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For the past few decades, those who have been consciously awakening have been deeply engaged in healing and integration, which are both part of the evolutionary Call of a new paradigm.

I first began to write about a new paradigm in March 2009 in my book 2012: A Clarion Call. In early January 2013, after four years of writing almost every day, I found myself staring at a blank slate with absolutely nothing to share. I knew then that humankind had entered entirely new terrain.

I recognized that before we could even begin to write a new story, it was necessary to anchor ourselves in the evolutionary new landscape that was unfolding. As the weeks, months, and years passed by, I realized that the physical reality of arriving in and cocreating a new paradigm was going to take a lot longer than I had first anticipated.

The Need for Radical Transformation

Many people are sensing a fundamental need to radically transform the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, energetic, and spiritual aspects of their lives. Some may experience this through manifesting a serious or life-threatening condition from which a good percentage will eventually recover, and a handful may even astound the medical community by doing so. Sometimes the reason for encountering such a challenge is to help shatter and reset our personal identity and belief systems. In every such case, there is always a specific evolutionary purpose.

The Call of our times is upon us and urging us to wake up, step up, and step into our roles as cocreators of a new Conscious paradigm. In our commitment to embody the truth of who we really are, we realize the extent to which the searing heat of the evolutionary burn is transforming us.

We live in the most auspicious times that afford a rare opportunity to take a giant leap in our evolutionary development both as individuals and as a collective. Those who are dedicated to personal transformation can also exert a direct influence on global evolution. The more integrated, evolved, awakened, and heart centered we are, the greater the impact of our presence in the world.

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A New Life Story

The early days of a new life story can be likened to the game of Snakes (or Chutes) and Ladders: many ladders (inspirational new stories) may be climbed before we meet a snake (the dysfunctional part of an old story) and slide a little or a long way back. It may be a while before we are able to move beyond the snakes to maintain our course.

Embracing a new story does not mean that every part of our life has to completely transform all at once. In some cases, it can be that extreme, yet, for the majority, it usually involves changing one or two aspects at a time—for example, our job or work, separating from a significant other, a life-changing move, or a totally fresh approach to health, diet, and lifestyle.

When we are ready to fully embrace a new story, we can lift ourselves out of our old reality. What was once tolerated yet failed to bring overall fulfillment may no longer have a place in our lives, as we prioritize a balanced, integrated, and loving relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the world.

Embodying a new story can be uncompromising as we are required to transcend our historically charged emotions and enter the more refined arena of our feelings. In doing so, we discover that we can free the energy that is still caught up in perpetuating and maintaining old stories.

Transparent Heart: Transcendent World

An unknown source once gifted the world with the following wisdom:

“Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you no one would believe it.”

To live transparently is to live with an open and honest heart, to walk a path of integrity, honor, and love. It is to live Love.

When first committing to such a way of BEing, the effect may be similar to that of a dietary fast, as layer upon layer of energetic, mental, and emotional toxins that have collected around the heart start to clear after a lifetime (or lifetimes) of social conditioning that has sought to suppress truth at all costs. The world has learned to repress and deny truth, barely recognize truth, or be woefully fearful of truth. In whatever way we have hidden our truth, it has always been at the cost of our own heart.

Yet we are afraid to be honest because of the propensity of others to name, shame, polarize, and blame; to judge, compare, separate, and react (not respond). Many of us have been taught from the earliest age that to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth would bring about an undesired outcome. Most of us bear witness to dishonesty in all its guises from the subtle to the overt.

From an impressionable age we mimic the actions, reactions, and interactions of those around us as well as a world that demonstrates that honesty is not always the best policy. To be transparent is to be courageous (coeur in French means “heart”).

A transparent heart is a new paradigm heart that is free of deception and leaves no trace of harm in its wake. A transparent heart is a peaceful heart that neither bargains, justifies, or compromises. It follows a pure path and is trustworthy, steadfast, and tender. It is a heart of beauty and harmony and strives to bring these qualities to all it encounters. A transparent heart is a sovereign heart, a noble heart. It is a compassionate, empathic, and healing heart.

A transparent heart is altruistic in its actions and calls forth the transparent heart in others. When we speak from this heart, our intentions are founded in purity, care, sensitivity, and understanding, and this empowers all. The mind alone is unable to translate the language of Love in its purest essence; this is the sovereign domain of a transparent heart.

In 2011, I wrote the following about a transparent heart and posted it on YouTube:

A transparent heart is a heart that is completely clear.
If we imagine a crystal heart held up to the light,
You could see straight through it.
It would be completely clear.
No shadow.
Nothing hiding.
Nothing lurking.
Just, completely clear.

A transparent heart invites us to be completely honest, to express our truth, to speak our truth with compassion and sensitivity and let the chips fall where they may.
To embody a transparent heart takes courage.

And we live in a society; are raised in a way where we are taught not to be transparent. However, if we can learn this completely natural way of being, then the world becomes transcendent because seven billion people on the planet living with a completely transparent heart create a transcendent world.
We are lifted up to a whole new realm of relating—of BEing.

It takes authenticity, strength, integrity, and commitment to adopt a living and breathing practice of transparency in every moment. Living transparently changes lives; however, it is likely to bring challenges to existing routines, relationships, and lifestyles, and elements of these may need to fall away. The deepest psychospiritual wound is said to be that of separation, which is believed to replicate the “original” (perceived) wound of separation from GOD/SOURCE/THE DIVINE.

Yet, if the core of this is to be found in the psychological wound of disconnection from another, then its deepest healing is also to be found in connection with another: our deepest wounds are formed in relationship and therefore our deepest healing is to be found in relationship. A transparent heart is the greatest force for healing and transformation if one is ready to embrace this extraordinary and most rewarding way of loving and living.

Living from an open heart compels one toward a sensory relationship that mirrors our true identity as LOVE. A line from the song “Trumpets” by Mike Scott and the Waterboys makes reference to the heart as being “like a church with wide open doors.” When our heart is incorruptible and ever virtuous we are living transparency.

I Am, You Are, We Are Love

The answer to all of our questions is really very simple: Love. Love is the answer to everything.

A new Conscious paradigm requires us to see, speak, and listen with our hearts, and to Love unconditionally. I conclude this chapter with another contemporary spiritual prayer for inner and world peace titled “LOVE”:

Love—All Beings


Be—Only Love

Surrender—All Fear

Be Love

Speak—Only Light

Surrender—All That Is Darkness Within You


Speak—Only Truth

Hide—No Longer

Live Truth

Know—Who You Truly Are

Trust—Who You Truly Are

Live—Who You Truly Are

BE—Who You Truly Are

Love Can Never Be Lost

Love Is Never Poor

Love Is Who You Are

Love Is Light

Love Is Pure

You Are Love

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Bear & Company, an imprint of Inner Traditions Inc.

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BOOK: Love, God, and Everything

Love, God, and Everything: Awakening from the Long, Dark Night of the Collective Soul
by Nicolya Christi.

book cover of: Love, God, and Everything: Awakening from the Long, Dark Night of the Collective Soul by Nicolya Christi.Humanity is undergoing a planetary wake-up call: in order to survive the global spiritual, ecological, and cultural crises we now face, the long, dark night of the collective soul,we need to consciously evolve, heal our generational trauma, and awaken to the amazing potential we each hold for profound transformation.

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