Life Purpose

Connecting with Your Life Purpose, Personal Goals, and Free Will

Connecting with Your Life Purpose, Personal Goals, and Free Will
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Over the last few years, I have been blessed to be the host of a local radio show focused on personal development. In that time, nearly a thousand lis­teners have contacted me with their life questions. Nearly half asked, “What is my purpose?” Being curious, I started asking the crowds who came to my workshops two questions: “Who believes they have a life purpose?” and “Who knows what their purpose is?”

Without exception, everyone believed they had a purpose yet only a small fraction knew what it was. After reviewing the problems my clients asked me about, I realized they also struggle to identify their purpose. More than anything, people want to develop their potential, overcome their blocks, and make a difference in the world.

It therefore astounds me that so many feel lost, especially when I know how you can understand your life and find your unique purpose. The key is the relationship between your intuition and chakras, which is your internal guidance system for life. I am encouraged that so many bright, powerful individuals want to make a difference. If each is helped to shed their limits and freely express their potential, our world can be different.

Finding Purpose and Meaning

Most people believe they have a higher purpose, but they have no idea what it is. As a consequence, life does not feel focused, and they struggle to find meaning. Some have a vague notion but are not deeply in touch with their purpose.

Even those who know their purpose admit they have not always known it, and that they still experience times of uncertainty. We have all spent sleepless nights questioning our life choices. We are not always consciously creating our lives in alignment with our purpose, even if we do know what it is.

My purpose is to be an intuitive messenger and teacher. I express this in my work as a writer, radio host, and mentor. In my awakening journey, I spent years as a scientist and businesswoman. On the surface my life was fabulous. I had a great job that paid well and allowed me to travel the world.

Playing the role of the person I thought I was meant to be was not fulfilling, however. I didn’t believe the real me was good enough so I covered her with a blanket of other people’s expectations. My pain caused me to seek answers. I wanted greater meaning to my life. My search led me to wonderful people, places, and experiences, and I learned everything I needed to create the life I desired.

I discovered I came here with an instruction manual and toolkit for my life. My toolkit contains a global positioning device that tells me where I am right now and a navigation system that gives clear directions. I also have an abundance of talents that are precisely what I need to support my journey.

Your Instruction Manual and Toolbox

You also have an instruction manual and toolbox that contain exactly what you need for your life plan. The positioning device is your energy field. It contains complete information about your life, and how you are living. It locates you in the present moment, has a record of where you were, and shows you where you are headed.

The chakras provide the navigation. They form your energy field, process your life experiences, and provide you with a direct line to your higher guidance. They are conduits for intuition to flow from your higher consciousness to your temporal self.

While your intuition provides guidance, the different forms of intuition are the talents that make up your Intuition Blueprint. If you unlock these gifts, you can chart your direction, steer your course effec­tively, champion your growth, and live according to your purpose.

You have several life purposes: enlightenment, your unique contribution, and the eternal pursuit of expansion.

Understanding Enlightenment

You are not simply your physical body, you are spirit. In fact, you are a multidimensional eternal being of love and light. Your body is a vehicle you created to have focused experiences in physical reality, which are meant to expand your consciousness. To do that, you need to occupy your body and take charge of it, so you can consciously create your experiences through it. When you occupy your body, you fill it with your light. In other words, you enlighten it.

Enlightenment is also about becoming lighter. It is about you raising the vibration of your body, so it can comfortably be occupied by your consciousness, and so you can wake up inside yourself and be consciously aware. This is a common purpose of all of humanity.

Master teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed showed us how to do this through their life stories. They were way-showers who wanted to help us all lighten up and realize our own mastery. They were all masters of balance and duality, which is why they were able to perform miracles and demonstrate highly advanced abilities such as changing water into wine, materializing loaves and fishes, parting the Red Sea, and walking on water. They were psychics and energy healers and used their abilities to help them fulfill their pur­pose on Earth. They followed their higher guidance, communicated as spirit, and healed themselves and others. Like these teachers, everyone is unique and has a matchless contribution they can make to this world.

Your Unique Contribution

Imagine humanity as a great symphony; each individual being a finely tuned instrument, with a unique note to play in a magnificent opus. To play your unique note, you must understand how your instrument works. You must discover the correct keys, strings, or finger holds that will produce the perfect pitch and tone. As in an orchestra, the tuba can’t play the part that was written for the violin. The tuba can only do justice to the part that was written for the tuba.

Every human is a unique musical instrument. When correctly tuned, you are capable of playing beautiful music, written exclusively for you. This music is your life purpose. No one else can play your note. Only you can.

If you do not play it, the symphony will lose harmony. You will do yourself and fellow musicians a great disservice. This is why it makes no sense to compare yourself to, or try to emulate, another. If you play someone else’s note, then no one is playing yours. There will be a gap in the symphony and the other musicians may feel unworthy, as someone else is playing their part.

As a soul, you have many capabilities—so many you cannot fit them into one body. You decide before birth what you will focus on. You set parameters such as when, where, and to whom you will be born. You decide what you wish to experience, and how you want to grow. You select a physical body that can support it. You also determine which of your skills, wisdom, and spiritual abilities you will emphasize to support your goals.

Here’s a great analogy: David has the potential to be a physics professor, carpenter, gardener, chef, and athlete. He has spent many jobs (lifetimes) honing his skills in each of these areas. For his next job (life) he has decided that he wants to expand his skills as a carpenter. He determines he must take his saw, adze, and sandpaper. He carefully picks them out and places them in his tool belt. David does not need his rake, calculator, or his pots and pans so he puts them aside for another time, especially as his tool belt only has the space for a certain number of tools. He also agrees to work with a joiner, painter, and plasterer (soul group members) whose goals align with his. David also takes into account the locale where he will work (be born). They may have different customs and use slightly different tools in one country than another, or at one time versus another (on the planet), depending on the larger job at hand.

Your Intuition Blueprint is just like this. You, the eternal being, have many aspects—so many that you could not fit them all into one lifetime. You choose what is most relevant and helpful given what you plan to focus on.

Life Purpose, Personal Goals, and Free Will

There is a difference between life purpose and life goals. You may believe your purpose is to be a foreign ambassador. This is a goal rather than your purpose, though your attraction to this role may be because your purpose is exploring peace within yourself and others.

As a stay-at-home mum, you may be frustrated, believing that looking after demanding kids keeps you from your purpose as a university professor. Let’s say your purpose is really to learn to own your personal space and express your authentic voice. Both roles are opportunities to explore this; you can experience your purpose in different ways. Even when you think you are not on your path, you are always having an experience that serves your purpose to expand.

You are consciousness projected into the matrix of time and space on Earth. Here you experience separation and polarity. You have free will and can make choices about how you live. Your choices help you navigate physical reality. They may be conscious or unconscious, but either way, they take you up to peaks, and down to valleys of your life path. You get to explore the landscape of your uniqueness along the way.

As spirit, there is oneness, eternity, and inter-connectedness. Many of us spend our whole life yearning for the love and peace we know exists but which seems elusive. We long to return to our source. Life on this planet is a series of ups and downs for everyone, and the soul delights in new experiences. From a spiritual perspective, there are no good or bad life events. Only experiences to play out for the purpose of expansion. While you might strive for a life with more ups than downs, both are grist for the mill of your expansion.

If you believe there is a way to get your life just right, think again; there is no right and wrong. Instead, there is you in the eternal moment of now, making choices and experiencing results. If you judge your choices when you don’t like the outcome, you remain stuck. Instead, if you realize you just experienced something that you do not prefer, you can move on. If you blame others for the unfortunate circumstances of your life, you are giving your power away. When you take responsibility, you take charge and steer the boat in a different direction.

All experiences are equally valid and fuel your expansion. No matter what choices you do or do not make, or how you live out your life, you will fulfill your purpose to expand in consciousness. You will have new experiences never had by anyone before, and in doing so add to the expansion of all consciousness. You will change and you will grow. If you do it consciously rather than unconsciously, you may find you manifest a more joyful life.

Identifying Your Life Passions Exercise

Clues to your present purpose for this lifetime lie in what you feel passionate about. In this exercise, you will make a list of everything you love now, as well as a historical list of what you loved through different stages of your life. Then you will review what you wrote for overarching themes.

  1. Make a list of everything you feel passionate about. Note for each one if it is for sheer joy or because you wish to create or change it. Review your notes and identify clues to your life purpose.

  2. Make another list of your childhood dreams and creative desires. Note which ones came true and validate your ability to follow your passion and purpose. For those that didn’t happen yet, cross out the ones that don’t apply to you now. Review the remainder and ask why they didn’t come true. Notice if there are any common themes that stand out.

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Article Source

Intuition and Chakras: How to Increase Your Psychic Development Through Energy
by Lesley Phillips PhD

Intuition and Chakras: How to Increase Your Psychic Development Through Energy  by Lesley Phillips PhDThis remarkable book makes it easy to receive intuitive guidance whenever you wish, be confident in your answers to life's big questions, and follow your inner wisdom to happiness and success. Lesley Phillips shows you how to develop your unique profile of psychic abilities through simple energetic techniques. By uniting your subtle body and intuition, you can heighten self-knowledge, reveal your inner truth, heal on multiple levels, and create your best reality.

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About the Author

Lesley Phillips, PhDLesley Phillips, PhD, has taught intuition development and meditation since 1996. Ordained as a minister and spiritual counselor in 2003 and a spiritual teacher in 2005, she is the founder of the School of Intuition, an online psychic development school. Lesley is also the host of an award-winning radio show called Unlocking Your Truth. She has helped thousands of people through readings, classes, retreats, and speaking engagements. Visit her online at

Video/Presentation with Dr. Lesley Phillips: Grounding Meditation for Stress Relief

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