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As children of creator, we create. When we do so intentionally, consciously, it is much more powerful than all the unconscious creation that we may have manifested before. This life that we are living truly becomes like a game: joyful and fluid, where we Re-member Who We Are, Truly (an eternal soul), so we sweat the details less.

It is most important to remain aware, present, and conscious in our oh-so-creative thoughts! But there are some tricks of the manifestation trade that are helpful to know, so let’s look at them.

Clear Intentions

While using our own language and words that come from the heart is generally the most powerful way to manifest, there are a few guidelines that may prove helpful. In setting intentions, it is interesting to avoid words like “want” or “wish,” because the Universe is more a mirror than an interpreter, reflecting back to us what we are emanating rather than taking orders, interpreting them, and filling them.

Let’s take a look.

Imagine we say “I want to be thinner/healthier/happier!” Since the Universe reflects back to us what we emanate, what we put forth, we can imagine the Universal response: “You want to be thinner, healthier, happier!”

Instead of using such phrases (which confirm that we are lacking something), the idea is to set intentions that focus on the fulfillment we are looking for: “I intend to enjoy good health, happiness, fitness,” or even, going farther and stronger, “I enjoy fitness, happiness, and health.”

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Love Where You Are

In addition to clear intention, another key to conscious (co-)creation going forward is to remain in the sweet spot, getting consciously into the Flow, your vessel moving naturally in alignment and mission fruition.

But before we are living and loving in the sweet spot, it will help us to love where we are, right now! At any point, if we reject what is happening, if we resist either where we are or who we are with or what we are doing, we fill our energetic field with resistance that will block our Highest from Flowing to us.

This does not mean that we lie to ourselves. If we are not happy with any aspect of our life, of course we should take steps and set intention to change it, but NOT complain about it, NOT gripe about it, NOT lament about it! Especially if we want something to change, we need to ensure that our energetic field is filled with positive proactive (not negative or reactive) energy.

Specifically, we need to get rid of language like “I never have any luck” and replace it instead with “In the past, I didn’t have much luck, but now I am shifting and playing the Game in abundance!” In addition to the words, if you can use your intention and imagination to feel what that abundance feels like, you are already welcoming it and attracting it to you!

That positive energy expresses Life, Love, and the Power of creation, and “Energy seeks equilibrium” and “Like attracts like!”

Inner GPS (Heart)

Once we let go of our comfort zone, and also let go of resistance, the Flow picks up and things become even more interesting. New people, places, and opportunities come Flowing toward us, as opposed to us chasing them down, like the world teaches is necessary to do, as long as we are willing to step through the doors that open for us.

So the question is: How willing are you for things to change?

If you are willing, as the Flow picks up, it is a good idea to keep a firm hand on the rudder, steering with the help of your inner compass or GPS: your heart.

I am speaking here not only about the physical heart, which, by its rate of beating, can give us good information about where to go, but also about the energetic heart, which allows us to feel into what is just and right and good and delightful, and what is not. Our GPS can express every variation and is there to help us, if only we pay attention!

Get into the habit of checking in with your heart whenever you are facing a choice. Ask your Angels (and why not also Archangel Gabrielle?) to facilitate your communication with your vessel, your instrument, your heart. Subtle as it is at first, when you are clear in this intention, and willing to take the time to slow down and get very quiet, you will feel (or see or hear or simply know) which path is the correct one to take and most aligned with your Highest good.

This achieves two things: It clears the haze from the “what next?” mind, leading to clarity, and cultivates our clairvoyant gifts so this practice and others become easier.

Keep It Simple, Sweetie (Relax and Enjoy)

When we recognize that we actually create with our consciousness, it is, of course, empowering (once we no longer find it daunting), but we don’t have to do all of this alone. This helps with the whole “daunting” thing!

As we learn to create and Flow with and toward our highest expression, we will have more and more experiences (you might have these already) that show us we are not alone, and instead, supported, guided, and helped.

When this becomes obvious, something in us begins to relax—the part of us that learned that we have to be always on guard, always defensive and needing to control things.

What a relief! The breath in its fullness comes back, and Life with it. Daily life becomes a treasure hunt. What delicious thing will happen to remind me that the Angels are here for me today? Waiting for it, anticipating it, knowing it will come changes everything, and is almost as delightful as seeing that sign or hearing that message.

We all know that we create with our thoughts and words, so now we know to watch ourselves to avoid the pitfall of negativity and negative creation. But can we go even farther?

Yes, and it is simpler!

Imagine that the life waiting for you is even more than you can even imagine (I know that this was the case for me); that your thoughts, however positive, put restrictions on it. We start to play in the playground of “This is pretty good,” which is already, well, pretty good, right?

But what if we are meant to be playing in the playground of “amazing!”, but we have settled for the garden of “pretty good”, simply because we didn’t think, didn’t know, that better was possible?

No Limitations

The Western world most often teaches us to limit our expectations about life so as to avoid being hurt. But isn’t settling for less also hurting us, limiting us? By extension, when we settle for less, we nourish the energetic already too present in the world: settling for less, settling for “pretty good” or even “not bad,” both for ourselves and for others.

You know how hard it is to buck the system established around you, non? Similarly, breaking the habit of settling for less can seem difficult, but it is well worth it!

If we can do this, releasing the habit of giving ourselves a glass ceiling, the Angels around us, and the whole Universe, will conspire to surprise and delight us, moving us into astonishing synchronicities, helping us Re-member!

This does not mean there won’t be challenges; there will, as long as we are alive on Earth. But those challenges will be easier to handle, and we will be graced with the ability to see the blessing behind a challenging situation, even as it arises, making it easier for us to go with the Flow, knowing that all is well, always.

While we might seize the steering wheel of our vehicle once we understand how manifestation works and we know the broad lines of our purpose, perhaps the most interesting and helpful hint of all is to LET GO, to decide that we will not limit our own Game, but will open it up by relaxing.

Can we do that? Isn’t it time to step into our power in a way that doesn’t limit us? To move, instead, into the simplest solution: collaborative manifestation, with the Universe proposing through Angelic assistance and us saying, “Yes, please” and “Thank you!”

Can we hear, finally, what Love, or Source, has been saying all along: “Don’t worry. I’ve got you!”?

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Discover Your Soul Mission: Calling on Angels to Manifest Your Life Purpose
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