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Change is inevitable. Notice your reaction to that statement. Change IS inevitable.

Pay attention to your body's reaction, your mind, your emotions. Did you feel any fear? Any 'oh-oh' kind of feeling? Any insecurity about what change might bring? If we look at the state of the world, and even of our own personal reality, one would think that change, which is greatly needed, would be welcomed with open arms. So, what's truly the issue?

We feel safe in what we know and where we are... the present! What is it about the present (or the past) that brings us such a feeling of security? It certainly isn't because we have a record of world peace, prosperity for all, crimeless streets, complete happiness, etc.

Think of the wonderful things that have changed in the past ten, twenty, or more years. Whether you look at world events such as the Berlin Wall falling, or at your own life, change always brings good. Yes, always! Even at times when it seems like your personal world is falling down, when the rubble clears it usually shows that it was for the best.

I can recall different events that occurred in my life -- such as my being fired from a job, being refused a renewal visa when I lived in Jamaica, my parents dying when I was 20, or good friends dying in a car accident... Because we do not see ahead to what the future holds for us we sometimes, with our limited perception, imagine things to be much worse than they are or will be.

At the time I was experiencing these events, they all seemed like catastrophes. And of course in the case of the deaths of my parents and good friends, they were catastrophes, yet in retrospect, they also prepared the way for empowering changes in my life - yes even the deaths of people I loved. That is the nature of the Universe.

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Change is Inevitable

Notice again your reaction to these statements: CHANGE! You must change! Change is inevitable. 

If you are experiencing any hesitation from within, any fear or doubts, you might want to start telling yourself frequently (daily at least), that "all change is for the better. Things are constantly evolving and getting better and better." The more you repeat it, the more it will become true for you.

If you believe in evolution, then you necessarily must believe in change bringing about good. If you believe that God created the Universe, and that God is Good, then again, what loving father would doom his kids to a life of hell?

I Have Feared Change Because...

To get to the bottom of your attitude about change, take a piece of paper and write at the top: I have feared change because... or if you're the kind of person that 'isn't afraid of anything', you could write atop the page: The reason I've resisted change is... and then write whatever comes to mind.

It may be such things as: ...because I don't know what will happen ...because I have no control over it ...because people (thus change) can't be trusted ...l feel comfortable where I am now and change might rock the boat ...I'm not good enough to have a better life, etc.

Whew, enough already!

Once you have your list, make sure you cancel all those old beliefs (both mentally and on paper) and reprogram yourself with such positive statements as: Change is comfortable for me. I am safe. My life is constantly changing for the better! The planet is in the process of changing and healing.

The first step is to acknowledge what we are feeling so that we can proceed to heal and transform our fears and beliefs. If we admit to ourselves what our fears are, then we can proceed to replace them with Light, Love and Peace. Create your own affirmations in response to whatever your fears are.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Along The Path of Change

Once you begin to accept change, you can do numerous things to help keep you on the path of change. You might want to start singing any of a series of songs (or make up your own) which affirm that every little thing is gonna be alright! Or you could remind yourself on a daily basis that you are willing to change and to create a better life for yourself. Or that things are better than they seem.

You can use such affirmations as: I am safe. All change in my life is for the good. I welcome change and give myself permission to change easily and happily. Change equals growth. All is well.

If you do that, you won't get caught up in fear in the midst of change... or at least, you'll be able to see the fear for what it is... just an illusion, a projection, a thought.

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