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Articles provided here will cover areas such as prevention, cause, and various ways to heal. All of the information presented here is provided by the authors of each article, and are to be used according to your own choices, and are not presented as medical diagnosis or prescriptions.

External and Internal Causes of Disharmony and Disease

External and Internal Causes of Disharmony and Disease

by Sharron Murray, MS, RN. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that certain conditions are necessary for disease and disharmony to occur. Good health is dependent upon the smooth flow of chi, the balance of yin and yang, the influences of the five phases, and the balance between our organ network systems and our external environment.

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Understanding Chronic Pain Could Lead To New Treatments

Breakthrough In Understanding Chronic Pain Could Lead To New Treatments

Chronic pain, defined as disabling pain that persists despite attempts at treatment and often without obvious cause, has become a serious challenge for health professionals. It is not surprising that someone suffering from this level of pain might become depressed, but most studies consider depression a “comorbidity”...

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Love Hormone Makes Old Muscles New Again

Love Hormone Makes Old Muscles New Again

Oxytocin is released with a warm hug, a grasped hand, or a loving gaze, and it increases libido. The hormone kicks into high gear during and after childbirth, helping new mothers bond with and breastfeed their new babies. While oxytocin is found in both young boys and girls, it is not yet known when levels of the hormone start to decline in humans, and what levels are necessary for maintaining healthy tissues.

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The Key To Good Health Is Creating Strong Immunity

The Key To Good Health Is Creating Strong Immunity

by Len Saputo, MD and Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH. Factors such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and spiritual connection provide the foundation for a strong immune response. Everything you do -- everything you touch, breathe, eat, and think affects your immunity. How you live your life is the most powerful resource...

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Meditation and How It’s Helpful for Migraine Disease

Meditation and How It’s Helpful for Migraine Disease

by Sharron Murray, MS, RN. For those of us who suffer from migraine disease, chronic stress can drain our energy and lead to adrenal crisis. Meditation, coupled with deep abdominal breathing, can be helpful in regulating our response to stressful situations, as well as in aborting and preventing migraine attacks and strengthening our kidneys.

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A Multifaceted Approach to Healing Cancer

A Multifaceted Approach 
to Healing Cancer

by Donald R. Yance, CN, MH, RH(AHG). Just as there is no single cause of cancer, there is no single remedy. Therefore when approaching a complex disease like cancer it is important to formulate a balanced protocol that addresses: the characteristics of the disease; diet, environment, and lifestyle; organ weaknesses and the overall deficiency or excess of the person.

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Changing Your Body’s Reaction to Stress: Five Dimensions of Stress

Changing Your Body’s Reaction to Stress: The Five Dimensions of Stress

by Gregory Plotnikoff MD & Mark Weisberg PhD. Stress is both a cause of trouble and the result of trouble. As the first step in empowering you to change your bodily reactions to stress, we ask you to observe and notice what kinds of stressors exist for you. You can't change it if you don't see it or feel it or know about it.

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