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The prospect of a new year always brings the hope for something new. This year, I feel more optimistic and confident than ever, based on my personal detective work, sleuthing for clues to help me thrive in this madhouse paradise we call earth.

I have three discoveries to share with you that may support your own unique emergence into increasing fulfillment.

Number One: By Any Other Name ...

Regular readers know that I've played with various names for God. I've used Love, Source, Universal Intelligence, Life Force, Grace... I even tried the G word itself. Every word or term has baggage.

Eureka! My understanding clarified when I simplified the issue to a consideration of the two primary positions on "reality:"  Evolution, the domain of science, vs Intelligent Design, the domain of religion. Both are mental concepts, legitimized by theories and dogma. Meanwhile, life is.

Life is! No theories or dogma, just experience. So, there's my word. From now on, when I reference God/Source/etc., I'll use the one term that can exist free of beliefs (if we avoid imposing them): Life.

My heart is beating. Fact. The planets are moving dependably in their orbits. Fact. Life is. Fact.

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Number Two: Living in the Gap

Polarization is the norm in our black and white world. We can inject color by introducing a gap between extremes:

Yes/No - Maybe.

Right/Wrong - Appropriate,

True/False - Discovery.

Living in the gap means being fluid (not fixed), curious to learn and change. Timeless.

Love lives in the gap, which turns out to be, not a space between but the space that holds every "thing."

Number Three: Bi-location

This is an exotic term for something we do routinely. Our bodies are here, sitting in a chair reading, while our minds are elsewhere. Thinking about a lunch date, remembering a song, wondering about someone, etc.

Since we are already doing this unconsciously, why not add intention and develop our bi-location skills?

Assuming you have some sort of personal meditative practice, here's my suggestion for the new year: always meditate in the same place and pick where you want to be, as long as it's somewhere else.

I always meditate in my cave in Oregon. It's easy to picture myself walking through the woods, approaching the thick wooden door, easing it open, settling into my black recliner and closing the door, dropping into that unique silence that only being underground can produce, and letting go of my body.

It turns out that I'm actually a shimmering white sphere pulsating rays of sound-soaked light throughout the universe. Who knew?

Where would you like to meditate and who will you discover yourself to be when you release identification with your body?

My Three Gifts for You

So, here are my three gifts for you to start the new year:

1. Celebrate "Life," a term free of concepts, if we leave it be

2. Live in the gap between extremes and experience yourself as the space that holds every "thing"

3. Bi-locate: meditate wherever you want and find out who you really are.

Copyright 2022/2023. Reprinted with permission of the author.

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