Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

Change is something we can't avoid. It is constant and it is everywhere. Our body changes all the time. Cells die and are born every second. Actually a search online just revealed that in one second, 1 million of the cells in our body die. Wow! And in one day, 330 billion cells are created in the human body. So change is definitely part of who we are, each and every moment.  

Change Brings New Life and Energy

Why are we afraid of change? Why do we resist it? I believe it is due to fear of the unknown. We fear change, because we don't know what change will bring, and because we don't trust either others,  ourselves, or the Universe.

However, we can approach change as if it is an unopened and unknown gift (which it is). We don't know what is inside the package, but it is wrapped up in pretty paper and with a beautiful bow, so we trust that it will be something wonderful.

But it's our choice. We can either be excited about the new things and people coming into our life, and see them as a gift or blessing, or we can be worried. We can choose to trust that change will bring us new life and energy, and thus we can look forward to the new experiences headed our way. One choice makes for a joyful experience, the other for a troubled one.... 

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