Get Rid of Stress by Discovering & Living Your Spiritual Purpose

"Whatever path a man travels, it is my path.
Wherever he goes, it leads to me."
                                                                   -- Unknown

Though we are all one energy force, one mind, and One Spirit, each soul incarnated into a specific form on earth for a unique purpose. We are here to experience different situations and similar situations differently, and to share these experiences with the Universe, our total consciousness. There are many different journeys to share. This is why there is more than one soul experiencing this world.

Your journey is now and exists at this moment, whether you realize it or not. It will be more enjoyable if you consciously pursue your spiritual purpose to bring the world to Love. You do this by expressing Love in whatever you do, and most easily express it when doing what you do best. Consciously following your spiritual purpose brings you ultimate joy, balance, peace, freedom, and happiness.

You have seen them. He is the conductor exuding power and poise as his orchestra performs a beautiful medley. She is the lawyer who fights for her client's life as if it were her own child on trial. She is the waitress who serves customers with as much enthusiasm and caring as her personal friends. And he is the gas station attendant who still cleans your windshield even when his co-workers won't.

Who are these people? They are spiritual beings who breathe life into their work. They are people who express themselves in what they do, and not simply for financial reward. They do it because they couldn't do their job any other way. They are living their soul's purpose and consciously doing what they do with Love, and they are happier than most.

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Spiritual Stress and Your Spiritual Purpose

Have you ever felt something missing in your life? If so, this could be the reason: The soul has a twofold purpose in each lifetime:

(1) the universal purpose to re-discover itself as Love, and

(2) an individual purpose to experience a specific role it can do better or differently than any other soul in a given lifetime.

The latter enables the soul to help itself and other souls more easily re-discover Love. In other words, your individual purpose is the best way to promote the universal purpose.

Many clients who solicit my services seek assistance for reducing stress in their pressure-filled lives. They are usually unaware that they're feeling "spiritual stress" from being disconnected from their individual purpose. By living with this, or any, excess stress, they remain unaware of themselves as spiritual beings and their wonderful journey of re-discovery. Too much stress prevents you from becoming conscious to your truth. Thus, it is vital to your happiness to reduce your stress level, so you can re-discover your Spiritual Self with fewer distractions.

Myth: Life is like a pressure-cooker.

Stress exists only in this dimension, not in the spiritual world. Spiritual stress occurs when you are not in touch with your Godly self or following your individual purpose the way you are God-gifted to be. The difference between conventional and spiritual stress is that, in the latter, you feel confused and usually can't pinpoint the cause of your anxiety. This leaves you feeling melancholy or with the uncomfortable impression you aren't living up to your potential. You may begin to resent your life, the people around you, and even God.

The best way to overcome any type of excess stress is with a regular program of relaxation and meditation. The centering techniques in my book (Relax, You're Already Perfect) can help you greatly. Relax, follow your soul's purpose, and consciously live each moment of your life as a spiritual being. Peace comes from within, and is there whenever you desire to feel it.

Relax to Find Your Purpose and Your "Ideal" Job

There are no "ideal" jobs. Not every person should be a healer or a teacher. We need conductors, lawyers, waitresses, and gas station attendants. Each person lives his or her purpose by performing his or her job in a spiritually loving way, which reaps the many rewards of a purposeful and relatively stress-free life.

Most of us should reduce our overall stress levels by practicing one of the many techniques for stress reduction and general relaxation. Practice at least twice a day until you feel less tension in your everyday life. Stress prevents you from focusing energy on your true purpose and remembering who you really are.

If you feel you aren't pursuing your purpose in your job, you may be surprised to discover you are in the right line of work after all, but just not doing it the right way for you. This realization may enlighten and empower you to enjoy your job and life more fully.

Truth: You Are Special. We Are Special

Each of us can do something totally unique. The challenge is to discover your spiritual "niche" on earth, so you can realize your potential for happiness. If you live untrue to this niche, your energy will be unaligned with the Universal Energy, and you are likely to feel something missing in your life. You'll experience a feeling of dissonance, which can lead to disease.

Let us suppose, for example, that in this life you can best serve the journey of Love by expressing yourself as a salesperson. But because of your free will, you did not choose that line of work. This can cause "dis-ease" in the form of unhappiness or even physical illness.

Disease is a sign you aren't following a connected life, body, mind, and spirit. Clients who discovered this and how it was best for them to work, achieved more gratification in their lives. Some actually healed their physical conditions just by making certain changes in how they perceived their work. By understanding and living their individual purpose, they filled the void created by a disconnection to the Divine and removed the feeling that something was "missing."

Hit the Lottery and Know Your Purpose

One of the surest ways to know if you are living your purpose is to imagine winning the lottery and having all the money you'll ever need. If you'd choose to continue doing what you do, it is surely your purpose.

The rewards of living your soul's purpose go far beyond money. If you think you'd retire, you may just be burned out. If you do hit the lottery, take a vacation and then do what you do with Love, instead of just going through the motions. You never need to retire from Love. You can always serve your purpose and enjoy what you are doing and how you are doing it for a lifetime.

When you are connected to your spiritual purpose, your life becomes easier and more satisfying and rewarding. Why? Because you are no longer operating as an isolated individual out of tune with the Universe. Instead, you are working with the Universe, consciously connected to the Universal Mind and utilizing the vast potential of the energy around you. When you find your true purpose, the Universe has no choice but to help you by providing information and energy.

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Relax, You're Already Perfect: 10 Spiritual Lessons to Remember by Bruce D Schneider, Ph.D. A reassuring and holistic guide to building spiritual skills outlines ten lessons that incorporate powerful centering techniques and practical applications on how to explore everyday and extraordinary levels of spiritual dimension.

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