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How To Recognize Your Angel Signs and Messages

How To Recognize Angel Signs and Messages
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The angels are very happy to leave us signs of their presence, as they know that we often need to have tangible evidence to help reinforce our belief in them. Different kinds of signs left by the angels can offer us helpful messages, insights, and guidance, which will always be for our greatest good.

Signs will eventually become less frequent and less important to you when you no longer need to receive them in order to know that you are being helped—unless of course they are used by the angels to reveal a specific message to you. However, signs are nothing in and of themselves; they are simply helpful reminders that God is watching over us. Signs left by the angels are meant to help stir and awaken our intuitive nature so that we can expand our conscious connection and deepen our relationship with a higher power.

The power is not within the sign itself; the power is within the message that the sign reveals. The intention of the angels through using specific signs to reach you is to help to comfort you, encourage you, inspire you, support you, prepare you, uplift you, strengthen your faith when needed, and reveal specific guidance and information to you—and all this on behalf of God. The angels will never leave you any signs that will cause you any fear or alarm, and if you do feel this way, then you can be sure that it is your ego and your imagination at play.

Angelic guidance can help you within all areas of your life, but remember you will need to ask for this help.

Angel Nudges: Delivered Through Your Intuitive Nature

Nudges from the angels are mostly delivered through your intuitive nature. The angels can nudge you to read a specific book, watch a certain film, or pay attention to a stranger’s conversation, or you can be nudged to meet a certain person. Angels do this because they know that there is something good for you to find there, some important piece of information, relevance, or significance that is just for you.

Pay attention to any intuitive flashes of wisdom you receive, as this will be your guardian angel attempting to nudge you in the right direction. Intuitive flashes of wisdom can be likened to a light bulb moment, when an inspirational idea or the answer to what you have been searching for immediately springs into your conscious mind.

Angel Objects: Letting You Know They Want to Connect With You

Angel ornaments, statues, art, and jewelry can be found literally everywhere you go. There is no coincidence that these angelic delights appear to you within your daily life. Finding angel objects or receiving angel objects can be a gentle nudge from your guardian angel to let you know that they want to connect with you.

Angel objects are signs that your guardian angel is around you. Any kind of angelic object, statue, ornament, or jewelry will hold a positive high vibration of light energy. This is because of the powerful mass belief (consciousness) in the goodness of angel beings as a divine force.

The angelic message of receiving any type of angel object is that you are being divinely protected by your guardian angel and other angelic beings.

Films of Angels: Revealing Significant Information, Insight, and Guidance For You

Films of angels are also signs that the angels are close by and giving you a friendly hello. A classic angel film called It’s a Wonderful Life tells a great story about a trainee angel called Clarence. Clarence is not the typical kind of angel you would imagine one to be, in that he doesn’t appear with wings, but as a normal-looking human being. Heaven sends him to help a young man who wishes that he had never been born. If Clarence can help to reach the young man and help him to see the light, then he will get to earn his “angel wings.”

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This remarkable film has many symbolic and subtle messages from the angels. Whoever wrote the film would have been influenced by the angelic kingdom to create such an inspirational, uplifting, and heartwarming story. My favorite line from the entire film is “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.” I always smile and think of Clarence the trainee angel whenever I hear a bell ringing.

If you are watching a film about angels or one that has angelic references in it, then pay attention to the moral and essence of the story, as it may reveal some significant information, insight, and guidance for you.

Angel Music: Bringing Intuitive Messages Through the Lyrics of Songs

Angels can bring you intuitive messages through the avenue of music and in the lyrics of a song. References of angels within the lyrics of a song are also a sign that your guardian angel is close by. Music is very powerful.

The angels know what songs hold certain memories for you, and they will often use these songs to help reach you. If you just happen to switch on the radio and you hear a song playing that connects you to your spirit loved one, then this is typically a personal sign from him or her to tell you he is still with you, he loves you, and he can feel your love for him.

Music is good for the soul, and the angels congregate anywhere where beautiful music is playing. The musical instrument the harp is a symbolic sign of angelic energy working within your life.

Angel Dreams: Delivering Angelic Messages Through The Essence of The Dream

Angels will use our dream state to help reveal some significant insight into what we need to do within our daily life to help us sort out any problems. They will also help our spirit loved ones to enter into our dreams so that we can reconnect with them during our sleep time. Have you ever had a dream where you have been flying through the sky? If so, this is a sign that you are on an astral visit to meet with your guardian angel, guide, or spirit loved ones.

Sometimes our dreams are the only way for our guardian angel to get through to us, especially if we are particularly stressed, overly busy, or off balance in any way, as this will interfere with our ability to notice any signs, messages, and nudges within our daily life that are sent to help us. A sure sign that you have received an angelic dream is when the dream is vivid in nature and the emotional intensity of your dream stays with you for quite some time later, whereas other dreams will easily fade away from your memory.

Angels can appear in your dream if they desire, but it is usually the essence of your dream that the angels will use to deliver their angelic message to you. You can ask your guardian angel to visit you in your dreams or to help reveal some significant information you need to know. Keep a pen and pad by the side of your bed so you can record any insight you receive in your dreams upon awakening.

Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near

Feathers are extremely significant when it comes to the angels, with white feathers being the most recognized and universal angel sign. However, the angels will certainly use all kinds of colored feathers to let you know they are around you and to help reveal specific messages to you.

Lots of small white feathers found together suggest a number of angels are surrounding you, including your guardian angel. Large feathers can be left by the mighty and powerful Archangels. I have personally found feathers in my bedroom, in my car, on the airplane, and even in the cinema. Angels will use any types of feathers to bring you a sign, or they can even manifest feathers when there aren’t any nearby for them to access. Angels will utilize feathers from our own pillows and duvets, from birds of any size, or even from artificial ones like those in a feathered boa.

Where you find feathers can also be very significant. Feathers left in the car will be a sign to offer you protection on your journey. Feathers left by the side of the bed can be a sign that an angel has visited you in your dreams or has given you healing energies during your sleep time. Feathers found in the hospital can be a sign that the angels are helping to heal a sick loved one. Angels just love to leave us feathers, as each feather can also have a special intuitive meaning based on its specific color vibration.

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