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We were doing a conference and needed a photograph of Tom. I had an old Polaroid camera and hadn’t used it in a long time. We went to his home to take his picture. When we arrived, he was singing in the shower. When he came out to greet us, he had his blue shirt on. He asked his wife if she had bought the single-edged razor blade he had asked her to buy. When I took the first picture, I needed a razor blade to clear out the camera trap as the picture had jammed.

Following that, Tom’s wife asked him, “Tom, what time is it?”

Tom threw his head back and laughed as he responded, “If you were asking Jesus Christ this question, He would say that this is the fourth time that time is coming to an end.”

Tom later explained to me that there was a Big Bang that initiated the creation of the Universe. We are approaching the fourth time that the expansion is coming to an end. It takes billions of years for the Universe to expand, but only millions for it to contract in what is called “The Big Crunch.”

Tom said that we would not always be carbon-based units as we are now and would become more spiritual beings.

Love Gestures

In 1987, and again in 1988, there were several Love Gestures given by God to Earth for the purpose of assisting the human condition. Pure Love is given to us from God as Pure Knowledge and Inspiration, but because we have free will we can choose to reject it.

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There was a time when a critical mass of events and probable futures came together that could have resulted in the annihilation of the human race, and a decision needed to be made by God concerning Creation. The question was whether to eliminate the human condition before we destroyed the planet or bombard us with Unconditional Love in the thought that, with free will, we would take advantage of this Love and rectify conditions on the planet and with each other. So the Almighty sent massive doses of Unconditional Love energy through Light from quasars in outer space, while avatars and angels became incarnate in order to facilitate the conditions for change.

We did not have a nuclear war thanks to interventions. We still struggle, however, with whether we as individuals and as a collective will choose to love ourselves. Love Gestures can come through pure Light, inspired books, poems, paintings, people teaching through their example, and so forth; all are ways to open to unconditional self-love. And these Love Gestures will not be curtailed, even up to the end of time (if there is an end), because there is a never-ending supply of probable futures. Always believe in the availability of miracles, divine intrusions, and angels, because those are always options. Wake up, get busy, and choose compassion.

As we go forward in time, new world leaders will be spiritual leaders or they won’t be elected to positions of power. That is also a Love Gesture. Our goal is to eliminate all suffering for all sentient beings. Love yourself unconditionally as God does, and do at least one thing each day to bring this outcome into reality.

Tom said, “We are living in a period of Grace,” and also, “We will have a peaceable Kingdom.”

The Great White Brotherhood

When I was coming into my ordination work, I became aware of the concept of the Great White Brotherhood. The only issue with using that terminology in these times is that it could be misconstrued as racist and/or sexist. “White” refers to the blending of all colors. The concept of brotherhood was brought in as an attempt to bring the human family together, but now we are at the point where we are moving into egalitarianism.

The Great White Brotherhood’s commitment is to help the human condition, and part of the Order of Melchizedek priesthood is involved in that. “Children of the Light” may be a more suitable term. We are all in this situation together, and there is a Matrix of Energy that permeates everything. Love yourself, love your neighbor, and love God; they’re all the same thing.

This seems to be about the struggle locally and internationally of who will allow or not allow working, playing, and loving together without discrimination or impedance. Peace (at all levels) is what it is all about.

As things evolve and time moves along, the individuals going into politics in this New Age will have to demonstrate the qualities of true spirituality or they will not get elected. This is not about a religion at all, but about spirituality.

Spirituality has no fear—it is about experiencing the Oneness of all things. Take a lesson from John Lennon’s song Imagine: “Imagine there’s no countries / It isn’t hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion, too / Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” In John Lennon’s time, people continued to talk about brotherhood.

Everything begins with thought and becomes form. Everything is acceptable unto God. Tom was a messenger from God who came to help us realize the possibility for a peaceable kingdom, and begin making it happen; to have the opportunity for self-realization and self-Buddhahood and fully realize that “When two or more are gathered, there I am.”

No Time, No Boundaries, No Separation

According to some physicists there is no time, only the present. When you go off the planet, how can you tell what time it is? We have imagined boundaries, where there are none. This is the time when those separations get recognized for the illusions they are. Be mindful of the Law of One: There is only God; there is only Good. We have the responsibility of gods and goddesses in training, for that is what we are, and what we create is our responsibility. We really need to be compassionate.

The Great White Brotherhood was created long ago to bring these ideas forward. Many of the instructions of Melchizedek were provided to bring these goals to fruition. Ignorance is not bliss. Love yourself as God does. Love your neighbor as yourself, and love your house plants, the beings that swim in the waters, the four-legged, the winged ones, and so forth. We will work this through. It is not the end of the world. It starts all over again. 

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Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God: His Extraordinary Life and Near-Death Experiences
by Rev. Daniel Chesbro with Rev. James B. Erickson

book cover of: Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God by Rev. Daniel Chesbro with Rev. James B. EricksonThrough more than 160 remarkable stories, Rev. Daniel Chesbro and Rev. James B. Erickson share Tom Sawyers' (1945-2007) profound and enlightening insights on life, death, and Unconditional Love. T

his book reveals Tom as a modern-day messenger of God who returned to life a powerful conduit of Unconditional Love, compelled to create positive change for humanity.

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