Global Transformation: Remembering Our Oneness

We all feel it. Something unique is happening. Everything seems to be changing, and so quickly! The very nature of our thoughts and our established reactions to things seem suddenly so different. Our very sense of basic, primal identity is being challenged by a different kind of knowing.

We are being told that we don't really know all that we are. Our fundamental truths about life are being questioned at all levels. As the person we thought we were begins to be increasingly unlike the person we seem to be, we are faced with a fundamental search for the truth about who we are.

The above description could very well be applied to the experience of most people in psychotherapy, and to some degree to all of us in our search for inner knowing. For the individual then, this process is as ancient as mankind. What is new is that now, at this time in history, at the beginning of this millennium, it is not an individual, but a collective or universal experience that is occurring. The whole planet is in therapy.

What Is Planetary Therapy?

What makes this planetary therapy different from individual therapy is that the focus has moved one level higher. For the individual, therapy focuses on integrating the various conflicting aspects of self into a healthy and accurate self image. The goal of planetary therapy is totally different. It is not to clarify or analyze or understand or heal our personal issues. It is to show us that the person who thinks he has these issues is not who we really are. Planetary therapy takes us on a journey in which we discover that we are all suffering from a case of mistaken identity.

We (the old way we understood ourselves) feel threatened by this. Our position as center of self-identity is being undermined. We feel as if we are being destroyed, killed, annihilated. This is why so many people in the past, without understanding that what they were really describing was an internal "death" (really transformation), made predictions about the "end times" in which bodies rather than minds will be destroyed.

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We Can't Understand "There" from "Here"

If we are indeed evolving into a higher level of awareness, one that is not limited by our false sense of separation and powerlessness, then we do not, at this time, have the ability to speak of or understand this state. We can't have words for an experience we haven't had yet. We can't understand a knowing that is not ours yet. This is why its so hard for us to deal with, or really even notice, what is happening to our experience, since we don't have the language or concepts yet to make it real. And our lower mind does what it always does when it feels attacked, it attacks back, and with a vengeance, through fantasies of Armageddon, terrible suffering, and death.

In successful individual therapy, the patient ultimately experiences the wonderful freedom and expansion that comes as a result of true self knowledge. In planetary therapy, we discover that rather than the world ending in the death of our selves and our physical bodies, what we find instead is a joyous birth of a new expanded Self and healthy body to carry it around with.

Evolving Towards A Full Utilization of Our Mind/Brain

We are at the beginning of a global transformation of consciousness that we cannot understand with the 10% of our brain/mind that we currently depend on. We are evolving towards a full utilization of our mind/brain that will give us undreamed of capabilities.

These changes can be clearly seen in observation of many children have been born recently. Sometimes referred to as the "indigo" children they seem to know something about the world and themselves that gives them a certain fearlessness, as if they somehow understood that they were not really separate from everyone else and that their value as eternal spirit was infinite and beyond question. These children have been born with what will soon be abilities and understandings all of us shall evolve into.

Discovering the Gift of True Freedom from Death and Suffering

This upcoming period of human history, so often the subject of great and ominous predictions, has been misunderstood because of the limits of human understanding. As our consciousness continues to evolve, we will understand the awesome gift that the world is being offered, the gift of true freedom -- freedom from death and from suffering -- and the joyous awareness that we are all one. We will realize that the only thing that is dying is an illusion, and that everything real is perfectly safe.

There is a hidden mind that we all share. The goal of the new millennium is to discover this new mind and to acknowledge that it is our own. As we identify with this shared mind, our focus on bodies and individual differences will diminish, and we will remember our oneness, our eternal safety and our joy.

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