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Being in the Flow of Your Soul Mission and Life Purpose

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Depression is the fastest growing sickness in the Western world, and burnouts are multiplying. When our choices distance us from our soul mission, something inside us suffers. There is no logic to it, so society has no good response. (Drugging us is not, I would argue, a “good” response, although I recognize that, in the short term, this can be a way to get over the hump as we realign and readjust.)

The rise in cases of depression and burnout is not because we are weaker than previous generations, but rather, because we are in an evolutionary time for humanity and our stronger sensitivity is pushing us to other ways of being. Continuing a way of living that was molded in the past is less and less tenable, and if we force ourselves to be what the world wants us to be, it can be disastrous for our health and well-being.

Soul Mission vs. Life Purpose

Knowing that we always have the final word with regard to our path, then, it is perhaps a good idea to differentiate between soul mission and life purpose, as we use them here:

Our soul mission is the objective the soul has chosen this lifetime through you, in co-creation with God; the human role in carrying out our soul mission is our life purpose — how we as human beings on the planet will align with that mission, or not!

For example, a sensitive soul might be here to play a Lightworker role, but perhaps that very sensitivity is creating fear, causing them to “hide out” from that mission (I know whereof I speak; we can hide out in so many ways). Activities that diminish our sensitivity constitute “hiding out”: drugs, alcohol, gambling, too much exercise, too much work, too much social media, too much TV; in fact, anything that desensitizes us. You get the picture.

In line with the Universal Law of Energy that states, “Where our attention goes, so goes our energy,” when we throw ourselves into any habit to an extreme, there is no space left for welcoming in the new. Thus, by hiding out in this way, we may remain stuck in The Forgetting, either consciously or unconsciously.

While some of us fall into such traps unconsciously, I can personally attest that some of us are conscious that we are putting off what is important and not taking the path that awaits us. This is sometimes done out of fear—fear of change is the poison gas that keeps many in The Forgetting or the avoidance of Re-membering; however, such avoidance can also be rooted in anger, especially if the world has been harsh toward us in the past. Imagining that the big bad world does not deserve our Light can make us even more stuck in The Forgetting, and this can go on for a long, long time.

Many of the souls arriving on the planet now have more resilience and are born with the desire to change the world, and so they shall. But those of us who are already here are preparing the way, and any one of us who awakens to the mission and aligns with it, making of it our human purpose, contributes greatly to the shifting to come.

It is incumbent upon us to take our free will seriously, to enjoy it to the full, but standing in our free will and human power does not mean that we should reject out of hand the journey being proposed by our soul. Far from it!

Tracing the journey of the soul’s choosing is a fulfilling and Joyful way to live. A human does not submit to the will of the soul, but rather, embraces it with Joy, because it is delightful and meaningful and in perfect harmony with our instrument; the human being role we are here to play.

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When a new person, place, or situation is (oddly) familiar, it is an indicator that we are treading a path foreseen by our soul. But that is not the only time we can be sure of our progress toward fulfilling the life purpose and soul mission that is ours. We can also be confident of it when we experience the “sweet spot” and “the flow.”

The Sweet Spot—When Everything is Going Your Way

Think about a time when you found “the sweet spot”—you know, when everything was flowing and going your way. In sport, maybe you couldn’t miss a shot, or you felt like you could run forever, pure power and speed. In song, maybe your voice opened and soared, a delight and surprise to your own ears and heart. In music, maybe you felt like you and the instrument were playing as one. At work . . .

Wait a minute! Back up there! What was that, just before “at work”?

“In music, you felt like you and the instrument were one . . .”

Yes, that’s it! When we are talking about soul mission and life purpose, the sweet spot is exactly that: when you (the soul) and the instrument (you, the human being) are one; those moments when your choosing and the soul’s plan coincide and are sweet, no matter how long they last, just for some moments, or maybe for a good while. No matter! If you have ever had this feeling, you know! The sweet spot is somehow imprinted in us, always recognizable.

Like the “sweet spot” on a baseball bat, golf club, or tennis racket, when we hit our sweet spot everything happens easily, perfectly, Joyfully.

Our human sweet spot experiences are specifically designed to lead us in the direction of our soul mission. Sweet spots aren’t called “sweet” for nothing. It feels good to be in the sweet spot, and we humans are often motivated by feeling good. Even though the world sometimes tries to get us to do things by obligation (you should go to this school, you shouldn’t be an artist, you should get a steady job, you shouldn’t marry for love, you should think about money), when we listen to the world instead of our heart, we step away from our sweet spot, our Joy. Such choices can result in depression, which really is a measure of how far from our sweet spot, our soul;s highest path, we have strayed.

Sweet spots are moments of Re-membering, where the soul and its human aspect align. Sweet spot experiences include moments when we meet someone for the first time but it doesn’t feel like the first time. When we meet someone, and maybe even feel magnetically drawn to them.

The Flow—When a Decision Isn’t a Decision

Think of a life marker on your path, something that in your past changed everything—maybe a choice of college, a job, or a geographic move, such as changing cities or countries. It may have been the choice of partner or best friend or course of study.

The key is to think of a time in the past when you made a decision, a choice, that wasn’t really a choice, but so obvious to you that it was a foregone conclusion—a decision that wasn’t really a decision!

There are a couple of examples in my own life that come to mind. When the bank offered me a job in London, I said immediately that I would go only if it were Paris (where all my clients were), and when they said yes, I left my home and country without a second thought.

While that last bit might paint me to be not very sentimental, the opposite is true. I am still in strong friendships with the people I left behind when I came to Europe. It was just not even a question, at the time; as if I had been waiting my whole life for just that. These choices were obvious, no hesitation. Have you had any like that?

In relationships, too, at times we benefit from the obvious: meeting someone who we know will be a good friend or who we know we will marry, or a teacher with whom we know we are meant to study.

When a decision is more like a natural occurrence than an active choice, we can be sure that it is happening in alignment with our soul mission. Flow brings with it synchronicities, or fortuitous events that open doors, and even though we might be tempted to call them coincidences, they are not.

Of course, we always have a choice. Free will reigns! But these Flow events are so fluid and simple and inviting that we most often choose them—unless the world gets in our head, and in our way.

When we find The Flow in our lives, it is important to flow with it and let it carry our vessel (us) to our next phase of life and purpose. If we remain alert in The Flow, we are carried to opportunities both for our fulfillment and the fulfillment of our soul mission. But in the duality that is Earth, every time we stretch to our Light, darkness will react to dissuade and distract us. Sometimes that darkness is called Dad; other times, teachers; other times, spouse or friends. Going against such currents bring us to the toughest aspect of going with our Flow: People won’t like it!

If we find our flow and go with it, you can be sure that at least some people won’t like it. You see, folks like things to be stable. Imagine that we are paddling a separate canoe with every single person in our life. Since energy always seeks equilibrium, we have found some stability with each person in the relationship canoe, but then we rock the boat!

When we go with The Flow and grow, life becomes easier; we become more confident and, thus, powerful with each passing stage. Hopefully, there will be people in our lives who cheer us on, but there will very likely also be some that don’t, because our movement rocks their boat, too!

When we break out of the mold and the stability of who we were and what we were doing (and where), it will rock each of the canoes we are in, the relationships we have. Very often, people won’t like it! They might miss us if we physically leave, or they might be unhappy that we have stepped into our Light, shining the spotlight also on them.

When we align with soul and step out of the blanket fort in which we may have been hiding, it has a big impact energetically on those with whom we are in relationship. Unintentionally, unconsciously, our movement rocks their stability, and energetically (since energy seeks equilibrium), it is as though we are poking them, prodding them into waking.

Since energy seeks equilibrium, our aligning to our own Light evokes their Light as well (everybody’s got some!), whether they are ready to stand in it or not. If fear outweighs their desire for that Light, they will resist flowing with you to their own Light and might try to obstruct your path as well.

The truth is, when we choose consciously to align with our soul and The Flow, we can make people uncomfortable without intending it. Our Light is like an alarm going off (one with a spotlight!). As we know, not everybody loves to wake up when the alarm goes off. Whereas once our relationship canoes with friends, colleagues, family, or mates were stable, now they may have become too unstable for the canoe ride together. Has your aligning with your soul mission already cost some relationships?

The good news is that we never lose anyone, as all are One. After this dance on Earth is over, we will all have a good chuckle over it. The even better news is that when some people leave, new people arrive—people who are more in sync with our new energetic. And sometimes, people leave and then come around again. None of what they do is our business. Let each soul find their way, beautifully.

Of course, this does not mean that we need to abandon longstanding friendships or family relationships. It does mean that if we are growing, we need to be really aware of the shifting dynamics of our canoes, knowing that some may need gentle attention to keep afloat, and others may need to be carried ashore to rest awhile away from the water because of the fast Flow of the river.

Getting Back the Mojo

So, when we have lost connection with our soul and mission, when our purpose is fuzzy and the haze of Forgetting is like a thick pea soup, how can we get our mojo back? How can we find the sweet spot and renew our Flow, so that synchronicities daily assure us that we are on the right path?

Paying attention and watching for sweet spots and welcoming them, saying yes to doors flying open for us, and letting go of what was as we move forward will always shift things back into movement.

How do we find a sweet spot? Listen to small notions that don’t make sense, such as, I’d like to walk down this street to see what is there, or I could really use a nap, or It’s been a while since I called Wies. Noticing inclinations that seem to come out of nowhere can adjust our perspective, so that the prow of our “canoe” catches a current, bringing us back into The Flow.

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BOOK: Discover Your Soul Mission

Discover Your Soul Mission: Calling on Angels to Manifest Your Life Purpose
by Kathryn Hudson

book cover of Discover Your Soul Mission by Kathryn HudsonGuiding many in the quest for meaning and purpose, Kathryn Hudson shares how to move from feeling out of place or out of sorts with where we are in our lives to moving intentionally into fulfillment and knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be. And why do it alone if divine help is at hand?

Taking you from simple questions and requests to direct experience and actual co-creation with the angelic realm, Discover Your Soul Mission offers a way to bring renewed zest to your life.

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photo of Kathryn HudsonKathryn Hudson is a certified Angel Therapy and Crystal Healing practitioner and teacher. Also a Reiki Master teacher, Kathryn writes, speaks, and teaches all over the world on opening up to the spiritual side of life and finding your life purpose.

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