Entering the Quantum – A No-Comfort-Zone Area
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When it comes to quantum physics, quantum reality or mind–body metaphysics (metaphysics being the very first principles of things, includ­ing abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time and space), comprehending and applying it allows for no boundaries in think­ing. It’s certainly a ‘no-comfort-zone area’ and the following quote sums it up brilliantly:

“No development of modern science has had a more profound impact on human thinking than the advent of quantum theory. Wrenched out of centuries-old thought patterns, physicists of a generation ago found themselves compelled to embrace a new metaphysics. The distress which this reorientation caused continues to the present day. Basically, physicists have suffered a severe loss: their hold on reality.”  -- Brye DeWitt and Neill Graham

And now the brave can explore, enter and utilize a new, exciting reality . . .

Quantum Reality

There are many excellent books and other resources on this subject that you can explore if you wish to learn more in depth. It’s a vast and fascinating subject well worth exploring. For the purposes of this chapter, we’re talking about quantum reality as opposed to the small proportion of reality that we perceive through our five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

When we talk about quantum reality here we’re referring to the basic core physical principle that like attracts like in terms of particles and energy.

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Quantum reality is a place that exists beyond time and space as we know it; it’s where the metaphysical (the intangible such as thoughts, beliefs and emotions) meets with the material realm to decide on a future outcome. The material world that we sense through our five senses only makes up a very small percentage of the whole structure of reality.

Quantum physicists have discovered that a healthy human brain can process more than 400 bil­lion bits of information per second. Out of those 400 billion bits of informa­tion, we are only consciously aware of about 2,000 bits.

Looking at the big picture, this suggests that our conscious awareness of reality is minuscule – lower than 1 per cent – thus most of what we under­stand as reality is taking place beyond our five senses, and consists at least partly of the interactions we create between the material and intangible energy.

How We Determine Our Future

Essentially, we are often determining our future through our deep belief system, thoughts and emotions (all the intangible elements that cre­ate energy and determine whether this is positive, indifferent or negative), without even being aware of doing so. This is what gives rise to the “law of attraction” – genuine positivity and an unshakable core belief in something attracts more of the same positive energy to it, and causes the universe to respond accordingly. Equally, the same applies in a negative context by way of continuing negative cycles.

Such revelations are exceptionally exciting when we are aware of the quantum: imagine what we can further derive from this; we can consciously determine ourselves through our deep inner belief system and thinking, what we subsequently do in and attract into our lives. With this information we can take our goals one step further by embed­ding them into our future, truly making them a predetermined expectation.

Although we tend to think of a memory as something that happened in the past, in fact memory is just the process by which we encode, store and retrieve information that is outside our present world. So we can also have “future memories,” or to put it another way, strong visions and deep inner core beliefs, that determine where we’re heading.

Determining A Positive Outcome

Following are two small but fabulous examples of quantum physics and the law of attraction determining a positive outcome. They were both told to me by a client of mine, Jasmine; following the work she and I did on her case of “anxiety”, she was doing some advanced progressive work with me.

“I was on the bus on the way to meet my friends when it broke down in the remote countryside. The driver told us it was going to be two hours before a replacement bus would be able to reach us, but I thought to myself and believed “There’s no way I’ll be sat here for that long.” Fifteen minutes into the wait, a family behind me tapped my shoulder and asked if I’d like to share their taxi! Of course I did – and incidentally had a great fun journey with them. They were all going to a family party – they even invited me to join them for a drink. Out of all the seats I could have chosen to sit in, I had opted to sit in front of this family, so I was the one they invited to share the taxi with. It’s hard to believe but creating a positive law of attrac­tion and the quantum world seriously works.”

“I had been on a day out shopping with my friends and they noticed that I hadn’t got one of my shopping bags with me. I retraced my steps to try to find where I’d left the bag, but to no avail. My friends were adamant that someone had walked off with it, professing that there were some terrible people about. However, I thought to myself: I WILL find it, I know someone will have handed it in. At the end of the day we went our separate ways; but I was still determined on a different outcome, so I decided to go back to the store where I had been shopping – and this time, someone had handed in my bag! So despite the odds, my thinking, deep belief and therefore my decision to go back again led to another positive outcome. The old me might well have just listened to my friends, felt disappointed and left it.”

It can be easy to put this kind of thing down to coincidence; but we all still create those “coincidences” through what we either consciously or unwittingly put out there to the universe via our thinking and deep belief system. Remember “like attracts like” at a core level; so once you choose to positively work this, your life will change beyond recognition.

Although we are unable to control other people’s law of attraction and what they put out there in line with their personal deep beliefs, we can con­trol our interactions with them, how we respond, where this leads us and what it determines.

So, from the small to the almost incomprehensibly huge, we can deter­mine our “future memories” and a positive law of attraction for ourselves when we understand the science behind it and adopt the right thinking, belief system and positive core.

It’s Written In the Stars

This is a familiar expression: It's written in the stars. This section explores, essentially, the science behind it, and provides us with the tools to create our own inscription in the stars.

Things that are “written in the stars” or were “always going to happen” for anyone are only so because people have always had such a strong belief and natural inclination toward something that they have unconsciously determined it.

Quite simply, we all have something “written in the stars” or that was “always going to happen” because we all have our unconscious beliefs and blueprint; however, many people let this be obscured or blocked by negative deep-down limiting beliefs and values. Thinking and beliefs along the lines of “Things like that don’t happen to me”, especially in the context of the “Yes” universe.

However, the great news is that with a strong self-awareness, you can go for what you want and begin experi­encing the positive changes that will subsequently start to occur in your life to support you in your journey toward this.

How to Create Your Future Reality Using the Quantum

You can also access this process freely on audio, including music, under audio resources on my website.

The Installation Process

1. Know your intention for doing and achieving what you want to and make this your focus.

2. Imagine you are already living this reality.

Imagine the last step that must happen for you to know you have success­fully achieved this. How do you know it’s a reality?

See clearly what you can see with as much detail as possible – who or what is there? Where are you? What are you wearing? What else can you see around you? What do you look like? Notice how different you look.

Hear what you can hear – are there any noises? Is anyone saying any­thing to you? Are you saying something to yourself?

The crucial factor – “feel” the change! Associate so heavily into this that your entire body is consumed with it – let every one of your cells feel it. Really enjoy feeling this shift. Observe: are you displaying your emotions physically or externally in some way?

* What scents do you smell?

* What tastes do you taste?

Use all your available senses to make this experience as prominent, real, detailed and clear as possible. This is your reality. Create a permanent space in your head for this so it is a place you can visit daily. Take note: this takes practice and focus; you can’t just think it once and have it come true!

3. Now put on some brainwave music, preferably gamma wave music.

I find “Brain Massage” or “Brain Power” by Kelly Howell from brainsync.com work well. Remember to use headphones for the best use of brainwave technology too.

4. Now spend 20–30 minutes fully and only associated into your future reality . . . See what you can see, hear what you can hear, feel the deep core feelings you can feel, take in all the scents and tastes around you.

Throughout this experience, really allow yourself to let go and feel the shift and the change in your cells, in your gut – feel the difference.

5. During this time, make a decision.

Decide to change, from your old existing personality with its limitations and fears to the new fearless you before you allow yourself to leave your meditation.

6. Now step out of this experience.

Imagine you are looking at the experience as if it is a photograph you are holding in your hand. Look at this photograph with excitement and joy as something that has already happened. Keep focused on those associated feelings, take three long, deep breaths (in through your nose and out through your mouth) and feel a positive surge of energy rush through you, down your arms and into the photo of this future memory. Keep hold of this positively charged picture.

7. Prepare to travel into your future.

Now, still holding this energized photograph, close your eyes and imagine drifting out towards your future.

8. Stop, and hover above where you feel is the right time and place.

Avoid forcing this and go with what your mind presents naturally to you. If this is really in your deep belief system, you can trust your mind will know the right time and place this is to occur. Now gently drop your photo­graphed future memory down into this part of your future life. See it float down and click in perfectly. As you do this, hear it lock into place, as it now becomes firmly locked into your future. As you do this, hear the sound of a lock or a door shutting.

9. Travel back to the present.

Once you’ve done this, as you begin drifting back toward your present life, notice how when you glance down, everything else in your life adjusts and aligns accordingly, in order to support you in having successfully already achieved this future memory. And know that everything that happens from now on is always happening for a reason (whether at the time it feels good, challenging or indifferent) to support your ultimate outcome becoming a reality.

10. Drift back into your present body and enjoy!

Remember to keep visiting and feeling your quantum reality in your mind. Feel the changes and embrace the new decisions you’ve made. Enjoy and get used to the new fearless personality you’ve created.

Again, revisit feeling your reality as regularly as you can, apply the necessary changes to be the new you and create those changes, making that decision at your deepest core level. Remember that the only reality in your life is your own reality – everything that you play out in your head and choose to be!

Your outcome is now heavily imprinted in your entire neurology through every one of your senses and cells. You have an understanding of how the mind–body connection works, along with the workings of the universe beyond pure material physics; so you know there’s a lot to be excited about!

I’ve done this type of work with many people, myself included, and I’ve always known it to work when done properly with full conviction. Although some people might find this technique a little out there – it does push some conventional beliefs and thought boundaries – it will seem more acceptable the more you can appreciate the science and workings of our neurology and the universe, and of course the more you have moved out of your com­fort zone!

Anyone who wants to can and will experience phenomenal results, but it all has to start with the right mindset and adapting yourself to fully tran­sition and make the necessary changes to be the personality who has every­thing you want. Become your reality and feel that your ultimate outcome, intention and higher purpose are happening now.

The universe is always listening, and quantum physics is
at play – good, bad or indifferent.”

Copyright 2019 by Emma Mardlin, Ph.D.
Reprinted with the permission of Findhorn Press,
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