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Astrological Overview: March 21 - 27, 2022

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Aspects of Note this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. (For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.)

MON: Mars sextile Chiron
TUE: Mars square Uranus
WED: Mercury conjunct Neptune
THU: No major aspects are exact today
FRI: Mercury semisquare Uranus
SAT: Mercury sextile Pluto
SUN: Sun semisquare Saturn, Mercury enters Aries, Mercury semisquare Mars


WE ARE WORKING WITH two very different color palettes this week. One is made up of vibrant hues, representing the energies of the dynamic Mars-Uranus square that perfects on Tuesday. The second palette is composed of soft pastels, courtesy of an imaginative and intuitive Mercury-Neptune conjunction, which is exact on Wednesday. 

The energies of the Mars-Uranus square have already been building for the past few days, as the two planets have come into range of the aspect. Symptoms related to this square include restlessness, impulsive actions, and sudden anger. Mars represents how we assert ourselves and go after our desires; Uranus brings in the elements of surprise and rebelliousness.

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AS THESE TWO PLANETS square off this week, people can act in ways that seem out of their normal character, or unexpected events may occur that alter a planned course of action. We may not care quite as much as usual what others want or may think of us, and the need to express our unique individuality is heightened. Any rules, restrictions, or "shoulds" can bring up resistance, since the need for freedom of action is especially strong.

With Uranus currently in earthy Taurus, we may also see an increase in tectonic movement this week, through earthquakes or volcanic activity, or in other environmental or weather changes. We will continue to feel the effects of this aspect through most of the coming week. By Saturday, March 26, Mars will have moved beyond the two-degree orb of the aspect, and its influence will begin to subside.

IF WE CONSIDER this week's aspects as a gathering of different personality types, the Mars-Uranus square is the brazen extrovert in the crowd. When this energy comes through the door, everyone notices. There's no avoiding the loud voice, the fiery personality, the sudden, erratic moves that set everyone else's nerves on edge. This persona doesn't have a lot of concern about how it affects others, and is primarily interested in being able to freely move about and do as it wishes.

In this same scenario, if we take the time to look, we find another persona represented. Sitting in the corner, quietly reading a book, seemingly unaffected by the antics in the room, is the introvert. This is Wednesday's Mercury-Neptune alignment in Pisces.

WHEN Mercury and Neptune conjoin, the inner journey becomes central to our experience. Our minds are drawn upward, into nonphysical realms. Instead of being motivated by the ego or other personal concerns, we are guided by the High Heart, which opens in compassion to all forms of life. We become more consciously aware of the truth of Oneness.

This alignment is very supportive energy for a meditation practice, for spiritual learning, for creative flow, for channeling, and for writing poetry and other literary forms that emerge from our stream of consciousness. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction can also help ease anxiety, as it enables our minds to transcend the limitations of a solely human view, taking us into the perspective of our Soul.

A cautionary note, however: This alignment may not be helpful in making concrete decisions. It is much better suited to opening to the higher self, and recording what insights come forward. These intuitive knowings can then be weighed at a later date with respect to their practical application.
HERE are the planetary aspects we'll be working with this week, day by day:
Mars sextile Chiron: This aspect helps us have the courage to look at underlying fears, especially those that affect our self-confidence. We may end up being our own therapist, or helping another heal their insecurities.

Mars square Uranus: This radical influence can bring about significant shifts in our course, and in our reality. It is a very unpredictable energy, so be flexible, and find healthy ways to release any tension that arises.

Mercury conjunct Neptune: This aspect is best suited for daydreaming or for going on a vision quest. Idealism is heightened, but our ability to discern fact from fiction is not reliable today. And, because our minds are infused with energies from the cosmos, it may interfere with our ability to communicate clearly.

No major aspects are exact today.

Mercury semisquare Uranus: New ideas can shake up our view of reality. This requires us to be openminded. Intuitive insights may appear out of the blue that take time to integrate.

Mercury sextile Pluto: Having received higher guidance and allowed time for our minds to adjust, this aspect helps us think more clearly, empowering us to make decisions about a new course of action.

Sun semisquare Saturn: Feeling controlled or limited can cause frustration or even minor depression today. 
Mercury enters Aries, Mercury semisquare Mars: Our minds quicken, and we are eager to take action on the new ideas that have emerged. However, proceed with caution today, as it will be easy to leap before looking. Mercury will be in Aries until April 10, encouraging all to be more forthright in their words. 


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your independent actions are likely to be modified by a desire to work within the framework of important relationships or goals this year. This will require discipline, as Aries is naturally inclined to be self-motivated. You are learning the meaning of "enlightened self-interest," which means you will be challenged to be true to your Self while simultaneously being aware of how your behavior affects others and how it impacts the success of your longer-term aspirations. (Solar Return Sun semisquare Venus, semisquare Saturn)



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