Written by Ray Arata and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

All it takes is turning on the news, reading the newspaper, or talking to people these days to be reminded that men’s behavior is getting a lot of attention — and not necessarily for good reason. The #times up, #metoo and Black Lives Matter movements provided the requisite spark to raise awareness about toxic, masculine behavior. The list of “fallen men” in high profile public and private sector industries and companies continues to grow. This group of men are the minority of men

Yet they are not the only culprits. In fact, the majority of men — who stand by unaware, silent, idle, afraid and reluctant — are contributing to men’s behavior remaining in the spotlight. 

In my work with men, both at the individual and organizational level, when I bring attention to the unwritten rules of what it means to be a man and how they do not work for anyone, men included, I rarely get any pushback. Rather, most men are interested in not adhering to the old “playbook” of what it means to be a man. They just haven't given it much thought. Because there hasn't been a new playbook created yet, many men end up asking, “What do I do?” This is their early-stage empathy growing roots, and it's a good thing...

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photo of Ray ArataRay Arata is an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader and speaker, consultant, and trainer, with global clients from PwC to Verizon to Toyota to Bloomberg. He founded the Better Man Conference for the development of healthy masculinity and men as allies and partners. He was recognized by UN Women in 2016 as a HeForShe Champion for Change and received the Ron Herring 2020 award.

His new book is Showing Up: How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace. 

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