Been Adding Stress to Your Life? It's Time to Make Some Changes

Jill Downs
A certain amount of stress occurs in everyone's life. We are all here to grow, and…

What Is The Hybrid Classroom and Is It The Future Of Education?

Natalia Kucirkova, The Open University
Often seen in art and business, hybrid solutions are gaining increased attention in…

Active Meditation: Focusing on the Moment

Tobin Blake
If you watch carefully, you will notice that the best figure skaters are those who just…

It's Time To Look At How We Value Home Care Work

Clare L. Stacey, Kent State University
There are two million home care workers in the United States. They change diapers,…

According To Plan? Not! What To Do When Plans and Expectations Fail

Mariana Caplan
When is the last time your life worked out the way you planned and expected it to? And if…

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 1st, 2015

InnerSelf Staff
The new issue is ready for your enjoyment... As we begin the month of March, we look…

The Cost of Not Forgiving: Changing Our Minds Changes Our Bodies

David Ian Cowan
Thousands of case studies proved beyond any reasonable doubt that cancer can be cured by…

Horoscope Current Week: March 2 to 8, 2015

Pam Younghans
This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers…

Why Monarch Butterflies Need A Helping Hand

Kathleen Prudic, Oregon State University
An iconic North American migration is in jeopardy. The monarch butterfly migrates back…

Love Down Under: Following Inner Voice For The Good of Others and Myself

Carole J Toms, ND
Some of the most challenging times in life can also turn out to be the most amazing…

Love Yourself Madly: Debunking the “I Am Not Enough” Fallacy

Mark Anthony Lord
In an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jane Fonda revealed that it wasn’t until after…

Can Generating Energy From Ocean Waves Rise To The Challenge?

Hugh Wolgamot, University of Western Australia
The announcement that a pioneering wave farm off Perth has started generating electricity…

Deniers vs Alarmists? It's Time To Lose The Climate Debate Labels

Candice Howarth, Anglia Ruskin University and Amelia Sharman, London School of Economics and Political Science
The climate debate seems to be as polarised as ever. While joint political pledges offer…

The Energy Imbalance Gap is the Key to the Obesity Trend

Hazhir Rahmandad, MIT
The prevailing notion about obesity is that if we just work out harder and eat a little…

US Must Invest In Its Workers And Roads To Sustain Job Gains

Thomas Kochan, MIT Sloan School of Management
The economy added 257,000 jobs in January for an average gain of 336,000 over the last…

Accidents and Synchronicities: The Big Stuff and the Little Stuff

Ashok Bedi, M.D.
The soul often whispers to us through synchronistic events. A synchronistic event occurs…

Should We Expect Intelligence Services To Prevent Everything?

Damien Van Puyvelde, University of Texas at El Paso
The apparent recurrence of intelligence failures in France and elsewhere has long been…

Play Isn't Just For Primary School Kids – It's Got An Image Problem

Jennifer Kitchen, University of Warwick
Why does a four-year-old play when a 14-year-old creates? It’s often argued that play is…

Creating a New Dream of Life Guided by the Truth of Our Emotions

Ray Dodd
In order to change any of the beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life…

We're Been Indoctrinated To Believe That Saturated Fat Is Bad

Craig Scott, University of Hull
Government nutrition guidelines recommend a high carbohydrate diet regardless of the…

A Simple Vitamin B Prescription Could Help People With Alzheimer's?

Peter Garrard, St Georges, University of London
Might the economic burden and individual suffering associated with Alzheimer’s disease be…

A Marriage of Sweet and Bitter: Love Is Not an Either-Or Equation

Gregg Levoy
We can probably all relate to the experience of feeling divided within ourselves,…

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Latest Articles & Videos


Latest Articles & Videos


Latest Articles & Videos

It's Time To Look At How We Value Home Care Work

It's Time To Look At How We Value Home Care Work

Clare L. Stacey, Kent State University
in Inequality