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The word harmony has various meanings. It is used in music, in relationships, referring to inner peace, and as well as "working well together". In all of these definitions, the commonality is a blending of energies so that the whole is more pleasing, or more powerful, than the part.

Harmony in Life and Health

When our life and health are in perfect harmony, we are in perfect flow. There are no excesses of either too much work or not enough relaxation, too much exercise, or not enough exercise. Too much indulgence or not enough.. Our life is in balance.

And how do we attain that sought-after state? Is it unattainable? Is it elusive?

While harmony may appear to be difficult to achieve, that is mostly because we haven't been taught how to do so and what to prioritize in life. We've been told that career and money are the most important... And yes, they tell us relationships are important too, but haven't they also told us that money makes the world go round? And most people believe that, in order to have money, they must enslave themselves to a job or career, even one they do not love or even like.

But for our life and health and thus ourselves to be in harmony, our priority must start with our heart. Ask yourself what makes your heart sing. Perhaps you always wanted to be a musician or an artist, but were told that you couldn't make a living at that.

And perhaps that was true for the person giving you the advice... they wouldn't be able to make a living at that, since that is not their passion. But, we must all listen to the guidance of our own heart, to our passion. Doing so will lead us to a life, not only of health, but of joy, happiness, and even bliss.

Being Fair-minded, Open-hearted, Generous

Our actions and our energy draw people to us that hold the same energies as we do. Thus, if we always find ourselves surrounded by angry people, there is anger within our own being acting as a magnet - whether we express or repress the anger. If we find ourselves surrounded by judgmental people, judgment also resides in our mind, and acceptance is absent from our heart.

Thus in order to create harmony in our life and our surroundings, we start with cleaning up our own house... our own thoughts, energies, actions, and our heart... When we say that "what goes around comes around", this also means that what goes around inside your head, your heart, your being, comes around reflected back to you by the people you meet.

To create a harmonious life, we must be fair-minded, open-hearted, generous, and nonjudgmental. As we live and share those energies, our world will reflect those same attributes from the people around us. "What goes around comes around."

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Be Willing to Ask for Help

At times we may think that asking for help is a sign of weakness. But what if it is actually a sign of wisdom? The wisdom lies in recognizing that we need help and being willing to ask for it.

We are part of a whole, and because of this, each part touches and is influenced by the other parts. So when we feel we are having difficulty, someone close to us may be the one that can help us go through our conundrum.

Sometimes the help may come in the form of words of wisdom. At other times it may be a simple expression of love. And the help can also be in the form of tough love, or a "no" that leads us back to searching within our own heart for the answer.

While we don't know how the help will come or where it will come from, we must be willing to admit that we need help and ask the Universe (or whatever higher power you attune with) to provide the help you need. It will come at the right time, and the right place, in the perfect way that you need it. That is the wondrous workings of a life lived in harmony with the All. But first you must ask so that doors will open up for you.

Living with Courage and Integrity

To be in harmony with one's self, we must have the courage to stand up for our truth with integrity. Cowering to other people's dogma and opinions creates a feeling of imbalance within our own being.

Harmony comes when all parts of us -- mind, body, emotions, and spirit -- are in tune with each other and support each other. Living in accordance with our inner truth and higher vision of life, helps smooth the way for us as we go along.

There will always be some who disagree with you, who think your way is wrong or stupid. But what counts is what your inner self tells you about your words and actions. Are you in harmony with your true self, or are you playing a role expected by those around you?

Playing a role will not give you true satisfaction in life. What will do so is living your truth with courage and integrity.

Choosing Love and Wisdom

We all have a choice as to what energy we radiate out into the world. And of course, that energy can change from day to day, even from minute to minute.

Rather than focus on fear and hatred, or its smaller cousins, anxiety and dislike, we can focus on acceptance and non-judgment which leads us to inner peace. The highest choice is to send love and wisdom to all sentient beings.

The energy we emit into the world is creative. It has an effect on the people and things around us. When the energy you emit is anger, doors slam, hearts close, and distance is created. When we emit love, windows open into possibilities and hearts open to creating happiness for all.

Being Based in Calm and Strength

Challenges are a part of life, whether we like it or not. Some challenges seem insurmountable, and others are more like speed bumps in the road of life. Some people thrive on the adrenaline of challenges, while some of us see them, as Wyatt Webb describes them, "Another Frigging Growth Experience". 

But no matter the size or magnitude of the challenges, we have the choice of how we face them. We can do so with panic, anxiety, and fear, or we can face them with calm, faith, strength, and even with a sense of humor. 

There are no insurmountable challenges -- they only may appear to be so until we're on the other side of them. Challenges are just a way for us to stretch the muscles of our mind, our faith, our talents, our imagination and creativity.

When faced with challenges, we must breathe deeply and fill ourselves with inspiration and then proceed intuitively, with calm and strength, to discover the solution.

Living in Perfect Harmony

We live in perfect harmony when we treat all sentient beings as if they are a beloved part of us.

We live in perfect harmony when we live in total harmlessness with all things and when we view the world from a higher perspective. It is our choice. We can choose to live in a state of peace, compassion, and enlightenment. 

When we remember that we are all one, that is how, and when, we live in perfect harmony.

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