everyone around them feeling helpless...

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Challenging Negative Thoughts: The Ups and Downs of Life & Depression

Challenging Negative Thoughts: The Ups and Downs of Life

by Lynn Hodges. One of the most difficult aspects of depression is coping with the nega­tive thoughts that happen moment to moment. People often ask me whether I think you can take an active role in managing and reducing your depression. I answer a very big yes to this question...

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How to Eliminate the Causes, Triggers, and Contributors to Bipolar Disorder

How to Eliminate the Causes, Triggers, and Contributors to Bipolar Disorderby Stephanie Marohn. Bipolar disorder is a complex condition. No single factor is respon­sible for creating it, and no single therapeutic measure can reverse it. This means that you must discover what factors are involved in your case and take steps to ameliorate them. The following are steps you can take to eliminate the causes, triggers, and contributors to your bipolar disorder.

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Relief from Anxiety and Depression in Our Uncertain World

Relief from Anxiety and Depression in Our Uncertain Worldby Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT. Anxiety and depression are the most prevalent psychological disorders today. Major depression alone is expected to be the second-leading cause of disability by 2020 worldwide. I personally suffered from intractable depression and chronic dysthymia for thirty-five or more years. I also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks...

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Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depressionby Mark Schwartz.  Nearly all of us feel a little blue or a little down every now and then. It happens. Occasional temporary feelings of sadness are a natural part of life. However if you frequently feel this way, or if the feelings are excessive, you may be suffering from depression. Approximately 9.5 % of the population or nearly 19 million adults in the U.S suffer from some form of depression.

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Burnout or Depression? What's Wrong with Me?

Burnout or Depression? article by Joan Borysenko

by Joan Borysenko. I wanted to know precisely why I felt like a zombie. Was I stressed out of my mind, overloaded with information that was jamming my gray matter and making myself so crazy-busy that I was running on empty? Had I become a poster child for Prozac, or was I...

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Beyond Prozac


Douglas Bloch, M.A.

by Douglas Bloch.

Since World War II, rates of depression have doubled in the U.S., and depression is now the second most disabling illness in the Western world after heart disease. I have organized a holistic program for the prevention and treatment of depression into five areas — physical self-care, mental/emotional self-care, spiritual self-care, people support, and lifestyle habits.

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Scientists have tried through the years to attribute schizophrenia to one brain abnormality or another, but solid proof has been lacking. Now University of Florida researchers have found that subtle differences in 10 brain structures can provide a strong indicator of whether someone has the disorder.

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Depression: When It Strikes Nearby

by Douglas Bloch. Clinical depression is an affliction of the mind, body, and spirit that affects over 17 million Americans. If you are the partner, parent, child, or friend of someone who is undergoing a depressive episode, your understanding of the illness and how you relate to the patient can either support or deter his or her ability to get well.

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Depression or Love and a Heroin Fix

by Peter Ralston.

Peter RalstonWe see depression being accompanied by various sub-qualities such as anger, hurt, helplessness, fear, grief, or sadness, but the root of the depression is the same. It appears that depression occurs when we are drawn to...

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