Connecting with the Magic of Your Intuition

One way to motivate yourself to take the leap of faith and start to listen and act on your intuition is to look back at all the times you’ve acted on your instincts and were amazed at your success. You were listening to your intuition!

After being robbed one time, as you can imagine, I became very security conscious. Since I was away from home a great deal of the time, I started hiding the jewelry I had left when I would leave town for a few days.

Every week I would try to outdo myself on finding good hiding places. One week I created such a good place to hide my jewelry that I lost it! For several weeks I looked and looked for my jewelry but with no success. One night at dinner, I was tell­ing a good friend about how I had lost my jewelry when she said to me, “Lee, I cannot believe my ears. You teach people to use their intuition and you are not using yours!”

That night, just before I went to sleep, I said to myself, “Self, you know where that jewelry is and I want you to tell me when I wake up.”  Well, “Self” was being a bit stubborn and I had to do this exercise for several days.

One morning at exactly 2:45 a.m., I sat up in bed and my intuition told me to look in my garage, in an old chair that Goodwill was picking up that morning! Thank goodness I listened to myself and checked out that chair for the jewelry, or you can bet I would have been down at Goodwill buying it back!

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How to Connect with Intuition

I would like to remind you that you can also use the same strategy I used in the above story. Ask yourself: “Where did I leave my car keys, report, etc.?” If you keep asking, the answer will come to you.

Do not keep reinforcing the negative: I cannot find my (fill in the blank). That self-talk only tells your mind not to see or find what you’re looking for!

I know in my heart that the most profound answers to my problems in life have always come from my intuition. My inner guidance has always led me to the right resources, or the right people who could give me the answers.

Give yourself permission to let go of fears and connect to the inner part of yourself. Utilize the part that has more wisdom and knowledge than your conscious mind. You will see new results in your life.

When you take the time to listen to your inner wisdom, you will feel more peace of mind, more confidence, and you will have a sense of knowing that you have what it takes. Know that you will make good decisions and move in the right directions to live a successful life. When you ask your extrasensory perception to give you answers, you will find that the answers will come faster and become clearer with practice.


Quick Tip: Pause to check out your head, heart, and gut before making any type of important decision. This makes common sense when you think of it. Simply make it a habit to ask and check your indicators before you go forth on a choice. Your reliable indicators are your head (your intellect), your heart (your feelings), and your gut. They warn you about danger.

Head: I ask questions about a situation, problem, or challenge. I use my conscious mind to discern questions I need answered. For example, is this person telling me the truth? Do I have enough facts in this situation?

Heart: I listen to my heart, my emotional self, and ask, “Is this the right direction for me? Do I naturally feel attracted to this? Am I hearing truth?” The internal part of yourself, the voice inside, tells you when things feel right or wrong. For example, I equate my heart with how I am feeling. Am I relaxed around the person I am asking the question about or do I feel uptight and uncomfortable? Keep in mind that your body does talk to you. For me personally, if I feel shut down, tight, and not good, I know something is not right. However If I feel open, light-hearted, and relaxed, I trust that my “heart” is telling me all is well. You have to pay attention to your own signals.

Gut: Trust your “gut feeling.” You know, that icky feeling you get in the pit of your stomach if something is just not right in a situation. It could even appear somewhere else in your body, but usually it’s the same place every time. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are, it’s not right for you.

Don’t “Force” Decisions

That’s right; there are times when perhaps you should not make an instant decision, and you must give yourself permission to wait. If you are confused about an issue, then your decision will be confused, and you don’t want to make a decision when you are not clear.

Learn to relax, let the situation go, turn it over to your subconscious mind and let it go to work for you. Your subconscious mind knows a lot more than you may give it credit for, so please learn to trust it. Let the decision go for right now, the answer will come to you.

Be Open to Answers That May Surprise You

The purpose of developing awareness of your intuition is that it helps keep you safe in all ways. When you use your intuition correctly, you will be able to read the unsavory energies of morally bankrupt people’s lies and deceptions. Don’t just analyze what they say and do, pay attention and listen to these people with your intuition. Remember, pause to check out your head, heart, and gut before acting.

Famous people like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein felt that using their sixth sense helped them find answers and solutions to problems that they could not find in their normal state of mind. Most millionaires and highly successful people from all over the world have shared over and over how they use their intuition or sixth sense to determine the choices they make.

The truth is that having a sixth sense is not rare. Almost everyone has had some kind of sixth-sense experience. Have you ever thought of someone’s name in your head and suddenly that person called you? We have a great gift and we should make use of it more often.

Psychologist Carl Jung said we are all linked through what he called the collective unconscious. Everything is energy. The marketplace of business, relationships, money, products, your actions, creativity, music, art, everything is energy. You can pick up information about that energy via your subtle senses and by paying attention to it.

Intuition Can See Around Corners

In his book Sixth Sense, Stuart Wilde wrote about how logic alone is fallible. He explained that because logic is linear, “it can’t see around corners” the way intuition can and because of that, using it alone leaves us worried and insecure about our decisions. Instead, the best way to be sure of our choices is to incorporate intuition—the use of our “subtle feelings,” which comes in the form of impressions and extrasensory perceptions.

The subconscious mind picks up an enormous amount of information that the conscious mind can’t comprehend. Accessing intuition is stilling the mind so that deeply buried information can surface from where it’s filed in the subconscious. Wilde encouraged us to fine-tune our intuitive abilities by regularly asking our subconscious mind to tell us what it knows that the “intellect” or conscious mind doesn’t.

The late Mary Kay Ash wrote and spoke about how she was almost disastrously mislead by an articulate, but largely incompetent marketing expert as she was beginning her Mary Kay cosmetics company in 1963. This man, whom she had agreed to hire, sounded like a marketing whiz, with enthusiastic plans for launching Mary Kay Cosmetics into the marketplace. She said that one day as she stood talking to this man outside her office “I suddenly changed my mind; I had no reason, just intuition.”  She added that within six months she was thrilled with her decision when she found out this man had been indicted on a felony charge.

Conrad Hilton, who was well known for using his intuition in his hotel business, wrote the book, Be My Guest. In it he stated, “I know when I have a problem and have done all I can to figure it out, I keep listening in a sort of inside silence until something clicks and I feel a right answer.”

Distinguish Your Impulses from Your Intuition

Here are some suggestions to help you discern real intuitive information from wishful thinking.

1. True intuition is quiet and calm. It’s never pushy, grandiose, obsessive, or manipulative. It does not advise us on what other people should do, but on what we should act on or do.

2. True intuition is supportive and directive, never judgmental, critical, shaming, or blaming. Beware of your ego: A message or voice that appeals to the ego, to the personality, or to stature in the world is not coming from intuition.

3. Intuition does not lecture, explain, and elaborate in great long detail. You get simple, direct information. Beware of the ego that gives you logic on the arguments and reasons why we can’t follow our hunches.

4. Real intuition always has your best interests at heart. Intuitive thoughts may challenge and divert you from a path you have started by giving you warnings. Intuitions are never misleading and should be seen as messages and spiritual communication. If we believe the sacred is benevolent, intuition should also be regarded as benevolent. The challenge to the rational mind is to accept intuition and to use it as though you’ve been given a gift of direction and grace.

I think intuition gives you more data to make good decisions but it’s a misconception that it should be used alone to make decisions. As much as I believe in my sixth sense, I would never allow intuition to be the sole guide in my life, any more than I would allow logic to be the sole guide.

The most important thing you can do is to program yourself to listen to the messages you get and to then check them out. Intuition should add to good judgment, not replace it.

Following your intuition requires you to love and have trust in yourself. The payoff for listening to those inner whispers and acting on them can make the difference in how fulfilling your life can be.

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