What Can You Do? Going From Separation to Caring

Going From Hiding to Caring: What Can I Do?

Unfortunately, one of the repercussions of modern life, with all our TVs and modern conveniences and big cities, is that we have become separated from our neighbors and from the people we see daily. We treat them all as strangers. We have become strangers in a strange land.

Yet, the way out of this predicament is by strengthening the good parts. We must start treating everyone like someone we care for. If the girl at the checkout counter at the store looks tired, say something to her to make her smile. If the bus driver seems grumpy, send him love and gratitude -- it can be as a thought only, you don't have to hug him.

We need to care. Not just about the people close to us, but about everyone. We must care when a child dies of starvation, when someone is abused, when someone dies. We must care about the aggressed and the aggressor. Everyone is crying out for love, for healing, for a solution to their conflict. We must not react with rage, but with love. Care. Do something that can help the world. Care.

A Change of Attitude: From Separation to Caring

We must step out from the barriers of protection we have been living behind, and care. We must start seeing everyone as our family, as our brothers and sisters. We must care about what happens to them, and then ask ourselves, what can I do?

Your part may be simple, it may be grandiose... Only you have the answer to that. But, we must keep asking ourselves, What can I do, now? And do it, now, in the moment. Not later when we have time, not later when we remember, not later if we get around to it.

Keep asking yourself, what can I do now? As children of God or children of the Universe, we have a role to play. What is that role? Your answers will come as you keep asking yourself, "What can I do now?"

There Is More At Stake Than We Can See

Going From Hiding to Caring: What Can I Do?There is more at stake here than we can see. We have to change our m.o. (mode of operation). We have to become peacemongers. If a warmonger is one who (according to the dictionary) advocates or attempts to stir up war, then we must stir up peace.

We must seek the healing in every situation, not the revenge, not the defensive position, not the "but I'm right"... which implies of course that someone else is "wrong". We must seek balance, we must seek healing, love, peace, harmony, fairness, balance, equality.

It can be done. Where there is a will, there is a way. Each one of us is the way. We can all get involved in whatever way we are inspired to. We must start listening to our heart. It will guide us in the right direction.

We need to take a pause from letting our head and our ego direct our actions. The heart is the healer, and we all have one. The heart will lead us to a place where we can all live in peace, joy, and harmony. Maybe it's time that we realize that the world is "our home" and that we must take care of it and of its inhabitants. Whether it's at home, at the grocery store, in our cities, or on the whole planet.

No Man Is An Island

We in the "Western world" have been blessed with riches -- not just monetary ones, but riches incorporated in our way of life and our beliefs. It is time to take a look at the whole "body" of the Earth and strengthen the weak places, the weak ones... Otherwise, dis-ease has a way of spreading from one weak area to the next weakest. We must make strong all the parts of the world, by sharing our love and our blessings.

"No man is an island." We are all connected. The weaknesses are reaching out and affecting the stronger parts -- we must become strong, all together -- not one against the other, but together, as a whole.

Be A Lover, Not A Fighter

I remember, as a teenager, owning a small figurine of a dog that said "I'm a lover, not a fighter". That is our choice now. Which path will we walk? The way of the lover, or the fighter? We all have both capabilities!

Which is your choice? We must choose, each day in our "inter-reactions" with our family, co-workers, neighbors, and worldwide... Moment by moment, thought by thought, word by word, and action by action.

"You may say I'm a dreamer.
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will live as one."

                                              -- John Lennon.

Recommended Book

You Are More Than That: A Guide to Embracing the Spiritual Being Within and Becoming Fully Human
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book cover: You Are More Than That: A Guide to Embracing the Spiritual Being Within and Becoming Fully Human by Rajiv Juneja M.D.I’m More Than That looks into your richest strategies for coping with yourself and becoming fully purposeful beyond mere comfort zones. Shaping up for peak performance in body and mind takes deep self-understanding, and this book opens with an invitation to become self-aware and name the processes that hinder growth and even bind you to underperformance. These can be social or biological processes that limit your being. How do you break free of underachievement? How does stress in your day-to-day life become a barrier to knowing who you are?

We can rise above stress through the mind-body tie. Even if we may fall short of our hopes and expectations, Dr. Raj shows that we are better than we think and can find strength through greater self-understanding.

A new you is within arm’s reach once you face your fears of falling short. You are more than that.

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