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InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration

May 22, 2023

The focus for today is:

I choose to live for the good of all, the good of the Universe.

In our Western system of meditation, we do a lot of meditation, but we are not stuck there. We come back into the world as dynamically active people, changing our environments, changing the world consciousness.

That is the natural way for the Western consciousness: we meditate, we come out of meditation, and we do.

You are not living for yourself, but for the good of all, the good of your country, the good of the planet, the good of the Universe.

Today's inspiration was excerpted from the article:
     How To Be Spiritual in the Western World
     Written by Imre Vallyon.
Read the complete article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of, wishing you a day of living for the good of all, the good of the Universe (today and every day)

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Comments from Marie: As I reflected on "choosing to live for the good of all" , I realized that this is our only way forward if we want to create a better world for our children. Living for our own individual selves propagates separation and division. Living for the good of the Universe is how we will develop new pathways for the healing of the Planet, which of course also includes our own healing.

Our focus for today: I choose to live for the good of all, the good of the Universe.

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photo of Imre VallyonImre Vallyon was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1940. At the age of fifteen, he emigrated first to Austria and then to New Zealand. From an early age, Imre immersed himself in many spiritual streams of the Western and Eastern teachings. In the early 1980s, he began writing and lecturing full-time. He taught at spiritual retreats and workshops around the world until his retirement in 2017 at the age of 77.

The Foundation for Higher Learning was formed to help provide people with the opportunity to practise their spiritual work within the support of a group environment. There are centres in several countries around the world and retreat facilities in New Zealand.

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