Are You A Creator or A Victim?: As We Think, So Shall We Feel

Are You A Creator or A Victim?: As We Think, So Shall We Feel
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Are you a creator or a victim? The answer to that question determines your whole life.

Everything that we have ever experienced, we have created according to our perceptions. We can't be feeling what we are feeling unless we are "thinking" it. First we have to think and then we feel, so whatever we are feeling is a result of our thinking. If we are feeling fear, then we are having a fearful thought.

If we have a certain feeling, it is because we perceive something in a certain way. It is our perceptions, and never the circumstances, that are the problem. We observe something, and then we perceive it according to our beliefs.

If we perceive something from our low self, we will experience fear, anxiety, worry, and concern. All of our "negative'' feelings are a result of our insecurity, and all insecurity comes from the low self. We can never experience anything but insecurity until we raise the frequency of our perception from the lower part of our body (the low self) to a higher part of the body (the high self). The high self dwells in the kingdom of the heart and above.

EXERCISE I: Relocating Your Fears

Think of a fear or insecurity that you have, and notice where it is located in the body. Then just raise it to a higher chakra or location in the body.

EXERCISE II: Changing Your Feelings

Imagine that your aura is like a huge bubble that extends around you fifty feet out from your body. Breathe in and pull the bubble closer to you so that it is now only 30 feet from your body. Exhale, then breathe in another time, this time pulling your auric bubble much closer to you (about 10 feet from you). Exhale, and once again as you breathe in, pull your aura very close to you (about six inches).

Your aura is now like a cocoon around you. You will be able to feel the presence of yourself quite clearly. Now feel the presence of love in your heart area. Let that love energy shine out like the rays of the sun, filling your cocoon until you quite literally experience the feeling of love throughout your whole being. You have now changed fear and insecurity to an entirely new feeling, and you did it all by yourself as a creator choosing how you want to feel.

We are winners when we think and perceive from our high self. This is called "channeling" our high self in our everyday life. Thoughts and feelings are just energies. We can change energies. We can transform them; we can transmute them into any feeling we want.

Everything depends upon our intent. If it is our intent to heal, then we will learn to be consciously aware of the things which need to be healed. If it is our intent to punish ourselves by thinking the same negative thoughts over and over, then that is another choice.

If it is our intent to grow, learn, and evolve, then we will learn to become aware of our experiences and emotions, treat them with compassion, change the frequency by changing our thoughts and perceptions, and as a result, become masters of our experiences.

You Are Not Your Emotions

Emotions 'R Us: As We Think, So Shall We FeelYou must always remember that you are not your emotions. You are a person having an experience. If you are currently experiencing hopelessness, it is not the same as you -- you are not hopelessness; you are a person experiencing hopelessness because of the thoughts you are thinking. Ask yourself, "what would I have to be thinking in order to create a feeling of hopelessness?"

If it is your intent to feel good, then you will want to make it a point to routinely be aware of your thoughts so that you can change them if they are creating a negative feeling.

It is important to note that you will be most miserable when your thoughts are in the past or the future. You will always feel best when you are focused in the present.

What Next?

The first step in working with your emotions is to realize that emotions, including negative ones, are a natural part of being human. You will want to learn to accept and affirm anything that you are thinking and feeling, and not reject it.

If you are feeling sad, then you, a person of worth and beauty, are experiencing sadness. The sadness is separate from you. You couldn't be observing it unless it was separate from you. Just accept your experience by acknowledging and affirming it. This emotion of sadness is a real living child of energy within you. Treat it with love and tenderness as any loving parent would do.

Are You A Creator or A Victim?

We are all either creators or victims. If we believe that we have no choices and that we are powerless in life, we will live life from a victim point of view. If we take responsibility for our lives and are aware of how we create our experiences from our beliefs and perceptions, we will live life from the point of view of a creator. If we create something we don't like, then we can create something else that we like better.

The most important decision we will ever make is whether we are a victim or a creator. According to universal law, it can't be both ways. Either we are all creators or we are all victims. If we are all creators (which we are), then everybody is creating their life perfectly for their growing and evolving needs. They do not need us to judge them, help them, or rescue them. From the higher picture, they are creating every scenario in their life perfectly. If there are only creators, there can be no victims. We must not ever think of another person as a victim.

A Living Example

Some people might think that Christopher Reeve was a victim of a terrible accident which he had nothing to do with. Others of us believe that he planned the whole event before he came into this lifetime so that he could be an inspiration to others on a world level. In this way, he was able to be a living model of how to overcome adversity; he is a perfect example of how the mind can transcend the limitation of the body. By having his accident and capturing the attention of the world, he could be a teacher to the masses and we could all have a living example of how to overcome limitation.

From a higher level, everyone is setting up circumstances in their life in a purposeful way. The mean neighbor next door is creating his experiences perfectly in order to grow or learn in some way. His meek wife is also a creator and has chosen the relationship in order to learn valuable lessons which will serve her well on her soul journey throughout time.

It's Up To You

You must decide whether you are a creator or a victim and understand yourself accordingly. If you are a creator, then you have created everything for a reason and you have created it perfectly without exception, even though your low self doesn't understand that. If you don't like something, you have the ability to change it.

If you believe yourself to be a victim, then you are focused on the external world of the low self, and you are living a life of illusion, limitation, and untruth.

If you know that you are a creator, you will go within to your real place of power and create from an inner world of wisdom and higher intelligence. The only choice we ever have in the moment is where we choose to place our focus of attention -- on the outside world of the low self (the victim) or on the inside world of the high self (the creator).

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 Life Skills for the New Millennium by Paula Sunray. Life Skills for the New Millennium
by Paula Sunray

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Dr. Paula Sunray

Dr. Paula Sunray has been teaching classes on personal growth and metaphysical spirituality for over 20 years. She is director of the Sunray Healing Haven and National Interfaith Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she trains and teaches healers, ministers, counselors, and spiritual students in addition to maintaining her own private practice. Dr. Sunray is a leading expert in the field of mind-body-spirit transformation and is a frequent lecturer, workshop leader, educator, and inspirer to many.  For more information on Dr. Sunray's programs, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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