Written by Will T. Wilkinson and narrated by Marie T. Russell.

Since humans began thinking we’ve asked, “Who am I, why am I here?” Philosophers have debated, spiritual seekers have meditated, hedonists have partied, super achievers have produced, scientists have invented, technology has created marvels, and almost everyone has missed the obvious: human beings are designed to function as the connecting link between the invisible world of “spirit” and the everyday material world.

Imagine if we’d been educated into that fundamental understanding of life. What would we have made of this world, if that had been our guiding principle? How would each new generation contribute? Would we be floundering in global chaos, community conflict, and personal confusion as we are today? Not likely.

Who Controls the World?

I once read a brash statement from a billionaire industrialist: “The world should be controlled by those who own it.” This man spoke what many believe, that humans – some humans – are supposed to be running the planet, independent of any influence other than their own determinations. His vote went to himself and his cohorts, the rich and powerful.

Others of us might imagine...

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Narrated by Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com

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