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Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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The philosophies born eons ago are as true today as they were then. Our interpretations are shifting, as well as our understanding of the world, synchronistically on many levels. To the spirit world, we have been in this intense time of purification.

For those of us trying to navigate in this world, the past year (2020) has been chaotic to say the least. What I have witnessed most is a great paradigm shift when it comes to relationship as a whole. Familial dynamics have borne the brunt of these changes, as has how we relate to ourselves. Expand that out into the world and many of us don’t seem to recognize ourselves anymore.

I listen often; to family, friends, clients, the earth, and myself. A state of confusion has permeated our thought field because what we are experiencing is such a rapid disintegration of an old existence and comprehension of life into a new one that we can hardly make sense of.

Our spiritual, psychological, and physical structures don’t carry the same weight as they used to in carrying us through to the next moment. It is creating as much fear as it is confusion. The confusion renders many people helpless and overwhelmed.

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Not Recognizing Who We Are

When one does not recognize who they are in any given moment, they destabilize and don’t know how to integrate and incorporate any new internal or external structure. How can we? And what about the tools to do so? The ancient wisdom will serve its purpose regardless of our cooperation. I don’t care which tradition it flows from. I do care what each of us does with that knowledge.

I still see the ebb and flow where confusion meets stillness. I want to ask all of us to be open to a continually evolving structure on many levels. Let go of what we think it might look like.

Yes, it can be very scary to be in the midst of all these changes when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Yes, you possibly won’t recognize yourself for a long while, maybe only bits and pieces here and there. Yes, you also may not recognize those closest to you.

You may even lose sight of your purpose. What was once familiar may be completely unrecognizable. You might be really afraid to let go. And there will be many times when we are not even sure what to let go of or the direction we are to head in.

I think the confusion can serve us if we take the time to let go of all preconceived notions of who we presently are, who we think we should be, and who we want to become. I do believe that some part of our soul already knows the person we are capable of transforming into.

A New Period of Co-Creation

The relationships we will enter into, or the new patterns we will enter into with existing relationships, are already waiting for us. This is a new period of co-creation. I like to think of it as com­ing home.

I get the fear. I am with you. We are all with you. We are all coming home to ourselves, to each other, and to a natural world that awaits the respect it deserves.

May your life become the ceremony your ancestors could only dream of. Make every ritual sacred so that your imprint in both worlds fulfills a destiny you know little of, a destiny that is larger than who you think you are or what your purpose is.

Your last thought is not who you are. Your last emotion is not who you are. Your last choice is not who you are. Who you are is how you choose to see yourself in this very present moment. Thus, choose lovingly.

Coming Into Balance

The cumulative rage sweeping across the earth right now requires everyone’s participation to be brought into balance. If we don’t, we will be lost to its energies in both thought and behavior and the collective human identity will be further unrecognizable.

There is a time and a place for every emotion to exist within bal­ance. When it further divides us and incites us to hatred, it will simply continue to redefine a humanistic paradigm built on fear.

The terror has become greater than the pandemic itself. I feel like I need to say that again to offer the miasm some space: The terror has become greater than the pandemic itself.

Please don’t get me wrong. Fear is an appropriate psychological and emotional response to any threat or crisis. I am not going to ask you to replace fear with love. I just won’t do that. I am going to ask you to hold space for both, to allow both possibilities to exist as you com-part-mentalize and internalize your reactions and responses to what is happening out there.

The fear has now taken on form, an energy form that is just as intrusive upon our boundary systems as is the Coronavirus. Even with social distancing, there are enough people in the world that no one has to struggle alone with this—no one. One can even help others through prayer.

We are all working diligently to respect social distancing. So what about enacting psychological, spiritual, and emotional distancing from those thoughts and reactions that are furthering you into the abyss? There are things each of us can do to help ourselves and each other. The act of creation is our birthright. 

The act and art of acceptance is also our birthright. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see the darkness even before we got to this place. If we can create healthier relationships to our desperation, our powerlessness, our terror, we can shift some things here for everyone.

The us vs. them paradigm can no longer survive in this new world being created, but we won’t learn that lesson until we each explore our own personal relationships with power and powerlessness. Loss happens. It is happening. It will happen.

We are each being faced with the loss of our personal identities, our roles in society, and how we see others. What is on the other side of that, has the opportunity of being miraculous but that will not change the fact that much loss will occur. And with that comes an intensity of grief and emptiness we have never allowed ourselves to experience before.

Portal Toward Evolution

Every last bit of healing medicine surrounding this pandemic will be passed down to future generations. Your children’s children will remember how you responded to this time—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It will influence how they respond in the face of crisis, and that in turn will influence their children. It’s called epigenetics.

Let’s show them what we’re made of.

I view Coronavirus as one of the greatest portals toward evo­lution of this century. Yes, many lives are being taken. But in truth, most of us are being given life. A life which we never knew.

It is during this time that our innate sacred power will be revealed to us. A power that will ignite humanity to cultivate a greater sense of compassion and humility more than ever before. This power will carry equal merit among every human being, leaving no one without dignity or grace—no one.

We have been asked to carry this torch since time birthed itself into creation, but our own unworthiness instilled fear into our hearts and minds. This torch, this light for humanity, is indeed ready to be lit in ways unimaginable. Gather yourselves, gather your children, gather your friends and neighbors. The gods await our resurrection and the evolution towards a kinder, gentler, and more forgiving human experience.

We Are Part of the Darkness

As we shine a light in the darkness during this time, we have to own that we are a part of the darkness, at times desire it, use it for our own advantage, and manipulate it to hurt others. All of us, individually and collectively. From the graves of our ancestors to the wounding of humanity, may this crisis allow us to see the depths of who we really are and what we need to do to foster forgiveness and truth amidst change.

When this is over , you are not returning to the world. You are returning to yourself, in ways you could never imagine.

Our collective moral compass will be elevated, not by any politi­cal strategy to alleviate the human condition at this time in his­tory, but by any act of compassionate human decency we can offer one another.

A Deeper Inner Work Has Begun

Sometimes humanity needs a little chaos so it can truly appreci­ate the privilege of what life has to offer. You beautiful, wounded soul, soon you will be marching to the beat of your own drum, as driven by the symphony of the gods whispering into your ear over and over again,

The reintegration of a unified collective is happening now in the spirit world. Beyond the veil, miasms are either being strengthened or broken. In other dimensions, this is not about the political climate but about darkness and light in its purest form.

What we do with the information that comes our way as a result of the political climate will alter our genetic history both past and present. In this world, for many right now, their identities are aligned with who win elections. Beyond the veil, it is about making amends for past grievances, releasing old trauma, forgiveness.

Great acts of forgiveness can change any world.

No matter the outcome, a deeper inner work has begun.

Your Story...

Your story is not ending during this crisis. It is being rewritten. Your grief, your worry, your fears can all be transcribed into glorious poetry, unfolding with each moment as Divine Intervention takes hold of your words and carries them further into relationship with yourself than you ever thought possible. Your story will be miraculous. Tend to it with reverence.

So many people question what exists for them beyond the veil when they cross. Yet when they finally reach that threshold, they look back and question what existed for them while they were here.

Make every embodied moment matter so that when you live among the clouds, you will remember your human experience with such reverence.

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Addressing trauma, depression, grief, anger, and revelation, her words awaken individual spiritual paths, provide solace and protection, and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity and the earth.

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