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How To Walk The Fearless Path

 Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com
woman looking out over a valley with her two hands in the air with thumbs up
Sometimes it seems as if we are trapped in a maze of fears. But we are not trapped. There are ways out of the maze once we learn the ropes...

How To Walk The Fearless Path (Video)

The Ups and Downs of Caregiving

 Judith Johnson, author of Making Peace with Death and Dying
caring hands
There were times when my mother's needs felt like a bottomless pit and an endless parade of critical events. In spite of how much I loved my mother, I often felt overwhelmed and trapped.

Real and Sincere Apology: A Vital Life Skill

 Barry Vissell, author of Heartfullness: 52 Ways to Open to More Love
open hand, outstretched arm
We may hurt someone through miscommunication or lack of understanding. Sometimes we hurt someone intentionally, like when we are angry. In either case, we need to apologize in order to...

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Plants Are Flowering A Month Earlier – Here’s What It Could Mean For Pollinating Insects

 Chris Wyver,and Laura Reeves, University of Reading
seasons are chamging
Plants are flowering about a month earlier in the UK due to climate change. That’s according scientists at the University of Cambridge, who recently analysed the first flowering dates of 406 species and found a link to warmer temperatures in spring.

Why You Might Experience Anxiety During A Hangover

 Craig Gunn, University of Bristol
causes of hangover axiety 2 5
For most people, hangovers involve a headache, fatigue, thirst or nausea. But some people also report experiencing what many have dubbed “hangxiety” – feelings of anxiety during a hangover

What Is Walking Meditation?

 Brooke Schedneck, Rhodes College
walking meditation 2 4
For Thich Nhat Hanh, the late Vietnamese monk who popularized mindfulness in the West, walking was not simply a way to get from one place to another, or an activity to be reserved for a perfect forest path.

3 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated To Keep Exercising

 Ian Taylor, Loughborough University
how to keep motivated
The reason your motivation wanes might actually be because you chose the wrong motives and goals to begin with. And research shows us that choosing the right type of goal is the key to keeping us motivated over the long term.

There Is Much More To Mindfulness Than Most Think

 Pierce Salguero, Penn State
 more to mindfulness
Mindfulness is seemingly everywhere these days. A Google search I conducted in January 2022 for the term “mindfulness” resulted in almost 3 billion hits. 

To Avoid Mosquito Bites, Wear The Right Colors

 James Urton, University of Washington
wear dark colors to avoid Mosquito
Beating the bite of mosquitoes this spring and summer could hinge on your attire and your skin, a new study shows.

How Energy Poverty Is Linked To Physical and Mental Health

 Apostolos Davillas, University of East Anglia et al
energy poverty 2 5
Britain’s energy regulator Ofgem is set to increase its cap on energy prices by 54% this April 2022. This is in response to the skyrocketing price of gas, aggravated by demand picking up as countries relaxed lockdown measures, low-wind speeds, and bottlenecks in supply chains.

New Forms Of Advertising Raise Questions About Journalism Integrity

 Michelle A. Amazeen, Boston University
 fake articles 2 5
Mainstream news media outlets have, in recent years, begun to create advertisements that look like news articles on their websites and on social media.

How Africa Was Central To The Making Of The Modern World

 Lauren van der Rede, Stellenbosch University
economy and slavery 2 4
The boom of the cotton, sugar and tobacco industries of the colonial US simply would not have happened without the trade of slaves from Africa...

Why Money Can’t Buy You A Sense Of A Meaning

 Rebecca Beyer, Stanford University
life meaning 2 3
It's possible that financial constraints pose such practical and emotional strain that people are compelled to try to make sense of their situation...

Why Are We Seeing More Northern Lights This Year?

 Sandra C Chapman, University of Warwick
northern lights 2 4
New research confirms how particles from space can be sent careening down into Earth’s atmosphere to create the aurora, filling in a missing piece in how this stunning natural phenomenon is generated.

Why Ukrainians Are Ready To Fight For Their Democracy

 Olga Boichak, University of Sydney
russia and ukraine 3 4
Ukraine is literally surrounded by Russian troops: along its northern border with Belarus, in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk), in Crimea to the south, and in Transnistria, the Russian-occupied part of Moldova to the west.

Why Some Overweight People May Be Safe From Chronic Disease

 Stan Kubow and Michele Iskandar, McGill University
healthy obesity 3 4
There is a growing global body positivity movement to combat the stigma and prejudice that overweight and obese individuals face. Some of this stigma arises from the perception that obese individuals are unhealthy.

Why Taking Fever-Reducing Meds and Drinking Fluids May Not Be The Best Way To Treat Flu and Fever

 Tamara Hew-Butler, Wayne State University
 treating the flu2
Using fever reducers or drinking too much fluid while battling the flu may upset the body’s delicate balancing act. 

The Cognitive Bias That Tripped Us Up During The Pandemic

 Taha Yasseri, University College Dublin
 cognitive bias
The human brain is a marvellous machine, capable of handling complex information. To help us make sense of information quickly and make rapid decisions, it has learned to use shortcuts, called “heuristics”.

Are these Cancers Are Preventable With A Vaccine?

 Ronald C. Desrosiers, University of Miami
vaccines to preventA cancer 2 3
These viruses don’t cause cancer until long after they initially infect a person. Rather, the viruses teach the cells they take over how to escape the natural biological process of cell death. 

How Green Buildings Can Boost Productivity, Well-Being and Health of Workers

 Md Sazan Rahman, McGill University
green buildings healthy
Recent research shows that green buildings can also improve the health and productivity of those who live or work inside them. In some cases, green buildings can have the same benefits as spending time in nature, which can benefit people living in cold climates.

Why Coral Reefs May Be Gone At 1.5°c Of Global Warming

 Adele Dixon, University of Leeds, et al
 corral reefs climate change 2 3
Coral reefs have long been regarded as one of the earliest and most significant ecological casualties of global warming.

Why Democracy Is Giving Way To Authoritarianism

 Ben Whitham, SOAS, University of London
 democracy to authortarianism. 2 3
In recent years, discussion of politics in the west has been peppered with ominous warnings –- democratic backsliding, authoritarian populism, neofascist movements and the end of liberal democracy.

Your Guide to the Chinese New Year

 Jingjing Ruanand Catherine Chabert, Cardiff University
chineese new year
As the most traditional and celebrated holiday in Chinese culture, the lunar new year (also known as the Spring Festival (??)) is not only a time to celebrate the beginning of spring but also an occasion for family reunion. 

Gas Stoves Leak A Lot Of Methane Even When They’re Off

 Rob Jordan, Stanford University
gas stove
Humans have cooked with fire for millennia, but it may be time for a change. Natural gas appliances warm the planet in two ways: generating carbon dioxide by burning natural gas as a fuel and leaking unburned methane into the air.

Why Self-Isolation At Home May Not Stop Covid From Spreading

 Patti Verbanas, Rutgers University
sel isolation
Our indoor air sampling data clearly demonstrated that measurable airborne SARS-CoV2 RNA was present in the air in the homes of most infected people, not only in the isolation room, but, importantly, elsewhere in the home...

Ways To Beat Mosquitoes Without Getting Sticky

 Cameron Webb, University of Sydney
 bug spray alternatives
Stopping mosquito bites is key to avoiding itchy bumps and mosquito-borne disease. Thankfully, there are several methods can you try – and some things to avoid – for a mozzie bite-free summer.

Horoscope: Week of February 7 - 13, 2022

 Pam Younghans, NorthPoint Astrology
a field of red poppies in bloom
This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Horoscope: Week of February 7 - 13, 2022 (Video)


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