Intuitive Awareness

Ways to Increase The Clarity of Your Intuitive Feelings (Clairsentience)

Ways to Increase The Clarity of Your Intuitive Feelings (Clairsentience)

Some people are naturally oriented toward picking up the kinds of messages that come as emotions, gut feelings, hunches, and intuitions. This is especially true if you are sensitive to emotions in yourself and others. Yet everyone can become even more attuned to receiving clairsentient Divine guidance.

Just as we use our physical senses for receiving physical and emotional feelings, we can use our spiritual senses to receive Divine guidance clairsentiently. You can increase the clarity of your intuitive feelings to more easily understand their meanings and messages. You can do this in a way that allows you to feel in control of the strength of your clairsentient signals, so you aren't overwhelmed with incoming energy.

Relaxation Increases Your Clairsentience

To receive clairsentient Divine guidance, begin by relaxing. Studies find that a person's physical comfort level affects their psychic abilities. Comfortable room temperatures, seating conditions, and clothing all increase the number of verifiable psychic experiences. Since clairsentients are especially tuned in to sensory information, a comfortable setting increases your awareness and understanding of your true Divine guidance. I have found that having fragrant flowers, such as stargazers and tuberoses, in the room also enhances my clairsentience.

1. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sir during the exercise.

2. Take a few deep breaths and move your shoulders and neck around a bit to loosen any tight muscles. Adjust your seating position so you are completely at ease. The goal is for you to be so comfortable that your mind is not aware of your body, as any discomfort would distract your attention from Divine guidance.

3. Mentally call on the angels to surround you. Think,   "Angels, please surround me now." You might visualize the angels circling you and the room.

4. Notice any feelings that follow: skin tingles, air pressure or temperature changes, warmth in your chest.

5. Think the words   "Love, love, love," and sink into the feeling of being hugged by a giant cloud of unconditional love. Allow yourself to feel safe, protected, and loved.

6. In this state of sure protection and love, ask God and the angels a question. The topic of your question doesn't matter; they answer every question. The only criterion is that your question must be something about which you honestly desire Divine guidance. Go to the heart of your question, and mentally ask for answers and direction.

7. Be certain to keep breathing. To breathe or inspire means taking in spirit, or inspiration. If you hold your breath or have shallow breaths, you block Divine communication.

8. As you breathe deeply, notice any feelings in your body. Did you feel a tightening anywhere? If so, put your focus on that area, and mentally ask it, "What are you trying to tell me?" Be open to receiving an honest answer, because it will reply. You will only understand the answer, though, if your mind is open to receiving the truth. Then, have a mental conversation with that part of your body that tightened or tingled after you requested Divine guidance.

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9. Also notice the emotions that fluttered in answer to your question. Did you receive joy? Feel its intended meaning, which is God's go-ahead to improve your life. Did you feel a heaviness, a coldness, or dread? These are warnings that you are headed off your path.

Heightening Your Awareness of Physical Feelings

Even when we're consciously unaware of receiving Divine guidance, our bodies often acknowledge it with subtle muscular changes, such as tightening in the stomach, fluttering heart, or perspiring palms. After becoming sensitized to physical feelings, you are more apt to notice clairsentient guidance.

Your awareness of clairsentient guidance will also increase if you practice increasing your sensitivity to physical feelings. You can try this right now:

1. Become aware of your feet. Focus on how they feel. Are your feet comfortable? What is immediately next to the skin on your feet? Socks, shoes, the floor? How does that feel against your feet?

2. Concentrate on your jaw, tongue, and mouth. Notice whether your mouth is open or shut. Are any muscles in your jaw tense? How about the other facial muscles?

3. Notice any tension around your head, shoulders, arms, hands, back, buttocks, legs, arms, and feet. Think about tense rods of steel turning into limp pieces of rope. Did you feel your muscles relax with this thought?

4. Notice how your clothing feels against your skin. What is comfortable and what feels uncomfortable about your attire?

5. How comfortable is the surface on which you are sitting, standing, or reclining?

6. Pick up any soft-edged object near you, such as a cup, napkin, pillow; or piece of clothing. Close your eyes and slowly run the object across the skin of your hands, your arms, and the inside of your wrist. Focus your attention on the sensations. Try rubbing the object on one area of your arm, and compare the sensation to the feeling when you tap the object on your arm. 

7. Experiment with different objects and different pressures and motions. The objective of this exercise is to increase your awareness of bodily feelings. The more you practice increasing your sensitivity and awareness, the easier you'll find it is to follow your clairsentient Divine guidance.

Emotional Feelings & the Heart Chakra

Emotional feelings are part of the clairsentient repertoire. The energy center or chakra corresponding to the emotions is in the heart and is known as the heart chakra. By meditating on the heart chakra, you can increase your receptivity to clairsentience.

As we lose the fear of love, we become more aware of the rich range of feelings that are part of our human experience. This is important, since detecting clairsentience's meaning requires an awareness of the spectrum of emotions.

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Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels
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This article is excerpted from the book: Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.The same methods I [teach] my workshop audiences are in this book. These methods have successfully enabled thousands of my workshop attendees to receive Divine messages. My workshop audience members come from every conceivable age group, nationality, education and income level, and race. They are from Protestant, Catholic, New Thought, Mormon, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, agnostic, and countless other backgrounds. Just like my workshops, this book is for all faiths, because God sends messages and angels to everyone.

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