Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

Life. It's something we all have in common, no matter our religion, our race, our gender, our whatever. We are alive! Which means we have choices we make, constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. We get to choose from a wide palette of emotions, attitudes, and actions. Some may be adopted from our heritage, our environment, our siblings, our friends, and some may be unique to us.

Choose Life's Colors

While we may sometimes get caught up in "poor me" attitudes and think we have no control over anything that happens to us, the truth is quite a different matter. We always have a choice. And we always do choose -- even when our choice is "no choice", which of course is a choice in itself.

The "Choose Life's Colours" card in The Life Navigator Deck reads:

"You can either paint a dark picture of life -- or choose a brighter, happier palette. The brilliant hues of joy, gratitude and love will turn your life into a glowing work of art."

If your day is dreary, sing a happy song, or watch some funny videos, or play with a child, to help you change the lens you are seeing through. Once we realize that our energy is dependent on the choices we make, it makes it easier to make those decisions that support our well-being and our innate joy. 

Life Is About Balance

While life may seem to be about extremes - night and day, winter and summer, love and hate -- it is actually about the balance between all of those. While all extremes exist, we learn to...

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Article inspired from:

The Life Navigator Deck
by Jane Delaford Taylor and Manoj Vijayan.

cover art: The Life Navigator Deck byby Jane Delaford Taylor and Manoj Vijayan.Whether we are navigating tumultuous eddies or paddling in still water, this set of inspirational cards offers guidance and new perspectives for our day. The cards focus on empowering us, encouraging us to trust in our own innate abilities to handle life in a truly positive, creative and dynamic way. 

The pack can be dipped into for instant inspiration as each card contains one idea with the text beautifully supported by well-chosen artwork. 

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