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Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children,
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
                                                             -- Matthew 18:3, The Bible

We can tell—see, sense, feel, or know—the difference between a child who is well-loved and one who is not, can’t we? Whether we have experienced this personally or not, doesn’t the well-loved child shine, while the light of the other is somehow clouded? Doesn’t the well-loved child have the daring of bold laughter and expecting to be seen and admired, while the other child seems to try to hide in a corner?

While almost everyone delights in the shenanigans of the well-loved child, we might want to shout (like in the now-classic film Dirty Dancing), “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” when we see the light already dimming in the eyes of the less-loved child, too-young eyes that have already seen too much ugliness in the world.

Where I grew up, the Bronx of the Seventies and Eighties was a tough place. Some considered it normal, but I lost several friends to violence very young, and home was no safe haven. Later, life on Wall Street reinforced the idea that only the tough survive, and so, my experience forced me to hide the soft part of me that just wanted to love and be loved.

 Hiding Our Tenderness

As we move into adulthood, the world encourages us to put away, hide, squelch, or even lose our tenderness. We are taught that what is invisible does not exist, and are encouraged to set aside intuition for facts and Angels for accountancy ledgers. The voyage to adulthood thus takes us farther and farther away from our sweet spot, and away from the child we once were who had easier access to Joy and our soul mission.

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The world urges (or forces) us to toughen up in order to protect ourselves, and most of us do just that from the beginning, imagining that hardness will provide the safety we desire. It is a lie and sadly, a trick of pandemic proportions.

The True Pandemic—Shuttered Heart Syndrome

Imagine that we emerge into this world from pure Love, from Source (we do). When we land on Earth, our original tendency will thus be to, well, love, non? Of course, it is! Now imagine a child who is pure Love shining forth, arms akimbo and ready to love the whole wide world, shouting, “Look at meeeeeeee!!!”

Even in the best of families, the infinite and unconditional Love of Source is not replicated. Humans put conditions on things, and if we are fortunate enough to land in a family that knows how to love, is it ever 24/7, constant, at every moment? Nope! Humans get tired (and loving can be tiring when it is conditional).

So when a child arrives on the scene, heart wide open and ready to love BIG, often there is an adjustment that takes place, a stepping back, a muting of that Love, so that it can take on a form that will be welcomed and appreciated.

In nurturing families, this adjustment may be small, but we learn when to go hug Mom, and when not to; when to approach Dad, and when to duck him, depending on his mood, and so on.

In a family that is not nurturing, scary even, other learnings occur. We might learn how to disappear altogether, if need be. As we grow up, these learnings continue, as teacher and boss replace Mom and Dad. Warily, we tread the path we first set out on, and rarely do we diverge from it into unknown terrain, not if we can help it!

The World Is Heading for a Change

From the beginning, then, when we land on Earth, there is a light adjustment that occurs. Since we know that energy seeks equilibrium, it is not surprising that the world dims our Light at the outset, forcing us to shut down our hearts, if only a little.

The world is heading for a change, though. You know this, don’t you? It has already begun, and your personal and individual quest to align with your soul mission is part of it! The Angels are at the ready, hoping to be asked to help remedy the pandemic of shut-down hearts.

If we keep our hearts shut, or selectively open, we will never be fully in our sweet spot, because we will never fully be ourselves. The Angels invite us to throw caution to the wind and go for the Re-membering, the reopening of our hearts, with the clarity that this will be the remedy that will help the earth.

Darkness Preempting

On the Earth plane, whenever there is a movement toward Light, darkness reacts and responds as an opposing force. This is why when we first start to meditate (stretch toward our Light), darkness/fear responds (fearful thoughts like “Oh, I left the oven on!” or “Darn, I forgot to mail that check!” or “Damn, I forgot my brother’s birthday!,” designed to get us up from our meditative space). Very effective!

Similarly, when a Lightworker comes on the scene in the form of a child, that new Light attracts darkness—sometimes expressed as difficulties and obstacles, trauma we experience on the path. Nothing is by accident! But even as we recognize the action of darkness in our lives, we must also Re-member that everything happens for a reason, that everything serves, and only a person who has found their way through a jungle can guide others out. 

Exercise: Seeking Out & Teaming Up with Inner Child

Find a spot where you will be undisturbed for a bit. If you have a picture of yourself as a child, you might want to take it out and gaze at it for a bit before you begin. Remember what it was like to be that child, how it felt on a day-to-day basis.

Remembering the inner child helps us to Re-member and realign with soul. The child is the closest expression to the form conceived of by soul and Source; the children we were (and still are, deep within) was and is seeded with the blueprint of the Soul mission that is ours.

1 Breathe

Focus on your breath, in and out, and come into a place of peace, at one with the rhythm, expansion and contraction, of the Universe. Remember, breath carries life (and Life): It carried life into your physical body with your first breath and will carry eternal Life out of your body with your last breath. With gratitude toward breath, then, continue focusing on your breath until you feel ready to begin.

2 Set your intention

The most important part of any energy protocol is the intention we bring to it. Set your intention to connect in Love with your inner child, asking for the help of your Angels to do so. Inviting your Guardian Angels along for this work is smart, as they were present when the child you were was walking the earth, so they bore witness to whatever difficulties a sensitive, perspicacious child (you) may have experienced.

Also, you might want to invite the lovely mothering energy of the Archangel Gabriel(le) to help fill any lack of tenderness or Love you, as a child, may be carrying related to your experience, such as unloving, harsh treatment from family, friends, teachers, etcetera (even, perhaps, from yourself).

Once your intention is clear . . .

3 Open the channel down to the earth

Anchor (ground) yourself, following your beam of Light down to the center of the earth to be bolstered in your task by the consciousness of our Mother Earth. If you wish, repeating a simple phrase from the heart can help here:

Dear Mother, help me to Re-member the child I was, help me to love them and me, as you do, unconditionally. Thank you!

Arriving at the center, notice that Mother Earth/Gaia is waiting for you there, arms wide open. She invites the child within you to leap into her arms—arms that always catch and never disappoint! Once in her loving arms, allow her to fill the child within you with Love and tenderness, unconditionally.

Then, when you feel full, with a big “Thank you!” to Gaia, decide to travel up from the heart of the planet to return to your own tender heart. Let yourself be filled with the energy flowing up from Gaia, the Love and tenderness that is true power.

Take a moment to absorb all that is there for you, filling you on every level: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

When you feel ready . . .

4 Opening the channel up to the heavens

From the level of your heart, beam your light channel up to the heavens, along the spinal cord, through the neck and head, out through the crown chakra, and up to the heavens, a return to Source, where your eternal soul abides. In that space, call on soul (which chose you as a child) to help the reconnection, with words of your own, perhaps something like this . . .

Dear, dear Soul that chose me, thank you for your confidence. I now call on your help in the important work of heart opening, connecting to the child within me who you know so well. Help me to open and understand, Re-member and love. Thank you!

While in the Source space, it is a good time to formally call on our Guardian Angels as well, perhaps something like this:

My dear Guardian Presence, long ago I forgot your Love and neglected to call on your assistance. I permanently shift that now, and with my free will call on your loving aid to find and fill and love and renew the child within me, Love’s pure expression. Thank you!

Lastly, while here, you might want to also call on Archangel Gabriel to help you to love the child within (and yourself) unconditionally, communicating more gently and lovingly with yourself:

Archangel Gabriel, help me seek out and love the tender child within me and value their presence, honoring, protecting, and freeing them to express their true nature of Joy and Love in alignment with my soul mission. Thank you!

With each invitation, take a moment and feel or see or know that your prayer is immediately answered. Keep breathing in that Presence, allowing yourself to be filled, and when you are ready, with your Soul and the Angels accompanying you, flow down your beam of light channel into your body, allowing it to be completely filled with celestial light . . .

5 Lighting up your heart-blanket fort of the child

See, feel, or know that when the most tender part of us recoiled and hid from the blustery or dangerous world, the heart space became its blanket fort. Breathe in that celestial Light, and focus it entirely on your heart space. See or feel or know the tender child is there, in front of you, tucked in and hidden under the covers.

Gently, softly, let the child know you are there, that you want to see them, that you came specifically for them.

Stand, feet solid on the ground, shoulder-width apart, shoulders pulled back, with your spinal column straight and tall. This position supports the largest version of your Self possible and is intended to be reassuring and strong. Allow your arms to relax at your sides, palms facing forward in a position of energetic openness. Breathe in the presence of Angels and Archangels all around you. Breathe out anything that blocks your opening to them.

Fill your heart with Light and peace, with the Love that is there for you, and that you feel for the child. Take three or four deep breaths at least before continuing.

6 Inviting the child to come out

Imagine the child in front of you stirring under the covers. Invite them to come out, perhaps lifting up a corner of the blanket, allowing the child to be surrounded by Light. Allow the child to emerge at their own pace, until they stand before you, a smaller version of you, at the age that comes up for you naturally.

The child standing there, perhaps wonders which “you” has come this day: the one who forgot about them, the one who is sometimes harsh to them, or the loving adult presence they have been waiting for all this time? You may feel a yearning on the part of the child, or diffidence, or Joy. Whatever it is, accept it, and honor the reaction of this sacred part of your being. The reaction will depend on how you have treated yourself, the most sensitive part of yourself, all these years.

No matter the reaction, if your intention is clear, then today is the day you will reconnect with the strong Light and Joy, the wide-open creativity that is this special child!

There is only one person on the planet who understands fully how difficult things were for this beautiful child, how much they long for safety and Love, and why: you! Remembering the child brings Re-membering. Let the child know that you understand and that you care.

Imagine yourself explaining, perhaps, that you understand how hard it was sometimes, why they started “toughening up,” or hiding out. You understand because you were there. You couldn’t help then, at the time, because you were small then, too, but now, since you are grown, you can ensure the safety of the child: bread, safety, and power!

Let the child know how much you value them!

Assure the little one that you will take care of everything if they will only team up with you, that you cannot realize your soul mission without their Joy, their light, their spontaneity restored.

7 With open arms, welcome the child

With everything that needed saying now having been said, it is time to open. Ask the Angels around you to open their wings, creating a perfect holding cocoon of Light and Love around you both, adult and child.

Now with Love, open your arms and your heart, inviting the child to trust you, to come into your arms and your heart. Decide that you will be the trustworthy adult for whom the child has been waiting. Become that unconditionally loving adult, and offer perfect protection (bread, safety, and power). If appropriate, tell them you are sorry for the past, but that the future is wide open in front of you both.

Ask them, “Ready to shine?,” and let the child leap into your arms. Be clear that from this day forward, you will always catch them, that you will always catch yourself and hold yourself in Love. Stay in that space, until you feel it is complete.

8 Gratitude—Sealing the deal

Place your hands on your heart to seal the pact between you and the child. See, feel, imagine, or know that the Angels and Archangel Gabriel(le) cover your hands to strengthen the seal, a powerful gesture of solidarity and Unity.

Thank the child for trusting you, and thank Archangel Gabriel(le) and your Guardian Angels, as you continue to hold your hands to your chest in a gesture of gratitude for this sacred moment of opening and sounding and Joy and power. Stay in the space until you feel it is complete.

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