Increasing the Light and Co-Creating Peace

Spiritual creativity is a way of life, a way of wholeness. It is a path of integrity. Integrity entails not just a few beliefs or specific acts, but an attitude that we adopt and practice in our everyday lives.

Loving yourself, falling back in love with yourself as a child of God, is the first step in the process of spiritual integrity. The word "process" is important; this is not an overnight or a sudden change you make in your life, but rather an ongoing process that can bring you much joy.

Is there any better feeling than truly expressing your own special brand of love to the world? This takes spiritual integrity, walking your talk, and the angels teach you this integrity through creativity.

Become A Co-Creator

Creating character is also a process of becoming more angelic. By angelic, I don't mean becoming or continuing to be "nice". "Niceness" is a screen we use to control and to decide whether we like others. "Oh, they are so nice," we say. What does this mean? Usually it means that they have done just what we wanted them to do.

Angels aren't always "nice," meaning they don't always do exactly what we want them to do. No matter what, the angels are always true to the Creator. Spiritual integrity is creative wholeness. We are co-creators, and we have the choice to create a beautiful, spiritual existence for ourselves.

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At some point, we experience a revelation and the angels show us that to be truly happy is to be of service to the Creator out of joy and love. Our lives then become a creative journey for the glory of God.

I know in my heart that the angels want us to co-create more hope, joy, beauty, peace, and love for the world. If we took all of these wonderful qualities out of the picture, we would have a gray, dreary world with few happy people.

Sometimes when I watch the news or pay too close attention to the negative events in the world, I start to think the beautiful aspects of life are becoming extinct. It is up to us to keep hope, joy, beauty, peace, and love alive on the earth, and the best way we can do this is with our own creativity.

Angels Are Always Loving

Angels cannot ignore the basic principles that build strength of character. Even if there were an easy way out, they wouldn't provide it. Angels are always loving, and they want us to start finding pure love, which is a basic energy, not a condition of "niceness" and being liked by others. Becoming angelic doesn't mean pleasing everyone; it means staying true to yourself, your values, your integrity, your Creator.

If you think you don't have values, integrity, or a Creator, then this may seem impossible to you; but even so, you can begin to develop integrity and become aware of your values. The angels are here to help you.

Let the angels know that you are willing to help them increase the light and co-create beauty, love, hope, joy, and peace on earth. The angels are actively recruiting volunteers now, and they have chosen you.

The above was excerpted with permission from the book,
"Creating With The Angels" ©1993, reprinted with permission
from H.J. Kramer, Inc. P.O. Box 1082, Tiburon, CA 94920.

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Creating With The Angels: An Angel Guided Journey into Creativity
by Terry Lynn Taylor.

Creating With The Angels by Terry Lynn Taylor.Creative expression is essential to good mental and physical health, and a proven key to happiness. And yet many of use are convinced that we have no creative ability and/or only certain talents and achievements can be deemed creative. Angel expert Terry Lynn Taylor wants us to know that inspiration from the angels and Muses is always available. The exercises and techniques used in Creating With the Angels encourage the reader to explore his or her own special creativity as well as opening to new talents, all with the divine help of the angels.

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Terry Lynn Taylor is the editor/publisher of "Angels Can Fly Newsletter" and also author of "Messengers of Light". She graduated from Old Dominion University with a bachelors degree in Psychology and has put in time towards a masters degree in mythology.

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