Imagination and Morphing as Tools of Perception and Cure

Imagination and Morphing as Tools of Perception and Cure

Everything in this book proceeds from the assumption that our subconscious mind (loosely so-called) runs the body. It coordinates the various specialized organs, it juggles priorities, and it provides an emergency response. Both in maintaining health and in overcoming illness or injury, the subconscious mind does the work. So, if we have a health problem, it’s the subconscious mind we need to deal with.

The subconscious is powerful but—by definition—not conscious. It has its routines, and it continues with them until something calls forth other reactions. That “something” can be an emergency of some sort, but it can also be us. To affect the body, interact with the subconscious. How? The easiest, most effective way, is simple visualization, because the subconscious mind seems to respond best to pictures. And that involves using imagination as a tool of perception and manipulation.

Visualizing & Morphing: That’s All There Is To It

Visualizing and morphing works well for specific localized problems, especially when you are working with the assistance of others. In fact, dealing with a specific problem is almost too easy to describe. It may sound like nothing. All I can say is, try it. First you visualize the condition you want to address, then you morph the visualization to be the way you want it to be. That’s all there is to it.

Say you have a sore throat. Call up a picture of what a sore throat feels like to you. You might make a mental picture of a hollow tube of red, scratchy skin. Don’t worry about the picture being accurate, or even recognizable. In fact, the best picture may be a cartoon, because it emphasizes just what you want to emphasize. You want to get the attention of the subconscious mind and inform it of a problem you want it to work on. That’s all you’re trying to accomplish. Whatever picture works for you, use it.

Then, when you have that picture firmly in mind, visualize that red scratchy skin changing, flowing gently into whatever your mental image is of healthy throat tissue. Smooth, pink skin, maybe. Like the original visualization, the morphed visualization doesn’t have to be accurate; it needs to communicate to the subconscious mind, which will do the rest.

Can You Risk Hoping That This Technique Will Help You?

The most important limitation on the effectiveness of this technique is not how well you can visualize, but how well you can bring yourself to overcome the things you have been taught. If you can’t risk hoping that this technique will help you—then it can’t. If you can risk it, it can help. Again, it’s as simple as that.

It’s a reckless generalization, but I’d say that all illness may be regarded as the result of some blockage somewhere. Remove the blockage, remove the cause of the illness.

Too simple? Probably, but let’s think about cause and effect.

Every effect has both immediate causes (symptoms) and underlying causes. Sometimes it is appropriate to deal with symptoms: When you are in danger of going into diabetic shock, you have to deal with the immediate cause right now, or you may not live long enough to go any further. But ultimately, if you want to be well, you have to deal with underlying causes.

And how, if you are not a physician, do you deal with the underlying causes of disease? Or, to put the same question in a more positive way, how do you promote the underlying causes of health?

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The answer is, you use visualization to remove the underlying causes of whatever health problems you have, regardless whether you are aware of the causes—and regardless whether you are even aware of the problems. Thus, you need not know how the body maintains itself. If you move back to the underlying causes, everything simplifies out. You do not need to understand how your body systems work. You only need to know to communicate with them, to assist them to do what they do.

For the hard of hearing: You do not need to understand how your body systems work.

Can you see how powerful this technique is? How foolproof? How proactive? How safe? At the same time, it has limits. It definitely won’t work for those who won’t give it a try. It won’t necessarily help with immediate causes. And it won’t necessarily heal everything.

Waters of Life Meditation

Here is a simple meditation for maintaining the health of your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.

In doing this exercise, some people visualize themselves as one body; others visualize four bodies stacked one inside the other. Still others see four bodies holding hands in a circle. Doesn’t matter, do what pleases you at the moment.

Get into a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes. Take a few slow deep breaths, briefly holding your breath after you breathe in, and again after you breathe out. Relax. Imagine yourself standing under a waterfall, with the river of life and health flowing through you and around you. These waters represent our invisible support from the other side. They flow through us day and night, a silent unfailing support that we are rarely or maybe never aware of. The waters flow over you, and around you, and through you, penetrating every cell. There is so much water that you couldn’t possibly take “more than your share.” All you want is there for you, and you have an inborn right to all you need.

See the water coming down just as quickly or as slowly as seems right. There’s nothing wrong with seeing it coming down in slow motion, and nothing wrong with seeing it moving sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. You are not imitating nature; you are creating a visualization.

See the waters entering at the top of your head, and smoothly flowing down through your body, from head to toes. As you follow the fall of the waters, set your intent for the flow to gently, quietly, but effectively erode away any blockages that have accumulated in any of the four bodies.

In the physical body, blockages may be the result of past injuries or diseases. In the emotional body, they may be the unhealed result of past traumas. In the mental body, they may appear as prejudices, or systematic distortions in our ability to think and perceive. In the energetic body, they may appear as dull spots or hot spots, where we are either too insensitive or too sensitive to external input, or may appear as rips or tears through which our life energy “leaks,” leaving us depleted.

During the course of the meditation, you may receive ideas or insights into the causes of various problems, not all of them physical. That’s all well and good, and you should file those ideas away for later examination—but don’t let them interfere with the actual process itself. During the meditation, do the meditation.

Hold your attention on the waters flowing smoothly down through your body. Watch—but don’t interfere. Observe where the waters seem to get stuck. Set your intent that whatever obstacles hold up the water will be overcome. But don’t cease to observe the flow of the waters down your body. When you have followed the flow down through your feet, begin again at the top of your head and follow it down.

Do this as long as seems appropriate, and stop when you feel like stopping. Much more important than how long you do this exercise is how often you do it. The more often, the better, even if it’s only a minute or two at a time.

If you don’t resonate to the waterfall, or if you find it hard to visualize standing under a waterfall when you are lying down, it’s just as easy to imagine yourself lying down in a stream or a river, with your head toward the source of the flow. Imagine the water flowing down through your body in the same way as you would under a waterfall, and watch in the same way.

If the idea of being suffused with water doesn’t work for you, try visualizing yourself in a field of light, the light beams scouring your body in the same way. Or try other things. One of my friends visualizes one of those shower heads that you hold in your hand, and uses it to direct the water to problem areas. Be creative.

How Does It Work?

That’s the meditation, and that’s the way I explain it to myself. As to how it really works—who knows? One theory is that concentrating our attention on the waters and obstructions calls those obstacles to the attention of the subconscious mind, which does the moment-to-moment work of maintaining the body.

My preferred theory is that our physical body is laid down on an energy-body template, and once we adjust the energy body, the physical body readjusts itself to match the corrected template. But this is only theory, and, really, who cares? What matters is that it works.

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by Frank DeMarco.

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