Does Everyone Have An Inner Compass?

Does Everyone Have An Inner Compass?

How do I know that everyone has an inner compass? To answer this question, let's start by taking a look at what’s really going on. Let's take a look at the world, at reality.

Did you notice that the sun came up this morning? Well, yes, you say, it did. The sun did come up this morning.

And I say, so may I ask – did you make the sun come up this morning? Did you do it? Did you make the sun come up? Was it on your “to do” list or did the sun just come up by itself?

And you answer, no, you didn’t make the sun come up this morning. It came up without your help.

And then I ask, what about the planets orbiting in space – are you making that happen?  No, you say again, it isn't you.

And what about the trees growing outside and the grass and the plants, I continue. Are you making all that happen?  Again, you answer no.

And what about the seas and the oceans and all the fish and all the other animals? Are you making any of them happen?  No, you answer again, you are not.

But something is happening, we can all see that. We can all see that the sun does come up every morning and that the planets are revolving around the sun in perfect harmony every day and that the plants are arising and growing and the animals are there – and that all this is happening and we are not making it happen. We are not doing it. Not you and not me. But it is happening anyway.

So from this, we can conclude that there is some Force or Greater Intelligence that is creating, manifesting and organizing this amazing Web of Life, this amazing dance which is our Cosmos. There is some Greater Intelligence or Force which is creating and orchestrating all of this – the Great Universal Intelligence. This greater creative Force or Power or Intelligence (or whatever else you might want to call it) is organizing and coordinating the unfolding of Life all around us.

Something is there and something is doing all of this. It's obvious. You can see it unfolding wherever you look.

And What About Us?

We can also ask the same questions when we look at ourselves. So let's try that.

If you take a look at yourself, I can ask you – did you create your own body? Did you make yourself appear in this body? And again, you answer no. You did not make you happen, but again, here you are! You are here in this body, right here, right now. So something greater, some greater intelligence, which is far more intelligent than you or I, has organized and animated and manifested YOU!

The other thing about you (and me) is that now that we’re here, we’re still not “doing” us. By this I mean, you are not making yourself "be", you are just happening!

Just think about it. Do you sit up all night and tell your heart to beat? No, you don’t. Yet your heart beats all night long all by itself, without you telling it what to do, or watching it, or doing anything. It just does. Your heart just beats. And the same goes for your lungs, which continue to breathe the air in and out, in and out. And the same with your digestion, which keeps on digesting your food and all the other millions and trillions of cells and processes in your body, which are all going on all by themselves – without any thought, or direction, or interference from you or me. So again, there is some greater intelligence at work here. There must be some Force or Intelligence that has manifested you and me and everyone else and which is now animating and coordinating these amazing physical bodies, which we all have.

Just Think About The Intelligence Of Our Bodies!

If, for example, you cut your finger with a knife while you are out in the kitchen preparing lunch and your finger starts to bleed… what do you do? Probably you will wash your finger off and then put a bandage on it. And once your finger is all bandaged up, you will probably just forget all about it. You'll just forget it and leave it alone. Then a couple of days later, you'll take off the bandage and see what you knew would happen – the cut has grown back together. All by itself, just as you knew it would. And it all happened by itself, so to speak. It all happened automatically. It just did.

You didn't sit there looking at your finger, all day long and all night long, telling the cells of your body to grow back together. The cells in your body knew what do to and they did it automatically – without any direction from you or interference from you. So who or what was doing it? Again, there is, obviously, some Greater Intelligence at work here. Obviously!

So this is what I mean by the Great Universal Intelligence. I mean that Greater Intelligence or organizing power that has created and manifested all of creation including you and me!

And now we come to what I call the Inner Compass. Since this Great Universal Intelligence created you and is animating you, it must be in you. And this is what I mean by the Inner Compass. The Inner Compass is your connection to and awareness of the Great Universal Intelligence.

You and the Inner Compass

The Inner Compass is the Great Universal Intelligence manifesting itself in you! And this is why it's so important to understand and use your Inner Compass – because it's your direct link, your direct connection, to the Great Universal Intelligence, which is that All-Powerful Infinite Energy that has created and is animating all of Life – all of this entire, amazing, wondrous Infinite Universe – including you. And this Life Force, which is All-Powerful, All-Knowing Infinite Energy and Infinite Intelligence, is also Infinite Aliveness. And when we experience this Infinite Aliveness, it feels like joy and it feels like love and it feels like passion and enthusiasm and appreciation.

So when you feel like this – when you feel good, when you feel a sense of well-being – you know that you are in harmony with the great flow of Life that is manifesting through you. In other words, you are in harmony with the Great Universal Intelligence that is flowing through you.

When this happens, you feel so amazing, you feel so good, you feel so happy! And this is why your emotions matter! This is why your emotions are significant. Because they are telling you where you are in relation to the real you – in relation to the real you that is living in harmony with the great flow of Life.

So the better you feel, the better something feels, the more in harmony with Life and the Great Universal Intelligence you are! In fact, the good-feeling emotions are the way in which the Great Universal Intelligence is saying to you – loud and clear – You're on the right track... you are on the right track... so go for it! GO FOR IT!

©2017 by Barbara Berger. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission. Published by O-Books,
an imprint of John Hunt Publishing,

Article Source

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass: Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload
by Barbara Berger.

Find and Follow Your Inner Compass: Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload by Barbara Berger.Barbara Berger maps out what the Inner Compass is and how we can read its signals. How do we use the Inner Compass in our daily lives, at work and in our relationships? What sabotages our ability to listen to and follow the Inner Compass? What do we do when the Inner Compass points us in a direction we believe other people will disapprove of?

Click for more info or to order this book on Amazon.

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Barbara Berger, author of the book: Are You Happy Now?Barbara Berger has written over 15 self-empowerment books, including the international bestseller "The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul" (published in 30 languages), "Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life" (more than 20 languages) and “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind”. American-born, Barbara now lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to her books, she offers private coaching sessions to individuals who wish to work intensely with her (in her office in Copenhagen or on Skype and telephone for people who live far away from Copenhagen). For more about Barbara Berger, see her Web site:

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