Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

As much as we like to think of ourselves as unique individuals, we all have so much in common. One of those things is a need or yearning for love. Even the most hardened criminal needs to be loved. And actually, maybe one reason they are as they are was the lack of love in their childhood... but that's conjecture on my part as I don't think I know any hardened criminal personally. And maybe there is no such thing as a hardened criminal... only a person "temporarily hardened" by life experiences. But I digress. 

All of us, even animals, need to love and be loved. We need it for basic survival, we need it for growth, both physical and emotional, and we need it for happiness. 

Loving Relationships

While most of us think of our parents as the first people we were in relationship with, actually we are the first person we were in relationship with. And we will be the last. Thus that makes our relationship with ourselves the most important one.

That being said, in order to be at peace with ourselves, we need to be at peace with those around us. An angry and agitated person cannot be at peace with themselves, whatever the cause of their stress. So our goal needs to be to establish a loving relationship with the people around us so we can have a peaceful relationship with ourselves... and vice versa.

The card "Loving Relationships" in the Manifesting Your Mastery deck, starts with this statement: "The relationships I have are loving, open, honest, and filled with mutual respect and trust." This is a worthy and worthwhile goal for us to have, each and every day of our life. And we must remember to include ourselves in that... being loving and respectful of ourselves is also part of the loving relationship goal...

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cover art: Manifesting Your Mastery Cards: Inspired by the writings of Kryon by Monika Muranyi  (Creator), Deborah Delisi (Illustrator)This deck is filled with daily affirmations designed to enhance soul communication and life force. within this deck are 44 affirmation cards, and a guidebook to help ou create your own affirmations, long with suggestions on how to use them.

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