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Life is Good! Even After a Heart Attack

Life is Good! Even After a Heart Attack

by Sarah Varcas. Despite the obvious challenges of recovering from a heart attack, the blessings of this bizarre sequence of events are greater than the drawbacks. Suddenly being awakened to the presence of my physical heart has triggered a process of what I can only describe as re-heartening...

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Menopause: How To Navigate "The Blue Period"

Menopause: How To Navigate "The Blue Period"

by Stephanie Bender & Treacy Colbert. There’s plenty of nonsense out there suggesting that we poor old menopausal biddies just can’t cope with the loss of our youth and fertility or our children leaving home — don’t buy into that for a minute. You haven’t gotten this far in life without...

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Getting Enough Sleep? From Sleep Deprivation to Sleep Binging

Sleep Bulimia: From Sleep Deprivation to Sleep Binging

by Kat Duff. Occasional insomnia is not a serious problem because our bodies do their best to make it up as quickly as possible. However, several consecutive nights without enough sleep can begin to wreak havoc, especially for those who...

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Hope for Migraine Sufferers: Identifying Your Migraine Triggers

Hope for Migraine Sufferers: Identifying Your Migraine Triggers

by Sharron Murray, MS, RN. To reduce the frequency and severity of your migraine attacks, it’s important to identify your triggers. Triggers are the stimuli that excite oversensitive neurons and initiate the chain of events that lead to our migraine attacks. Although you may find...

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Changing Your Body’s Reaction to Stress: Five Dimensions of Stress

Changing Your Body’s Reaction to Stress: The Five Dimensions of Stress

by Gregory Plotnikoff MD & Mark Weisberg PhD. Stress is both a cause of trouble and the result of trouble. As the first step in empowering you to change your bodily reactions to stress, we ask you to observe and notice what kinds of stressors exist for you. You can't change it if you don't see it or feel it or know about it.

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Fight Colds and Flu with 3 Immune-Boosting Juices

Fight Colds and Flu with 3 Immune-Boosting Juices

by Michael T. Murray N.D. Raw fruit and vegetable juices are great immune system fortifiers, especially during an active infection with a cold or flu. This time of year, it's critical to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and bolster the immune system with freshly made juices rich in...

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The Bipolar Disorder Transformation: The Ups and Downs

The Bipolar Disorder Transformation: The Ups and Downs

by Lynn Hodges. I think people who suffer the lows more than the highs will find it difficult to see bipolar as a friend. I know that when I am severely depressed, I hate the illness and see it as my enemy. Depression is such a wicked illness, leaving the person and everyone around them feeling helpless...

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Panic Attacks: Our Minds Cannot Be Trusted

Panic Attacks: Our Minds Cannot Be Trusted.

by Alex Lickerman, MD. People who suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis will often say that having them makes them feel as if they're about to die. That's how the only panic attack I ever experienced felt, too.

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10 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress

10 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress

Stress is unavoidable and often goes overlooked until a point where you find yourself so stressed that you start thinking irrationally. Therefore it’s very essential to break through stress to ensure that your mind is at peace.

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Challenging Negative Thoughts: The Ups and Downs of Life & Depression

Challenging Negative Thoughts: The Ups and Downs of Life

by Lynn Hodges. One of the most difficult aspects of depression is coping with the nega­tive thoughts that happen moment to moment. People often ask me whether I think you can take an active role in managing and reducing your depression. I answer a very big yes to this question...

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Why Do Nuns Outlive the Rest of Us? Six Tips for Healthy Aging

Why Do Nuns Outlive the Rest of Us? Six Tips for Healthy Aging

Catholic nuns have a conspicuous presence in the American imagination. They're depicted as kindhearted innocents like Sally Fields' plucky heroine in The Flying Nun, and, on the other end of the spectrum, as the ruler-wielding, knuckle-smacking villains of many Catholic schoolchildren's early years.

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Who Gets Autism? What Types of Autism Are There?

Who Gets Autism? and What Types of Autism Are There?

by Stephanie Marohn. Estimates of how many people in the United States have autism vary widely. However, many professionals now acknowledge that we are in the midst of an epidemic of autism. In 1999, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) placed the prevalence at one in 500 in the general population...

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Vietnam Vets with PTSD More Likely to Have Heart Disease

Vietnam Vets with PTSD More Likely to Have Heart Disease

Among male twin Vietnam veterans, those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) were more than twice as likely to have heart disease 13 years after being diagnosed as twin vets without PTSD. The finding suggests that PTSD may be a risk factor for heart disease.

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Sighing: The Reset Button for Our Mind & Emotions

Sighing: The Reset Button for Our Mind and Emotions

by Donald McCown and Marc S. Micozzi. It is surprising that sighing has not been a topic of empirical psychological research until the twenty-first century. About the only place sighing makes an appearance is in studies of panic disorder, where it has been shown that such patients “hit reset” about twice as frequently as control subjects...

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How To Avoid Allergies In Your Child: Hay Fever and more

How To Avoid Allergies In Your Child

by Dr. Jonathon Brostoff & Linda Gamlin. Most people with severe hay fever allergies will surely hope that their children can be spared the same fate. Unfortunately, you cannot take any measures that will guarantee a hay fever-free future for your child, but you can reduce the chances that he or she will develop the same disease.

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Are You Vulnerable to Burnout?

Are You Vulnerable to Burnout?

by Gail McMeekin. Too much of either positive or negative stress can result in stress overload, commonly known as "burnout." Burnout occurs when you blow your circuits and feel physically and emotionally exhausted. If you strive endlessly to meet unrealistic expectations...

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Scientists Discover a Dedicated Pathway for Itch

Scientists Discover a Dedicated Pathway for Itch

Insights into the neural pathway for itchiness may point to new approaches for conditions such as psoriasis, shingles and liver disease....

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Ayurvedic Cures For Dandruff

Dandruff is quite an annoying hair problem that we cannot ignore. There are lots of shampoos that boast of clearing white flakes, but some really fail to do so. Let’s take the ayurvedic route to get rid of dandruff. There’s no harm in trying these tips, you never know it might just work wonders for your hair.

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Therapeutic Nanoparticles from Grapefruit Juice

Researchers used nanoparticles derived from grapefruits to deliver targeted drugs to treat cancer in mice. The technique may prove to be a safe and inexpensive way to make customized therapies....

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Selfish Motivation: The Best Reason to Quit

Selfish Motivation: The Best Reason to Quit Smoking

by Karen Pine & Ben [C] Fletcher. Although it's highly likely that the smoker has other people in mind when they draw up a list of reasons for quitting, ultimately the quitter has to do it for themselves alone. If the quitter makes other people the sole reason for quitting, they are likely to fail...

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Clues to Congenital Heart Disease

Clues to Congenital Heart Disease

A large-scale genomic analysis found that non-inherited mutations in hundreds of genes together account for about 1 in 10 cases of severe congenital heart defects, the most common type of birth defect....

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Concept Flu Vaccine May Protect Against Many Strains

Concept Flu Vaccine May Protect Against Many Strains

Scientists unveiled a concept vaccine against flu Wednesday they said may protect against various strains with a single jab. Tested in ferrets, considered good human models, the synthetic vaccine uses nanotechnology to attack parts of the influenza virus that different strains have in common.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): How To Treat It and What Not To Eat

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): How To Treat It and What Not To Eat

IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. It is a long term disorder of the intestines leading to belly pain, cramping, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation. The causes of this disorder are believed to be related to genetic problems, gastrointestinal tract infections, family history of colon cancer etc...

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Gene Linked to Migraine and Sleep Disorder

Gene Linked to Migraine and Sleep Disorder

Researchers linked an abnormal gene to both a common type of migraine and a rare sleep disorder. The discovery provides a new avenue for exploring treatment options....

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What are the Causes of Acne?

What are the Causes of Acne?

What are the causes of acne?... The exact cause of acne is unknown, but doctors believe it results from several related factors. One important factor is rising hormone levels. These hormones, called androgens (male sex hormones), increase in both boys and girls during puberty and can cause...

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Miracle in Thailand: Acacia’s Story

Miracle in Thailand: Acacia’s Story

by . In November of 2005, Acacia was hospitalized and diagnosed with recurrent lymphoma, in her brain, central nervous system, liver, and left kidney. It was clear that they would be unable to “fix” her. We decided to see what it would take to get her to Thailand for the memorial we were planning for Luke...

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Supplements for Protection against Age-related Macular Degeneration

Supplements for Protection against Age-related Macular Degeneratio

New findings may help improve nutritional supplements for treating age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness nationwide....

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Cancer of the Endometrium Similar To Other Cancers

Cancer of the Endometrium

A new study suggests that genomic classification of endometrial tumors could help guide treatment strategies. The analysis also revealed novel subtypes and found similarities to other cancers.

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How to Control Your Seasonal Allergies

How to Control Your Seasonal Allergies

Allergic reactions occur when the body wrongly defends itself against something that is not dangerous. A healthy immune system defends against invading bacteria and viruses. During allergic reactions, however, the immune system fights harmless materials, such as pollen or mold, with production of a special class of antibody called immunoglobulin E (IgE)

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Killing Cancer With Radioactive Bacteria

Killing Cancer With Radioactive Bacteria

Live bacteria delivered a lethal radioactive payload to pancreatic cancer cells in mice. With further development, the experimental approach might one day help doctors fight this deadly type of cancer in people.

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India's Success In Eradicating Polio

India's Success In Eradicating Polio

Now, as India looks set to be considered officially "polio free" by the end of this year, health officials are considering the successful combination of advertising and government buy-in a promising model to apply to other health initiatives in the country. 

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What is a Fever? Good or Bad?

What is a Fever? Good or Bad?

by Christopher Vasey, N.D. A fever is a sign of a healthy, functioning immune system. Helping us understand what a fever really is and how it can benefit the body, Dr. Vasey asks us to stop considering fever as an enemy to be conquered and start seeing it as the

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Scientists Develop Epilepsy Warning Device

A tiny device implanted in the brain of epilepsy sufferers has for the fist time been able to predict the onset of seizures, scientists reported on Thursday.

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Group Therapy Helps People With IBS Manage Symptoms

Group Therapy Helps People With IBS Manage Symptoms

Results of a study supported in part by NCCAM suggest that a brief group therapy intervention—including education, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and basic relaxation techniques—may ease symptoms and improve quality of life in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The study was conducted by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles;

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What Is Hydrocephalus

What Is Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which the primary characteristic is excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain. Although hydrocephalus was once known as "water on the brain," the "water" is actually cerebrospinal fluid

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Allergies On Rise In US For Children

Children's allergies are on the rise in the United States and are particularly common among the wealthiest in society, said a US government report on Thursday.

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How to treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Naturally

How to treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Naturally

Dark circles around your eyes can be a reason of stress, much exposure to sun, lack of sleep,moisture and hydration around eyes.Puffy eyes on the other hand is caused due to excess sodium and fluid retention, hormone changes, stress and other factors

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Secret To Longer Life May Be In The Brain

Secret To Longer Life May Be In The Brain

Scientists said Wednesday they had found a brain region that controls physical ageing, and could target it to manipulate the lifespan of lab mice. The findings may be a step towards finding the holy grail of slowing human ageing, but have yet to be tested in human subjects.

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Dengue Infection Is Three Times More Common Than Previously Estimated

Dengue Fever More Common THan Thought

Global levels of dengue infection are more than three times higher than previous estimates from the World Health Organization, according to new research just published in the journal Nature.

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Red Meat and Heart Disease Link Involves Gut Microbes

Red Meat and Heart Disease Link

The link between red meat consumption and heart disease, a study suggests, may stem from gut microbes breaking down carnitine, a compound found in red meat....

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Research Hints at New Approach to Addiction

New Approach to Addiction

Stimulating a specific part of the brain reduced compulsive cocaine seeking in rats. The finding suggests a potential approach to change addictive behavior....

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