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Astrological Overview: May 29 - June 4, 2023

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Aspects of Note this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; For Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), add 7 hours.

MON: No major aspects are exact today
TUE: No major aspects are exact today
WED: Venus square Eris, Sun semisquare Eris
THU: Mars quincunx Saturn, Jupiter conjunct North Node
FRI: Venus trine Neptune
SAT: Full Moon 8:41 p.m. PDT
SUN: Mercury conjunct Uranus


EVOLUTIONARY DIRECTIVES: Giant planet Jupiter aligns with the True North Node in Taurus this week, exact on Thursday, June 1. The North and South Nodes of the Moon are not planets, but points in space that provide insights into humanity's current evolutionary path: the South Node represents old patterns we are called to leave behind and the North Node shows qualities we are being asked to develop and nurture.

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The nodal axis has been in the Taurus-Scorpio polarity since January 2022. Over the past 18 months, our evolutionary growth has focused on our being able to leave behind the shadow qualities associated with Scorpio and to embody the higher qualities of Taurus. 

Of course, Taurus also has shadow qualities, and Scorpio has higher expressions; we are focused here on Scorpio's shadow because it is where the South Node is transiting. In nine years' time, the nodes will be reversed, and we will be talking about the shadow side of Taurus and the higher qualities of Scorpio.

That being said, here is a list of the growth path we are traveling now, which is being emphasized by Jupiter this week:

  • Moving from being.....    To being.....

  • Easily annoyed, reactive ... Patient, responsive

  • Drawn to crisis and drama ... Grounded, peaceful, calm

  • Merged with others emotionally and psychically ... Self-reliant, with strong boundaries

  • Controlling, demanding ... Gracious, generous

  • Preoccupied with others and their motives ... Centered in own values

  • Addicted to complexity ... Able to enjoy simple pleasures

  • Condemning ... Appreciative

  • Resentful ... Forgiving

To help us embody these higher qualities of Taurus, here are some sensory activities that can help promote inner peace and grounding: 

  • Walking in nature, being with animal companions

  • Listening to or playing music, singing

  • Cooking, savoring food and flavors

  • Enjoying beauty, the arts

  • Physical touch, massage, sound therapies, aromatherapy, flower essences

  • Smelling pleasant scents and aromas 

  • Wearing soft fabrics and textures

SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON: A Full Moon occurs next Saturday, June 3, when the Moon is at 13°18' Sagittarius. Fiery Sagittarius is the sign of the Adventurer, the Explorer, the Philosopher, the Optimist. The sign of The Archer encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, to be more understanding and tolerant of differences, to take action based on wisdom and intuition, and to search for life's deeper meanings, rather than being content with "just the facts."

However, a Full Moon always requires a balance of polarities. With the Sun in airy Gemini opposing the Sagittarius Moon, we are asked to use both intuition and logic, to take inspired action but also to be thoughtful and communicative, to be optimistic but also reasonable, to stretch ourselves mentally and physically but also to attend to our immediate surroundings and daily routines. 

The Sag Moon is trine Mars in Leo at the time of the lunation. This positive aspect amplifies courage, confidence, and stamina, to be utilized in whatever creative endeavor we might choose. However, the Moon is also semisquare Pluto in Aquarius, so we can anticipate that the Full Moon will illuminate beliefs and world views that must be transmuted, since they are not supported by our expanding understanding of reality. And, with the Moon square Saturn in Pisces, our ability to fully enjoy the moment may feel blocked, either due to outer restrictions or because of an underlying pessimistic or fear-based belief.

In galactic astrology, Saturday's Full Moon is conjunct an infrared object called IFR G333.6-02. With this IFR activated, new ideas and information will enter our awareness, requiring us to have greater flexibility of mind and a broader vision. All rigid beliefs and dogma must be released if we are to clearly receive and fully benefit from these data downloads.*

*  Galactic astrology insights from "An Introduction to Karmic Galactic Astrology" by Mary Elizabeth Jochmans, published in 1988, revised in 1995.

DAILY ASPECTS: Here are this week's most important planetary aspects, with my brief interpretations. 
Monday & Tuesday
No major aspects are exact on these two days.
Venus square Eris, Sun semisquare Eris: Codependent relationships encounter difficulties with these aspects. One or both parties feel a strong need to express the truth about their thoughts and feelings.
Mars quincunx Saturn: This frustrating aspect can increase a tendency to blame or criticize either self or other, if things are not going well. Efforts to improve matters may feel blocked. At its essence, this aspect slows us down, providing an opportunity to gain clarity on our needs and desires, and requiring that we take necessary steps to better enable their fulfillment.
Jupiter conjunct North Node: We may feel especially expansive and optimistic with this alignment, or we may be aware of where we are falling back into old patterns.
Venus trine Neptune: Compassion, understanding, and empathy are all enhanced with this aspect. This can improve relationships and also artistic or spiritual endeavors.
Full Moon: The Full Moon perfects at 8:41 p.m. PDT, when the Moon is at 13°18' Sagittarius,
Mercury conjunct Uranus: Our thoughts are very active today as the planet of the rational mind aligns with the planet of Higher Consciousness. We are more open to "aha" moments, insights, and new ideas as these two planets conjoin, and our perspectives on reality are shifting. However, this can be a highly nervous energy, almost electrical, so remember to breathe and connect with nature or find other ways to ground yourself.


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: There may be times this year when things are moving more slowly than you would ideally prefer. If this occurs, understand that the cosmos are giving you the opportunity to slow down and to reflect, especially if you have been moving at hyper-speed in some area of your life. Gemini's need for variety can sometimes leave us breathless; taking time to breathe more consciously, on a regular basis, is especially vital this year. This simple exercise will help you get in touch with what you really value and desire, rather than feeling driven to fill in every spare moment with a mental activity. As always with Gemini, the challenge lies in your answer to this question: Am I in charge of my mind, or is my mind controlling me? (Solar Return Sun semisquare Venus, square Saturn, semisquare


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