Horoscope Week: May 31-June 6, 2021

Horoscope Week: May 31 - June 6, 2021
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Narrated by Pam Younghans.

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Astrological Overview: May 31 - June 6, 2021

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Highlighted Aspects for This Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. (For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.)

MON: Venus semisquare Uranus, Sun conjunct North Node, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn
TUE: Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto
WED: Last Quarter Moon 12:24 a.m. PDT, Sun sextile Chiron, Venus enters Cancer, Mars square Eris
THU: Sun trine Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter
SAT: Mercury square Neptune, Mars opposite Pluto


IN THIS TIME between eclipses, it may be hard to find our bearings in physical reality. Life seems a bit surreal throughout this two-week period. It may feel as if we're floating above the timeline, and we have a sense of waiting for something to occur, for “the other shoe to drop.”

And, of course, we are somewhat of a "wait and see" mode as we anticipate the second major event of this eclipse season, the partial Solar Eclipse on June 10. We are also moving through the waning half of the lunar cycle now, when our work is less about forward motion and more about review and release. The understanding of what we need to discard, and what shifts we are ready to make, will deepen once we enter the Last Quarter phase of the Moon this Wednesday. 

IT MAY SOUND like a quieter week is about to unfold, but other planetary activity on the calendar tells us otherwise. The planet Mars, namesake of the god of war, is in a cardinal T-square configuration with Eris and Pluto this week. The Red Planet will be exactly square disruptive Eris on Wednesday and opposite demanding Pluto on Saturday. 

Each of these hard aspects is a strong energy by itself, but it is also important to know that Mars will be activating the influence of the ongoing Pluto-Eris square. That table-turning aspect has been working with us for at least two years now. It was exact three times in 2020 and will perfect twice more in 2021, before the planets move on and the tension slowly begin to ease.

WE'RE LEARNING a lot about Eris as we experience the effects of this Pluto-Eris square. As always when a "new" planetary object is discovered, astrologers closely watch how its influence manifests over the years and decades that follow, deepening our understanding of the newcomer's intentions and effects. We also take into account the symbolism of the name it was given. 

It seems clear at this point that Eris, while named for the goddess of discontent, has far more depth than the superficially selfish behavior of the mythic goddess. While it is true that Eris seems to stir up trouble wherever it goes, that "trouble" at times has higher purposes behind it. Just like the other planetary objects in our solar system, Eris has both a higher and a lower vibratory signature.

ON ONE HAND, we can see the Pluto-Eris square being demonstrated in the "all that matters is that I get what I want" behaviors that we read about in the news. The selfishly motivated side of Eris doesn't seem to care about the impact of its actions on others. When activated by the hard aspect to Pluto, this self-oriented behavior causes significant disruption and even violence.

But we also see the higher vibrational side of Eris at work these days. Pluto is the Great Revealer, and its square to Eris has exposed the great dysfunctions of present-day society. The Pluto-Eris square has pulled back the curtain on social injustice and the misuse of power that until now has been ignored or swept under the rug.

While this is a global influence, and all nations and societies are dealing with the energies of the Pluto-Eris square, its effects may be especially apparent in the United States. This nation, as it nears its 245th birthday in July, is in the beginning stages of its first Pluto return. This is often when a country's shadow is exposed so that the darkness can be purged and a rebirth can occur.

AS MARS TRIGGERS this Pluto-Eris square this week, we can expect some upheaval. We'll likely see evidence of the selfish characteristics of Eris; with the dwarf planet in impulsive Aries, it can be especially hard to contain that shadow side if an individual is predisposed to aggressive behavior.

There should also be another layer of revelation and response in the areas of social justice and the exploitation of those who have been viewed as somehow "less than." Where Eris treads, controversy is sure to follow. And Mars, currently in protective Cancer, can quickly erupt in anger and defensiveness if it feels threatened.

FOR EACH OF US, we have an opportunity to see how we direct our energy when we feel disempowered or defensive, unable to control a situation to our liking. If anger seems like an appropriate response, we will need to find an outlet for that assertive impulse, one that adds to the expansion of light rather than increasing the shadow. 

We also have to be careful not to drive someone we disagree with farther into their corner this week. This T-square can be deeply divisive if not handled correctly, as people have their guard up and can be unwilling to soften their stance when challenged.

AS ALWAYS, there is other planetary activity this week, although the Mars-Eris-Pluto T-square is by far the strongest influence. Here are the daily aspects, with my brief interpretations. Please note that there are no significant aspects that perfect on Friday or Sunday, although those days may be eventful due to the T-square.

Venus semisquare Uranus and sesquiquadrate Saturn: Discomfort in relationships as we try to stay true to ourselves while also maintaining a longer-term commitment to a friend or loved one.
Sun conjunct North Node: An opportunity to align with the higher destiny of humanity, which includes embodying the qualities of open-mindedness and nonjudgmental communication.
Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto: A potential power struggle. Be careful of trying to manipulate situations or use intimidation due to a fear of change. 
Last Quarter Moon 12:24 a.m. PDT: See above.
Sun sextile Chiron: An opportunity for healing and acceptance, based on taking the time to truly listen.
Venus enters Cancer: We feel more strongly protective of loved ones as Venus journeys through Cancer from June 2 to 27. There is a greater need to nurture and be nurtured now and perhaps a stronger attachment to family.
Mars square Eris: See above.
Sun trine Saturn: A stabilizing influence that helps us maintain a level of calm objectivity amidst changing circumstances.
Venus trine Jupiter: Generosity of heart and compassion helps us risk caring deeply for others, opening doors to new relationships. 
Mercury square Neptune: Some confusion in communications, especially with Mercury now retrograde. This energy is best used in personal journaling or meditation, rather than trying to express our thoughts concretely to others.
Mars opposite Pluto: See above.


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, in spite of continuing instability in the world, you are able to find your own grounding and direction. Time spent in self-care is especially important, as it enhances your confidence and knowing that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Your communication skills, whether verbally or in writing, are especially useful now as you focus on fulfilling your goals and your higher life purpose. (Solar Return Sun sextile Chiron, trine Saturn, conjunct North Node)


WEBINAR REPLAY: If you missed my recent webinar covering May-August 2021 – no worries! You can still purchase the replay and calendars. Just send an email with "Webinar Replay" in the subject line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I'll reply with details.


TRANSLATION and AUDIO/VIDEO VERSION: This weekly Journal is now recorded (in English) AND the text is transcribed into 22 languages! You'll see a row of flags under "Available Languages" in the upper right. And, there are options to listen to the audio (in English)  or watch a video directly beneath the photo (see top of page).

The Journal entry is usually updated by Sunday evening, with the recordings appearing late Sunday or by Monday depending on your time zone. Please share this information with those who might benefit.


For previous weeks of the Astrological Journal, click here.


About the Author

Pam YounghansPam Younghans is a professional astrologer, editor, and writer. She lives in a log home northeast of Seattle, Washington with her beloved animal companions. She has been interpreting charts professionally for over 25 years. If you are interested in an astrology reading, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or leave a message at 425.445.3775.

For more information about NorthPoint Astrology offerings, please visit northpointastrology.com or visit her Facebook page.

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