Don’t Take Anything Personally but Learn To Listen!

Olivier Clerc
Imagine for a moment all the things you say or don’t say, and all the things you do or…

Every Moment of Your Daily Life is a Meditation

Marc Allen
You will never be Jesus or Mother Teresa or Buddha or Pema Chodron or Buckminster Fuller…

Creating a Peaceful Mind by Identifying the True Reason for Your Suffering

Dagsay Tulku Rinpoche
Buddhists believe that all our actions are dependent on our state of mind. A mind that is…

Change Your Life for the Better by Living One Day at a Time

Mary Heath
From this day forward you will endeavor to live just one day at a time. Yes, it’s as…

Helping Our Kids (and Ourselves) Cope with Stress

Susan Stiffelman, MFT
In a study titled “Stress in America,” commissioned by the American Psychological…

The Doorway to a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Carrie LEsperance
Illness can be the doorway to health. Whether the illness originates in the mind, body,…

Do You Know What You Want and What You Need?

Norman Monath
A knowledge of basic psychology can be extremely useful in giving us insights into our…

Taking Responsibility for Yourself and for Your Life

Marie T. Russell
Taking responsibility for ourselves includes taking a look at what is really bothering…

Taking a Heart Reading: Is Your Heart Light or Heavy?

Alan Cohen
Can you recognize your innocence when others are trying to convince you that you are…

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 4th, 2015

InnerSelf Staff
The energy of the newsletter this week is one of transformation. Just selecting key words…

Horoscope Current Week: October 5 to 11, 2015

Pam Younghans
This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers…

The Greater Design of Evolution: The Collective Rise of Consciousness

Barbara Marx Hubbard
The history of our species is brutal, tragic in the cruelty we have afflicted upon one…

How to Use Your Daily Commute to Flourish

Gabrielle Myers
According to the Census Bureau, the average American commutes just over 25 minutes each…

Changing Our Attitude: Becoming More Tolerant & Patient

John Cianciosi
First of all, most of us have views and opinions about everything and everyone. Because…

How You Can Change Your Inner Critic Habit

Lorraine Flaherty
For the majority of people if they turned on a radio and the station was negative and…

Seeing Things from a Different Perspective: What If I Chose It?

William Fergus Martin
Those who recover the best from painful events are those who find something meaningful in…

People Around The World Will Act On Climate Change To Create A Better Society

Paul Bain, Queensland University of Technology
If we can convince people that climate change is real and important, then surely they…

The Age of Undoing: Resisting Nothing and Entering the Fullness of Time

Karen Maezen Miller
What helps us to let go is that appearances change so completely. Nature is kind in that…

Does Cancer Have An Advantage By Eating All The Sugar?

Michael Purdy-WUSTL
Cancers have many strategies for avoiding attacks from the immune system. And now…

Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time: The Sequencing Catalyst

Loral Langemeier
Sequencing is the idea that the right steps at the right time get you where you want to…

Living from the Creative Flow of your Heart

Tami Lynn Kent
Many of us have limited thinking patterns regarding how to earn an income or even to…

Transitioning Beyond the Mundane and Routine

Steve Ahnael Nobel
Our ego mind prefers safety, routine, and the status quo. It does not want us to step too…

The New Spirituality: Love and Togetherness

Diana Cooper
Religion has been a divisive force for thousands of years. Yet religions have done much…

The Drama in Our Lives: A Wake-Up Call

Alan Seale
We all have times in our life where we find ourselves caught in the middle of dramas or…

Planetary Healing: Living in Conscious Harmony with Nature

Pam Montgomery
The Great Healing is a time of huge paradigm shift: "...shaped by the feminine paths of…

Horoscope Previous Week: September 28 to October 4, 2015

Pam Younghans
This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers…

Old Paradigm Belief: There Is Value in Suffering

Danielle Rama Hoffman
It may seem ludicrous to think that anyone would want to create suffering, and yet there…

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 27th, 2015

InnerSelf Staff
This week starts off with a powerful lunar eclipse which highlights the power struggles…

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Latest Articles & Videos


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