The Unity of the Age of Aquarius: Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine, Negative and Positive

The Unity of the Age of Aquarius: Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine, Negative and Positive
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The power of positive and negative (light and dark, masculine and feminine, respectively) fluctuate in influence over the ages. From Jesus and Mary to Buddha and Quan Yin, every tradition has archetypical representations of male and female, or god and goddess.

The Light Worker and the Shaman

The Leonean age was over, and two figures stood silhouetted on the edge of the cliff, robes blowing in the wind. It was both sunrise and sunset. The crescent moon hung in the sky. The tall blond man was dressed in white robes, his wings folded behind him. The diminutive woman’s robes were a luminescent black, with her long blue-black hair lifting in the wind. Her black panther stood ever patient at her side, an owl on her shoulder. For a seemingly endless span of time they stood thus, unmoving, the light never growing or fading.

“The light will soon leave the darkness, and we must once again part ways,” the woman softly spoke to the man in a voice of velvet, like water running over stones, tears flowing down the flawless curve of her cheek.

“It is the way of things, my beloved one, though it grieves me to be parted from you. The cycles will run their course, and we shall be reunited,” he said in a voice like chiming thunder.

“But our children suffer so in the time of two, separated from us and each other,” she lamented.

“With the suffering comes strength and knowledge, and, if they choose to embrace it, wisdom. It is their birthright, beloved,” he responded. “What grieves me most is that this is the Dark Age when you, my beloved wife, will be denied, the patriarchy will rule, the mind will be worshipped, while the heart languishes.”

“As you say, dearest husband, the cycles ultimately bring balance. The last long dark the matriarchy ruled, and you were denied and emotions were worshipped, while the mind languished. Hold me one last time, husband mine, before we are parted. Let the memory of our unity and love carry us through the long dark until we can reunite our sacred marriage in the Age of Aquarius.”

As the couple embraced and the man wrapped his wings around his beloved, the Earth rose on the horizon. Then they stood back from one another and reached out together, making the planet spin, suspended between them. The spinning increased in speed until the planet split in two. One half became a perfect diamond, the other a black opal.

He took the black opal into his left hand, she the diamond into her right—darkness within the light and light within the darkness. With pain-filled eyes, they looked at each other one last time and then turned. He unfurled his wings and flew into the heavens to greet the sunrise, while she walked into the Earth, where the sun set. Both were divine spirits, each a perfect half of the whole, the Light worker and the Shaman.

The Eagle and the Condor

There is an Inca prophecy that says, and I paraphrase, “Now, in this Age of Aquarius, when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken.” It goes on to state that the eagles of the North cannot be free without the condors of the South. In many interpretations, this is taken to mean that the industrialized nations are the eagle of the North and the indigenous, Earth-based peoples are the condor of the South. The eagle will have almost driven the condor to extinction.

I have no argument with that interpretation, but, like all truth, it also applies at multiple levels, not just the societal one. Because we can only effect true change from within, let’s look at this as it applies to us as individuals, rather than as nations. The condor can also represent heart and intuition, while the eagle stands for mind and logic. The condor is intrinsically feminine, while the eagle is the masculine principle.

The eagle and the condor fly together during times of unity, creating male and female balance, where heart and mind counterbalance each other. When we are equally driven by heart and mind, logic is tempered by compassion, and passion is tempered by logic—we become sovereign and less likely to be pulled out of center and exploited by either logical argument or impassioned campaigns.

The prophecy of the eagle and the condor carries another important message—in times of imbalance, regardless of whether it is the heart or mind that dominates, attempting to achieve spiritual enlightenment through either the mind or the heart alone can create delusion, madness, and spiritual illness. We have but to look back in history to witch burnings or genocide to see the truth of this statement.

It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

There is this ever-so-arrogant assumption that things are not OK the way they present themselves in nature. The belief is that we can improve on the natural order by altering it.

The wisdom of cooperating with nature rather than trying to conquer her is proven over and over. If we just become observant and reexamine our assumptions about life, it is as simple as getting in the river with a canoe and choosing whether to go up stream or down. It is as obvious as deciding whether to plant a kernel of corn in the winter or the spring.

Consciousness is the key. In order to realign with natural law we must first become conscious of our own nature, for within our beings we truly carry the blueprint of All-That-Is, which requires deprogramming from the concepts, beliefs, and limitations that have been artificially imposed on us.

Nature’s Child

As I have undergone my personal healing (or deprogramming) process, I have increasingly experienced promptings that direct me. Through following these promptings, I end up doing exactly the right thing at the right time in order to achieve what I have been intending. Increasingly, this pattern has become quite organic. It is only in hindsight that I see the eloquent choreography of the natural law as it works in my life.

At first, I had to engage in shamanic healing to free up my personal power and get back on line. This helped me come back more fully into the way I was designed. Then I had to dogmatically learn the laws and employ various methods of charting them in order to move with them. Soon, however, I built subroutines, which are a stepwise series of actions that when repeatedly applied form a unified routine. By building subroutines that were in alignment with the natural law, my actions became supported by the same.

Now, for the most part, I don’t have to think about it any more than I have to plan my next breath. I just let the spirit move me, so to speak. By following my promptings set in place through these subroutines, I find the flow of natural law, and I work within it, which is our birthright.

Everything in us is designed to work with the law. Our breath is the element air, our bodies are mostly water, our bones are minerals of the Earth, and the mitochondria of our cells create our energy, which is the power or fire of life. Our heart and lungs expand and contract, and our bodies create and destroy themselves in their cycle of renewal and decay. It is only our programming that makes it otherwise.

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