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Barbara Berger, author of the book: Are You Happy Now?

Barbara Berger has written over 15 self-empowerment books, including her international bestsellers "The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul" (published in 30 languages) and "Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life" (published in 21 languages). She is also the author of “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind” and “Find and Follow Your Inner Compass”. Her latest book, “Healthy Models for Relationships – The Basic Principles Behind Good Relationships” will be released in late 2022.

American-born, Barbara now lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to her books, she offers private sessions to individuals who wish to work intensely with her (in her office in Copenhagen or on Zoom, Skype and telephone for people who live far away from Copenhagen).

For more about Barbara Berger, see her website:

The Road to Power: Fast Food for the Soul (Books 1 & 2) by Barbara Berger.NEWLY RELEASED BOOK

The Road to Power: Fast Food for the Soul (Books 1 & 2)
by Barbara Berger.

Click for more info or to order this paperback book and/or download the Kindle edition.


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Contemplating and Integrating the Power of the Force Mindfulness
A Mind-Boggling Discovery: The Mystics Were Right Creating Realities
The Power of Releasing and Letting Go Performance
Focusing on the Good in People: The Power of Praise and Blessing Creating Realities
The Power of the Vision: This Is A Time of Great Awakening! Life Changes
Can Black And White Thinking Make You Happy? Creating Realities
Is It Good or Bad? Are You Happy or Unhappy? Happiness & Success
Where Do Our Stressful Thoughts And Beliefs Come From? Performance
The Shocking Truth About Happiness Fear and Worry
Lost Contact With Yourself? Start Listening To The Signals From Within Intuitive Awareness
Why Your Negative Emotions Are Your Friend Yourself
Not In Contact With The Inner Compass? Intuitive Awareness
How To Go From Chronic People-Pleasing to Empowered Assertiveness Performance
Does Everyone Have An Inner Compass? Inspiration
3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel You Are In Crisis Fear and Worry
Dealing With The Fear Of Disapproval And Other Challenges Forgiveness & Acceptance
Why It's Important To "Be Selfish" and Keep Your Energy High Intuitive Awareness
The Inner Compass, Human Evolution and Democracy Democracy
Your Teenagers Shouldn’t Make "Mistakes"? Parenting
Learning To Communicate Honestly With Others Communication
How To Deal with Your Nervousness, Anxiety, and Fear Fear and Worry
I've Discovered The Fast Route To A Happy Life Gratitude & Service
Who Is Setting the Standards for Your Happiness? Happiness & Success
Are You Sure It's Anger That You're Feeling? Anger Management
Some Sane Self-Talk About The Body Health & Wellness
What Is Preventing You From Being Happy Right Now? Self-Help
Mind Your Own Business and Enjoy The Holiday Season! Counseling
You Can Manage This Moment -- One Minute At A Time Behavior Modification
Reality Checklist for Psychological Maturity Yourself
The Power of Your Words – A Little Reminder Creating Realities
How You Can Take Care of Yourself and Make Good Choices Yourself
Children, Ground Rules, and The Inner Compass Parenting
How Can I Know What's Best For Me? Self-Help
Plugging Into Your True Power Through Silence Mindfulness
The Power of Focus: Learning to Use the Power of the Mind Prosperity & Finance
Are You Sure You're Really Feeling Anger? Anger Management
The Inner Compass: Your Emotions are Your Magnetic North Happiness & Success
Is It Selfish To Listen To Your Inner Compass? Intuitive Awareness
Follow Your Passion and Accept the Consequences Life Purpose
What To Do When You Love Your Family But Dread Family Get-Togethers Family
The Power of Right Seeing and Bringing Forth the Goodness of Life Creating Realities
Why Not Give Yourself A Break About Trying To Be Perfect? Perfectionism
Follow Your Passion and Stop Limiting Yourself Fear and Worry
How Do We Measure Happiness? Leisure & Creativity
Our Children Belong To The Universe, Not To Us Parenting
Resisting, Repressing, and Ignoring Unpleasant Emotions Doesn’t Work Behavior Modification
The Secret to Good Relationships is Healthy Boundaries Communication
How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know Your Age? Diseases & Conditions
You Can Make Other People Suffer or Happy: Reality or Make-Believe? Happiness & Success
One of the Secrets of a Happy Life is to Become Your Own Best Friend Yourself
It's Not Your Job as a Parent to Make Your Children Happy Parenting
Why You Aren’t Happy Right Now Self-Help
Looking for Success? What Are You Really Seeking? Career & Success

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