Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

We may all, occasionally, feel like we are living in dark times. Most of us have never lived through societal upheaval such as we are experiencing now. We may feel discouraged at the "state of the world" or at the behavior of people the world over, and even of those close to us. Or we may be downhearted at the life we are living or the situation in the world in general. 

Dark vs. Light

One of the problems we encounter when we start thinking in terms of "dark" and "light" is that we create a separation within ourselves. We classify each day, or each experience, and even each person, as "good" or "bad".

Yet, we carry within us seeds for it all. We carry the seeds for joy and sadness, for health and sickness, for love and hate. And we get to choose which seed we will water and nourish, so that it will grow. The weeds will grow but they can be removed, especially if we don't feed them with our energy. 

We must not get attached to our times of feeling down thinking they are here to stay. These experiences and moods are not who we are. They are just experiences we are having. And thus we can let them go and move on to another type of experience when we are ready to do so...

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Soul Helper Oracle

Soul Helper Oracle: Messages from Your Higher Self
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