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The End of Days? or the Beginning of the Next Cycle?

The End of Days? or the Beginning of the Next Cycle?

We are coming into a time when the old method of taking the events of the past, superimposing them on the present, and making a rerun out of the future is failing. While this pattern is familiar and comfortable, it is also increasingly dysfunctional, as it ignores life’s cyclic nature. Although it is not always evident, life actually operates as a spiral.

As a culture we have lost our connection with the larger cycles of life, and we find ourselves floundering without guidance. Staying light on our feet and in constant contact with spiritual information is paramount. The ancients knew how to achieve this, and this book is designed to help you do the same.

Due to our conditioning, change tends to be met with great fear. Yet the very nature of life is one of constant change. The Earth wobbles as it spins on its axis, at about 1,038 miles per hour. Simultaneously, the Earth spins around the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour, while the sun is itself flying through the galaxy. It is no mystery that change is continual.

When things stop changing, they die or fall out of the sky, which is yet another change of form.

Within this constant change lie repeating rhythms and cycles. Some changes we can easily see.

It is obvious that the sun rises and sets every day. What is less noticeable in the rising and setting of the sun is that it happens every day in a little different place in the sky with a slight change in the ratio of light to dark. We mark these changing times of light and dark by what we call equinoxes, solstices, and seasons.

Patterns from Myth and History

If we track change over longer periods of time, we find additional overarching patterns. To examine these larger patterns that span multiple generations, it is necessary to look into history.

Every culture has its own myths, legends, and prophecies from the ancient past. When dealing with snippets of information preserved from the past, it is hard to tell myth and legend from history or to discern metaphor from literal meaning. Yet within these mysteries lies evidence of larger, recurring cycles.

Never before in our recorded history have we been subject to more change and acceleration. From natural disasters and social upheaval to failing economies, it is difficult to ignore that the rules are changing. What has worked in the past is increasingly inadequate in the face of these rapidly shifting times. With all of this apparent destruction of our way of life, at times it’s easy to fall into fear that we are indeed facing the end of days.

Examining ancient ceremonies of various indigenous tribes, illustrates the larger cycles that are currently affecting us and provides a greater understanding of the tsunami of change now upon our world. Through this understanding one can choose to be propelled by the current rather than taken out by the undertow.

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In other words, one can die with the old world or embrace the new one evolving. For generations the ancients have been tracking these changes; yet our modern, scientifically based societies have lost sight of the cohesion of the universe and our ever-evolving place in it.

Winds of Time

This is the end, the night has fallen,
I have reached the end of days
What’s real is not, reason fails me
I’ve gone beyond all known pathways
This is the end, the end of reason
This is the end, the end of time
I am alone, alone and broken
I am apart from what was mine
I stand now, at the edge
Of the abyss, nowhere to go
The time has come, I must choose
To take the leap or be laid low
This is the end, the end of reason
This is the end, the end of time
I travel on it is my season
To travel on the winds of time.

- StarFaihre, from the album: “Winds of Time

A Question of Balance

As far back as we have recorded history, indigenous tribes have had some form of ceremony for balancing Heaven and Earth. Over the generations, many of the ceremonies and their purposes have become distorted from the original intent, which was to align the people with the energies present at any given time at their location on Earth. Note: it is the people being balanced, not the heavens or the Earth. The Earth and stars managed to maintain balance long before humans appeared on the planet, and I strongly suspect they will continue long after we are gone.

In ancient times, a shaman or medicine person would perform ceremony at designated times and places. Through these sacred rites, the shaman would align their people with the entire symphony of frequencies being presented by the universe. Many ceremonies were performed at sacred sites and landmarks on the planet in order to better attune to the movement of stellar constellations. These practices were often held at times of seasonal change such as equinoxes and solstices. Once the frequency calibration was embodied by the shaman or holy person, it was then available for the tribe’s people to align with. In this way, the indigenous people remained aligned with, and therefore supported by, the evolving frequencies of the universe.

Ancient record keepers were able to predict many future trends on the planet based upon the long-term tracking of influences of the past. One of the prophesied influences we are now experiencing is the phenomenon of accelerated time. This phenomenon, predicted by many religious texts, including the Bible, is explained by the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar

At the risk of revisiting a subject that has been discussed for decades, it is important that we realize that just because the inter operation of the Mayan Calendar has been subjected to much hype doesn’t mean the calendar itself is not accurate and valuable.

The Mayan religious practitioners were both mathematicians and shaman. They employed a system called the Long Count Calendar to compute cosmic and historical cycles. The Mayan Calendar placed mathematical values upon the emerging patterns of varying galactic frequencies, thereby creating a model for divining the course of human history. The Mayan Calendar is the most accurate calendar of our time, yet it remains a mystery how such an ancient culture with no technology obtained such advanced knowledge of galactic cycles.

Approximation of “World” Ages

First World: 18,489 BC – 13,364 BC
Second World: 13,364 BC – 8,239 BC
Third World: 8,239 BC – 3,114 BC
4th World: 3,114 BC – 2012 CE

The Long Count Calendar contains periods of time referred to as “worlds,” or cycles of emergence. The present or 4th World began around August 11, 3114 BC. The beginning or emergence of the 4th World involved a process rather than a singular event.

According to the Long Count Calendar, the Fourth World was scheduled to end around December 21, 2012. There was much speculation that this date would mark the end of the world. Actually, it marked our present point in time as a transition point from the 4th World to the 5th World.

Many myths, legends, prophecies, and scriptures, including the Bible, speak of the “End of Days.” Again, some schools of thought interpret this to indicate the end of the physical world. The Old Testament of the Bible was originally written in Hebrew. The Hebrew word “yom” currently translated as “day” (in the King James version of the Old Testament) can actually mean anywhere from 12 hours up to a year, or even a “time period” of unspecified length. The prophesied “end of days” is actually a phenomenon that is developing as we transition from the Fourth World to the Fifth World and involves a process covering a “time period” rather than being a singular event.

Time Is Speeding Up

In many of these prophecies, it is mentioned that during the end days, time will accelerate. The Mayan Calendar offers an explanation of the acceleration of time that we are now indeed experiencing.

I don’t claim to have extensive knowledge of the Mayan calendar, as it is extremely involved and detailed. Much of the information we have on the calendar is from ancient paintings on walls created by scribes who themselves may have been puzzling over the complex concepts contained within it. With that said, the Mayan pyramids were built based upon the Mayan Calendar, with each tier of the pyramid representing a single age of the Calendar. These ages differ from what we normally think of as ages, such as the Iron Age and the Industrial Age, which are dictated by human events, or geological eras, but instead are based on the cyclic workings of the universe. The Mayan Pyramid is not the calendar itself but will be used as a visual aid to assist our understanding of the workings of the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar tracks the varying influences humans are subject to as the solar system moves through the galaxy and the galaxy moves through the universe. The Calendar begins at the base of the pyramid and moves up nine tiers. Each of these nine tiers is divided into segments, which are also referred to as “days” and “nights.” There are seven days and six nights per tier, adding up to 13 divisions. Each day and night brings different energies into play in accordance with the Earth’s changing position in the galaxy. Each tier represents a different age and is divergent from each of the other tiers or ages. The first day on the first tier is not the same as the first day on the second tier.

The amount of time in each age decreases with each rising tier of the pyramid, resulting in a compression of the time spent in each day and each night. The first age represented by the first tier (ground level of the pyramid) began approximately 10.4 billion years ago, at which time each "day" and each "night" was around 1.26 billion years long. While, at the level of the first tier, a single day or night spanned millions of generations, at the ninth tier, movement from day to night occurs approximately every three weeks. This is acceleration of time in massive proportion.

These figures are rough approximations but close enough to give us a working idea of the concept. In Figure 2.1, as you can see, the base of the pyramid has the most time distributed between the days and nights. Moving up one tier, there is the same number of days/nights, but these are distributed over a shorter period of time. This systematic lessening of the time spent in each day and night, reflected in each elevation of the tiers, results in moving through cycles and energies more rapidly.

Mayan Pyramid fig 2 1
Figure 2.1

The faster we move through days and nights, the more expansive the frequency we are subject to, so each generation is exposed to more influences than the previous generation. During the time of the first tier, where each day and each night was 1.26 billion years long, the ramifications of a single action did not have an effect for many generations. This multi-generational delay between action and result is the genesis of the expression that one’s actions will affect one’s descendants “until the seventh generation.” Now, however, we are reaping the rewards of our actions almost immediately—instant karma, if you will.

Another phenomenon of the acceleration of time is the ever-expanding concept of truth. When things were changing very slowly, reality was like a single-frame image or a photograph, as opposed to a motion picture or video. We can apply all sorts of interpretations to a still image that can be proven false when we see the picture in motion.

the end of days fig 2 4
In the left still image, one might perceive that the person on the left is about to strike the person on the right, but providing the context changes the perception.

The still photograph leaves room to fill in a story that may or may not reflect the truth of the actual event. By living in a time of still photographs, much room is left for individuals and cultures to create their own realities.

These divergent realities not only promote alienation but also leave much room for manipulation of the truth. If one can manipulate the truth, one can control the actions of others.

Apocalypse or Entering The Next Cycle?

The model of the Mayan Calendar most often presented leaves the impression that the Calendar ended on December 21, 2012. Yet, recent discoveries dispute this belief: An astronomical calendar was unearthed from a filled-in scribe's room in the ruins of Xultun in Guatemala that indicates that the Mayan calendar extends well beyond this date.

Instead of Armageddon, the prophesied “end of the world,” represented a time when we came to the end of the influence holding the Fourth World together. We are entering the energetic matrix with new frequencies that support the Fifth World. The end of days or end of linear time is when we enter unity or the neutral point as we pass from one polarity to another.

The neutral point between polarities is characterized by the eternal present. These repeating, equal but opposite (positive and negative) cycles of ascension and descension and resulting expansion and contraction would follow natural law in accordance with the rest of life.

Why then, one might ask, did the Mayan Calendar not indicate a repeat of the cycle? Who is to say? Eventually, it may be discovered that it did. The Calendar is based upon the interrelated cyclical movements of our planet, the solar system and our galaxy within the universe. As the Earth’s position changes in relationship to other heavenly bodies, additional influences came into play after December 21, 2012, which necessitates modifications in the next cycle of the Calendar.

In nature, the expansion and contraction of all things is not a repeating circle of events but rather a spiral upward or downward, which depends upon whether we are in a cycle of creation or one of destruction, respectively. For example, every year we have the budding of spring, the growth of summer, the harvest of fall, and decay in winter. Yet, while these cycles repeat each year, there are no two full cycles exactly alike.

Taking all of this into consideration, apparently the “primitive” Mayans had a better handle on the complicated astrological cycles than our “advanced” sciences can master. Go figure.

She’s Breaking Up Captain!

An illustration of the effects of acceleration can be found in aviation history. When airplanes were first invented, the original models were somewhat boxy in shape, with exterior rivets, cables, and landing gear, and, in some cases, two sets of wings. In short, the older models had massive amounts of what is now called “drag.” Airplanes similar to these original models are still in use today for crop dusting, as these planes are great for slow, low-level flight.

When the decision was made to attempt to break the sound barrier, bigger, more powerful engines were put on the existing model of airplane. It soon became evident that the old models would not do. It was discovered that at higher speeds, wind resistance became a problem. What held together just fine at lower speeds started to shake apart when pushed beyond a certain speed.

This is not unlike what we are going through today as we are challenged with the intensity of rapidly changing ages. We are moving into a time when the frequency is becoming much more intense. This is like moving faster through the air in an old bi-plane—everything that is of a less expansive frequency becomes drag. That is to say, any place within us that is not resonating with the frequency currently bathing the planet becomes drag. I call these places of restriction miasms.

Miasms are blockages or areas that have lost mobility within our physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies. Miasms occur when we have been forced to set aside our natural expression and interaction with the world to compensate for the people and events around us. These compensations limit our natural ability to express a wide range of frequencies.

The disparity between our restricted, compensated expression and our natural, more fluid state is caused by, among many other things, socialization. Children are socialized into behaviors and beliefs that are not necessarily in alignment with their true expression—their original expression having been much more aligned with nature.

Constantly responding in a way that is not natural to us takes additional energy—first to block our natural response, then to assume the culturally accepted responses that allow us to fit into society. Our options within our set, as discussed in Chapter One, become increasingly compromised, limiting our mobility, which restricts our ability to align with the ever-changing frequencies of the seasons, the planet, and our position in the universe.

Behaving in ways that are alien to our nature results in a configuration that is less flexible, and therefore, less “aerodynamic.” In short, we have more “drag.”

Integrate or Disintegrate; Evolve or Devolve

In the past, when life was moving more slowly, the blockages in our natural expression were not as problematic, but as we are subjected to the acceleration of time, we begin to shake apart, so to speak.

~ At greater speeds or frequencies,
      we either integrate or disintegrate. ~

Each place where we have disconnected from our options or true expression serves as a restriction that causes drag. More pressure is being applied upon those places where we are not in true expression than ever before.

We are being challenged wherever we are not in integrity with nature. This leaves us with three choices:

  1. Reexamine our behaviors and beliefs, in order to heal and release compensatory behavior;

  2. Shut down altogether, as any movement puts further pressure on us; or

  3. Be turned upside down and shaken until the change falls out of our pockets.

Evolution or devolution is the result, depending upon our personal choices and willingness to face our pain, uncover our illusions, and process through our damage.

©2013, 2016 by Gwilda Wiyaka. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with the author's permission.

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