Turning On Your Heart’s Light and Discovering Your True Self

The light from a million candles cannot compare
to the light that shines from an awakened heart. 

Just as a sculptor chips away the marble that covers the already-formed work of art, our inner work is to remove what doesn’t belong and what is not in resonance with our authentic selves. Put another way, within each of our hearts is a gift. It is up to us to unwrap it.

How we go about this process is unique for each individual and is not the subject of this book, though I cover aspects of it in In the Key of Life.  Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong are also among the excellent tools available to you to clear your body of stagnant chi, quiet your mind, free up the flow of Source energy, and strengthen your intuition. Here, though, I will assume that you are already in process with that inner work. Instead, I will focus on how we can activate our inner light, which comes from both your heart and the high heart.

Luckily for us, the Universe is providing assistance. According to the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory’s Muller and Rohde, there is an increase in genus biodiversity every 62 million years (Rohde and Muller 2005, 210), and I think we are currently at the crest of a new 62 million year cycle, since we are ripe for a major overhaul. While Muller and Rohde aren’t sure what causes this, David Wilcock, an intuitive and consciousness science researcher, thinks that it is light wave propagations from the center of our galaxy that are driving this evolutionary change (Wilcock 2011). After all, information and light are synonymous. As I pointed out in the Introduction, these light waves rewrite our DNA to program it to change our characteristics, consciousness, and behavior.

Cosmic Defibrillator

Light is transported through the body. What happens in the heart that turns on its “heart light?” Where does the light that the heart emits come from?

The black-white whole at the galactic center pulses waves of light like a heartbeat. These waves may contain gamma ray bursts coming from the galactic center. Such bursts would act like a cosmic defibrillator, jump-starting our heart’s sun to emit higher frequency light. It stands to reason that our heart’s electromagnetic field would change as well, perhaps becoming larger and stronger. Short gamma ray bursts produce copious amounts of gold. Now that could make your heart shine!

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Eternal Internal Flame

You are a conscious being of light. Light is your source and essence. Realizing that you are light is like having been born blind, having then regained your vision and being now able to see your physical self for the first time. Of course, you have been you all along, even though you couldn’t see what you look like. Now that you can, a major aspect of who you are has suddenly been revealed to you. This aspect is no surprise to others, who could see you all along. But until you removed your blinders, you were, well, blind. This is the job each of us came to do – to remove the filters that have clouded our perception of ourselves.

Our internal pilot light has always been burning. It is the same flame depicted in art and statues within the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary. At the core of who we are is a mini sun that has been there since our birth. It is our internal and eternal light, our divine spark. This spark starts as a glowing ember. But it is up to us to fuel this spark with passion and provide the energy needed to power God’s USB port.

Igniting the Divine Spark

Passion is fire energy. What does your heart love to do above all other things? This is your passion. When we follow the calling of our hearts and live our passion, we stoke the fire within our hearts. Eventually, this divine spark ignites. It is the energy from this internal inferno that fuels our enthusiasm. The more enthusiasm is created, the more energy is available for us to manifest our passion in the physical.

We have all experienced the energy that comes from being excited about something. This is the energy that keeps you up until late at night and gets you back out of bed at dawn, raring to go. You seem to have an endless supply of energy and feel able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

The Vibration of Love

Being in love creates passion whether it is love for another or love for your work or for some project. It is the vibration of love that starts the wheels of passion turning and gets the fire energy burning. Without first feeling this in our hearts, our sparks cannot ignite. Love is the ignition source for all of creation.

We begin by loving ourselves. This includes loving our human selves and those characteristics that make us human, from our vast array of emotions to our indomitable spirit. It also includes loving our divine selves, our true nature as the embodied gods and goddesses that the masters tell us we are. When we make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, when our human and divine selves become congruent, we enter the kingdom, which is nothing other than the sacred coordinate within the heart. When we connect our internal USB port to heaven, all things are possible because we are logged into the cosmic computer. We have cracked the code, and the keys to the kingdom are ours.

heart lightOnly once we love all of who we are, are we able to do the same with others. In so doing, we acknowledge on a deep level that we are all part of the unified field of creation. Each of us is a mirror, reflecting an aspect of another. We are each a piece of the holographic puzzle of unity consciousness. Once we download our divinity, we lose the ego identity of separation. As our love becomes super-radiant, we acknowledge our divine place in the cosmos.

We live as the gods and goddesses that we are when we “come from our hearts.” We literally orient ourselves through our unique sacred coordinates to the divine matrix so that we are in direct communication with unity consciousness – hardwired to heaven. We become “wise beyond our years” because when we enter the black-white whole of our heart, we break free of space-time and enter the infinite timeless beauty of divine creation.

It is through knowing that we are God and experiencing it that we activate the divine spark within the sacred coordinate of our hearts. Our passion for living our divinity provides the fuel necessary to ignite the spark into a flame that burns within our hearts.

The Sun/Son of God that we are is the holographic representation of the sun from our solar system and the Great Central Sun. We glow from our hearts. We become radiant like the sun. As it says in the Gospel of Thomas (Saying 24), “His disciples said, ‘Show us the place where you are, for we must seek it.’ He said to them, ‘Anyone here with two ears better listen! There is a light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark’” (Miller 1994, 310). Once this light is illuminated, we are enlightened. This is Christ Consciousness.

Igniting and Aligning the High Heart

Once this spark is ignited, the energy travels up to the high heart, located near the thymus gland. The thymus, a couple of inches (5cm) below the notch of the sternum and behind the sternum, produces T-lymphocytes (disease-fighting white blood cells) that are essential for a healthy immune system. Think of your heart as the doorway that, when fully open, allows light from the sacred coordinate to shine on your high heart. Once this line of energy is activated, it opens a clear channel of communication or a local area network (LAN), between our physical heart, high heart, and brain.

This connection is crucial for the balanced functioning of the heart and mind. When we become slaves to our mind and forget to think with our hearts, we see the results in the current state of the world. Once we think with our hearts and use our minds to interpret what our hearts have chosen to create, we create from the harmonic resonance of love.

At the high heart we are “immune” to lower consciousness thought forms. We are untouchable by any outside influences. We are sovereign unto ourselves, each a god incarnate.

The high heart is a repository for the tiniest units of matter. In Love without End - Jesus Speaks, Glenda Green refers to the fundamental elements of matter as “adamantine particles” (Green 2002, 38). Adamantine particles, she says, have an innate intelligence to manifest any substance, but they require energy to arrange them – the energy of love (Green 2002, 89). Not human love but divine love, a love that comes with the conscious awareness of the truth of who we are.

Our shift in consciousness from human beings to divine beings is what opens the door to the cosmic toy chest! Now that the Tinker Toys of creation lay before us, we can enter the unified field through scalar waves and access the codes of creation. We can experience ourselves as the creator gods and goddesses we always have been.

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