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Meditation Express is a method to help you get on the right track toward making your complete mind-body-soul connections and a way to train yourself to be in touch with your peaceful, all-knowing inner center of balance throughout your day. Anyone can meditate.

Many of us know that a few moments of connecting with our inner resources can have dramatic and healthy effects in restoring a sense of balance to a hectic day. But who has the luxury of spending 45 minutes to one hour calming themselves down in the middle of a rushed day? (Hooray for you if you do. We encourage you to meditate for as long as you can.) The point is not how long you meditate but to meditate!

Why Meditate?

We each meditate differently and for different reasons. Nancy meditates to be in touch with all parts of herself -- the many facets of being human, with a heart and a mind -- and also to be in touch with the part of herself that is unlimited, that has deep wisdom and is a source of renewal and guidance -- her center.

Michael meditates not to find his inner self but to step back and take a moment to find a balance so that he can prevent an inner explosion that is not good for his family, friends, business associates, and least of all for himself.

If you've ever daydreamed or "spaced out" in line at the grocery store checkout counter, you can meditate. There's no right or wrong way to meditate.

The hardest part of meditating is to remember to do it!

The goals of Meditation Express are to:

* Calm your mind.

* Relax your body.

* Give you a quick and easy tool for stress reduction.

To Meditate is To Reflect, To Contemplate; It Is Not a Religion

Meditation... Express StyleMeditation is not a religion. Webster's definition of meditation is from the Latin "meditare," meaning to reflect on, to ponder, to plan or intend in the mind, to engage in contemplation. You don't have to change your lifestyle or beliefs to do these meditations. We hope you'll make them a part of your everyday lifestyle, whether you wear blue jeans or Brooks Brothers suits.

Our intent is to make these meditations so simple and easy to do that you'll want to do them every day. We also encourage you to do them whenever and wherever (in the elevator or in the shower) you can. Flexibility, comfort, and adaptability are our key words -- you don't need a temple or a time clock to benefit from these meditations.

Michael is usually up and in the thick of his day before he stops to meditate. Nancy, on the other hand, won't leave her bed before meditating.

Michael meditates as a way to "fix" stress. For example, he'll meditate if he feels like he's going to scream at the kids or if worry and angst have projected him so far into the future that he can't think clearly about the here and now.

Nancy meditates as a preventive measure. For example, she'll meditate a few minutes throughout the day to "re-member" herself and reconnect with her wholeness and to spend a few moments feeling an inner serenity and calmness. It enables her to feel a strong sense of her direction and helps her to keep her perspective and sense of joy throughout the day.

Obviously, we use different approaches to meditation, but the end result is the same: a sense of harmony where we live in the present moment and balance for our bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions.

The Benefits from Meditating

The benefits from meditation are individual and many. Nancy uses meditation to wake up to an inner vitality, whereas Michael uses meditation to calm down. Somewhere in between is a balance that will be just right for your needs.

Meditating can act as an internal pressure-relief valve to help you find calm before an explosion occurs. Releasing stress through meditation can improve your general physical and mental health by:

* reducing insomnia;

* normalizing blood pressure;

* reducing heart disease, depression, and anxiety; and

* lessening the use of cigarettes and alcohol.

When your mind settles down there is often an inner clarity, vitality, creativity, and freshness.

Meditation Express will lead you to an overall state of integration and coherence, and to the discovery and unfolding of your full potential without stress.

Whether you choose to meditate with the intention of improving your health, letting off steam, or contemplating an expanded awareness, Meditation Express takes you on a journey where getting there is more than half the fun.

We were serious when we said at the opening of this introduction that anyone can meditate. You just need a few tips.

"Top 10" List for Meditation Success

10. Meditate anywhere, anytime.

9. Be yourself.

8. Use only the meditations that appeal to you.

7. Be physically comfortable.

6. This is a practice -- you don't have to be perfect.

5. If you start to feel frustrated because your mind absolutely refuses to slow down, stop and try again some other time.

4. Trust your intuition, but don't give up your day job.

3. Be aware of your breathing, but don't hyperventilate.

2. There's no right or wrong way to meditate.

1. Remember to meditate!

There's no specific order that you must follow. Unlike most meditation tomes that suggest that you set aside a specific time and find a quiet place each day to meditate, we urge you to just do it!

Reprinted with permission of the authors. ©2001.

Article Source

Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat
by Nancy L. Butler-Ross and Michael Suib.

Meditation Express by Nancy L. Butler-Ross and Michael Suib.Meditation can restore balance to a hectic day, but few can sacrifice the time. Now they don't have to. Meditation Express offers 72 meditations that can be done in a minute--while waiting for an elevator, after a contentious phone call, or whenever a spare minute appears. The authors demystify meditation using a lighthearted, yet effective approach.

Info/Order this book.

About the Authors


Nancy L. Butler-Ross teaches meditation, integrating her quick and easy approach for radio listeners, corporations, and college students. She is the original "Radio Meditator" on WDST-FM in Woodstock, New York. 

Michael Suib is a (formerly stressed-out) businessman, a published poet, and weekly columnist in the Miami Herald (Sunday edition). Nancy and Michael can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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