Play Isn't Just For Primary School Kids – It's Got An Image Problem

Jennifer Kitchen, University of Warwick
Why does a four-year-old play when a 14-year-old creates? It’s often argued that play is…

Creating a New Dream of Life Guided by the Truth of Our Emotions

Ray Dodd
In order to change any of the beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life…

We're Been Indoctrinated To Believe That Saturated Fat Is Bad

Craig Scott, University of Hull
Government nutrition guidelines recommend a high carbohydrate diet regardless of the…

A Simple Vitamin B Prescription Could Help People With Alzheimer's?

Peter Garrard, St Georges, University of London
Might the economic burden and individual suffering associated with Alzheimer’s disease be…

A Marriage of Sweet and Bitter: Love Is Not an Either-Or Equation

Gregg Levoy
We can probably all relate to the experience of feeling divided within ourselves,…

Forget Opposites Attract;To Be Happy, Find Someone Like You

Ryan Schacht, University of Utah
Relationships seem to be about partner matching. Therefore the apparent robustness of sex…

A Daily Practice You'll Never Regret

Joyce Vissell
Do you take the people you love for granted? Do you just assume they will always be…

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 22nd, 2015

InnerSelf Staff
This week we look at how to reclaim our identity. Alan Cohen asks Who Are You Really? and…

Horoscope Current Week: February 23 to March 1, 2015

Pam Younghans
This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers…

It Pays to Trust Your Inner Knowing

Regina Cates
You and I are home to an unexplainable intuitive guidance. The counsel we receive from…

How to Unlearn Old Patterns and Transform Your Life

Joe White
Change is such a big ambiguous word. There are thousands of titles of books that offer…

Inside The Wild and Wacky World of Charter School Regulation

Marian Wang, ProPublica
Nestled in the woods of central Minnesota, near a large lake, is a nature sanctuary…

The Loss of Civilian Lives Always Matters Even In The War On Terror

Tom Gregory and Alex Edney-Browne, University of Auckland
Lieutenant-General James L. Terry, commander of US forces in Iraq and Syria, recently…

Balancing the Scales and Spending Our Allowance of Time Wisely

Michael Levy
Balance in all things is the correct way to live. So how do we balance our scales to get…

Getting Rid of Stress at Work: An Efficient Alternative To Coffee Breaks

Jonathan Robinson
You can trade massages with a friendly co-worker! Massage in the workplace is no longer…

What Are We Doing To Our Children’s Brains?

Elizabeth Grossman
Environmental chemicals are wreaking havoc to last a lifetime. 10 to 15 percent of all…

Oregon Super Cooperative Takes Aim at the Corporate Food System

Mary Hansen and Liz Pleasant, YES! Magazine
Narendra Varma loves chocolate. However, he’s also co-founder of Our Table Cooperative, a…

How a Startup DC Purchasing Coop Saved Members $1 Million

Cat Johnson, Shareable
The Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA) in the greater Washington DC area helps over 130…

Walking: The Secret Ingredient for Health and Better Neighborhoods

Jay Walljasper
Is walking the next big thing? It's been called "America's untrendiest trend." The…

Balancing Life's Choices: How to Be Happy With Your Job

Marie T. Russell
Important consideration has been given to money earned, retirement benefits, chances of…

Accepting, Honoring, & Channeling Your Emotions

Karla McLaren
We have learned to repress our emotions, or to blatantly "dump" them on others. Often,…

Acceptance Is The Magic That Makes Change Possible

Vimala McClure
Acceptance is the hallmark of many Eastern teachings. The opposite of acceptance and…

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How Computers & Impatience Warp Our Sense of Time
in Performance by Kathleen Norris
When I began using computers during the 1970s, I noticed they were influencing me in…
Cannabis Is An Herb and a Flower, Not a Drug
in Parenting by Julie Holland M.D.
Psychospiritual exploration, soul-searching, communing with the self — these are normal…
They're Playing Your Song
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When a woman in a certain African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes out into the…
Why Your Life Sucks
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If you are losing energy in the form of joy, health, money, or love, you have a leak in…
Gene Therapy to Treat Obesity
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Can't Compete with Love
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We experience repetitious patterns in relationship, work, or health; different actors are…
What is Family Karma?
in Family by Ashok Bedi, M.D. & Boris Matthews, Ph.D.
Of course, your ancestors can and do leave behavioral and attitudinal legacies that help…
12th House In Your Chart
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The 12th house has a somewhat unhappy reputation. This is the part of the chart where…


Latest Articles & Videos


Latest Articles & Videos


Latest Articles & Videos

Why Keeping Track Of The Civilian Toll Matters In The War On Terror

The Loss of Civilian Lives Always Matters Even In The War On Terror

Tom Gregory and Alex Edney-Browne, University of Auckland
in Hostilities