How to Be Happy in a Relationship: Speak from the Heart

How to Be Happy in a Relationship: Speak from the Heart

Isn’t it funny how when we’re not getting along with our partner, we’ll talk honestly and frankly to our friends about what’s irritating us? But then, when we sit down face-to-face with the person we love and lay out everything that’s on our minds, we usually get cut off because we’re not communicating authentically, and then the issues get left unresolved.

The net result is that we get more and more frustrated as the relationship remains stuck, all because we’re so afraid to speak from our heart and nervous about what our mate is thinking and feeling. We simply don’t want to get hurt, cause pain to another, or be misinterpreted.

Don't Think You're Able To Speak From Your Heart?

Here is the sad and somewhat ironic thing about not being able to speak from your heart: First, you’re actually hurting your loved one because you’re not revealing your true self — you’re hiding things that will one day come back to bite you. Second, it’s guaranteed that your true intentions will then be confused as less than honorable.

When you’re being totally honest, you’ll be interpreted 100 percent correctly, because the other person will notice your sincerity and believe you. He or she may even see how much effort you’re putting into the conversation, thus feeling empathy and listening even more intently.

Practice Speaking From Your Heart with Everyone You Meet

How to Be Happy in a Relationship: Speak from the HeartThis is something you can and should practice. Practice speaking from your heart with everyone you meet, all the time. When you run into a friend on the street, speak from your heart. When you talk to your boss, brother, or sister, speak from your heart. When you’re at a store talking to a salesclerk or cashier, speak from your heart. When you are at a bar after work and meet someone new, speak from your heart.

When you do so, people feel you. And the result is a deeper connection with anyone from the get-go — whether it’s someone you’ll interact with for only a few minutes or someone you’ll live with for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind that certain relationships aren’t meant to last forever. Some end weeks, months, or even years before you think they’re supposed to. In reality, many of them will end before they really get off the ground, and we must realize that this is the way things are supposed to be.

Speaking From the Heart is an Amazing Never-Ending Process

Speaking from the heart is the only way you’re going to be successful in every aspect of your life. I absolutely believe everything I’ve written in this book. I’ve done all the exercises and suggestions, and I’ve had to figure things out the hard way on many occasions.

I’m still discovering new techniques every day, but the most important one I’ve learned is to speak from my heart with everyone I meet, and it’s an amazing and never-ending learning process to really embrace this.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Hay House Inc.
©2012 David Wygant.

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