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This is an incredible time to be alive in the history of the world, both for me and for you. Yes, you specifically. Reading this statement may have caused you to raise an eyebrow with doubt. And you have good reason to be doubtful. It only takes moments to observe the world around us to become filled with despair. Turn on your television to be greeted by news of ever more horrendous events: terrorists firing their rifles into the cafes of Paris; men with nuclear weapons saber-rattling on the world stage; entrenched widespread poverty impacting the most vulnerable among us.

All the while, your smartphone or device beams news of tragedy, corruption, and greed directly into your head. When you look up from that small screen you are greeted with one more alarming sight—a sea of faces intensely locked down, peering into their electronic devices. No wonder the world may seem both a violent and an isolating place.

In your personal world you may have checked your bank balance recently and found the bottom line anxiety-inducing. Or perhaps you have looked in the mirror and suddenly found too many lines and creases, making you wonder where the years have gone, causing you to muse on what’s become of the dreams of your youth. You may have caught your partner in bed with someone else. You may have not spo­ken to your adult children in years. Your boss may have just informed you that the company no longer requires your services. These are just a few of the pitfalls that we humans encounter every day. Hopefully, none of these trials are currently on your shoulders.

Unexpected Challenges and Obstacles

Life does present us with unexpected challenges and obstacles, and for many reasons specific to your life you may be feeling a bit lost and hopeless. You may even have read my enthusiastic opening statement and thought, An incredible time in history to be alive? What is Robbie Holz talking about? Who does she think she is to tell me that this is a wonderful, amazing time to be alive when it seems exactly the opposite?

On one level, you would be correct: I don’t know you or your personal struggles. But what I do know, with every fiber of my being, is that you are emphatically not alone in your difficulties. In fact, you are less alone than anyone has been in the history of the world.

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This is a big statement. However, I also know it is true because of what you most likely do not know right now. It’s what I hope will become a certainty in your life. Namely, that you are surrounded by angels, and that the purpose of these angels is to aid you in times of distress and escort you toward the light. It is important to know that they are most effective when the darkness seems to be closing in around you, or sucking the very air out of your lungs.

We Are At A Crucial Point

Our planet is nearing the end of an era driven by greed, ego, materialism, and negativity of all sorts. Due to this crisis and the nexus of difficulties and confusion, this volunteer army of glorious spirit guides, these angels and celestial advisors, are visiting us in unprecedented numbers.

It is important to understand the nature of angels, who are etheric, immortal beings of light. Angels existed long before this universe began to spin, and they comprehend the precious beauty of exis­tence itself. Angels love you unconditionally for the simple fact of your existence. The angelic presence is here to help you in difficult times and in joyous times. They’re here to nudge you along the path to greater awareness and heighten your ability to perceive the world around you with a higher consciousness.

Bringing About A Planetwide Awakening

At this moment in time, angels are in the process of bringing about a planetwide awakening. This awakening will reconfigure the consciousness of humanity and increase compassion and service to others, which creates a more love-based existence.

Every day, angels spread messages of benevolent goodness that are magnified exponen­tially with each soul they touch. As they help people awaken to their higher state of being, darkness is slowly but surely receding from this planet. The truth is coming out. Collectively we are moving into light and love on the wings of angels.

Believe it or not, angels have already been helping you, even if you’ve never even thought about an angel before now. When you actively engage with them, something they eagerly desire, they have so much more to offer you. I can state without reservation that when you do reach out to your angels and spirit guides, it will shatter your preconceptions of what you think is possible. I invite you to open yourself up, heart and soul, to the angelic realm.

The Mission of Angels on Earth

Perhaps you have always had a sense, or a feeling, that some higher presence was a part of your life. Perhaps you are even well-informed about angels. Despite your experience, a flurry of questions may be flooding your mind right now. Let’s begin with the most basic: If there are angels, why would they interact with human beings? Why would they want to be involved with humankind at all?

As is often the case, the most important questions have remark­ably simple answers. Angels come to Earth to serve humanity. It is our right to ask for and receive their assistance. They are here to help us express divine qualities such as love, forgiveness, and compassion.

It is helpful to understand that angels, because they are altruis­tic beings, do not have the same level of free will that humans do. But they do not view their lack of free will—which inhibits them from any action that does not serve humanity—in a negative context. Instead, they understand that their immortality and their unlimited consciousness is a blessing. Being of service to those who can exercise free will is an important aspect of being.

As a human you have the ability to create whatever kind of life you desire, whether it is one of goodness that will lead you toward happiness, or one of negativity that causes earthly misery for you and others. This is both your magnificent gift and your cross to bear. Angels lack the paradox of free will—they have only positive gifts to bestow. Thus, every action they take is a noble and virtuous one, granted by the Eternal Being.

By their very nature, benevolent angels are unable to do harm, so you never need fear them nor doubt any of their communications. They have no ulterior motives or hidden agendas. And they are the antithesis of some mythical trickster in a fairy tale that pretends to offer help and later claims your soul as payment. You can always trust angels because they are unable to lie. You are always completely safe with angels because they are unable to cause you harm.

The great news is that you have untold numbers of these totally magnanimous beings watching over you at all times. You are never out of their reach. You can never stray from their protection. Isn’t that a wonderful, comforting thought? Angels are in your world to sustain, support, and uplift you. Nurturing you is in their very essence. I have to say: you and I are so blessed that these beautiful beings are part of our world!

Once you learn to understand the nature of angels, you can then begin to know that angels can help you in nearly limitless ways. They are able to lift your energy to a more peaceful one. If you’re feeling depressed, you can call on an angelic presence and ask for help to change your state of mind. If you are feeling uncertain of your path, they will help you find clarity, if you ask. They may skillfully guide you to find an answer to a problem.

Their presence moves through your world unobtrusively. It is never their intention that you become dependent on their guidance. If you let them, however, they will give you so much more than you ever imagined possible.

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Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
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book cover of: Angels in Waiting: How to Reach Out to Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides by Robbie HolzIn this step-by-step guide to calling on angels and benevolent spirit guides, Robbie Holz explores how to initiate and nurture your angelic relationships and engage their powerful assistance to overcome struggles and manifest your desires. Robbie reveals specifically how to contact angels and spirit guides, how to recognize their signs, and how to differentiate between guidance from your own mind and from the angels. The author provides exercises and guided meditations to help strengthen your intuition and develop a closer connection to your celestial team.

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