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Marie T. Russell's Daily Inspiration

The focus for today is:  I seek positive alternatives to my fear-based thoughts.

Our mind is very good at imagining scenarios. For example, you call a friend and they don't answer, and you know very well they are home. So your mind jumps to the conclusion that they don't want to talk to you and are ignoring your call. The negative assumption is a threat to the harmonious relationship you've had, as well as to your peace of mind.

So, one way out of this dilemma is to come up with other possible reasons why your friend did not pick up when you called. Maybe they were in the shower. Or maybe they decided to take a nap and turned their phone off. Or maybe they are in the middle of an argument, or a love session, with their spouse, and didn't want to answer the phone. There are many possibilities.

So the next time your mind comes up with a threat-based thought, such as that person doesn't like me, or I'm going to get fired for this, or whatever, stop and take the time to come up with alternative reasons why the person is behaving in the way they are. And then ask yourself if those are not just as possible as the original fear-based thought. Choose to entertain possibilities and alternatives that are more supportive of you and the other people involved. 

Today's Daily Inspiration is excerpted from the InnerSelf.com article:

Developing Compassionate Thinking
Written by Marie T. Russell

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This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of InnerSelf, wishing you a day of seeking positive alternatives (today and every day)

Join me again tomorrow for the Daily Inspiration and focus of the day.

Today, we seek positive alternatives to our fear-based thoughts.

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